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Comments to Two of Chari's Speech! (Sahaj Marg(tm)

Taken from an article: "Extraits Commentés de Deux Discours de Chari", by Elodie's on her blog: "Pour Que Vive Le Sahaj Marg" .

March 2, 2013

Comments to Two of Chari's Speeches (Feb. 2, 2013) 

Perceiving the Essence of the Whispers 

Celebration of the 140th Birth Anniversary of Lalaji Maharaj (2/02/2013)

“We have been receiving many messages from my Master over the past five or six months. (...)

The messages of my Master are very curt and quite brief. Those of you who have been reading the four volumes that we have already published, containing Whispers, know that some of them are as brief as two or three lines, and one wonders in what language he spoke to the person who received the message. Because, if we have the ability to receive the messages direct, it is an astonishing fact that each one of you will receive the message in your own language (...).

When you speak in a language which is no-language, in a voice that is not heard but perceived in the heart – if you are able to receive this, you are quite on the way to spiritual life leading to spiritual transformation, to the highest extents that are open to human beings. In other words, a message is a transmission.

4d-don Comment: Oh! My GOD!!  "a no-language", and  messages which no one understands but is received in the emotional heart??  BEWARE of BRAINWASHING!!  Sahaj Marg(tm) abhyasis are being made "dense",  by imagining "light" in meditation, as if LIGHT was GOD, but which in REALITY is simply equivalent to matter, according to Einstein's E=mc2. 

Now we apparently all "transmit" to one another as we send a "message" ...  So much for the "uniqueness" of  Sahaj Marg(tm)'s TRANSMISSION !!   Stay in your own family and your own culture and simply BE !!   ONE is not only LIGHT.   ONE is  Everything, Everywhere, and Everywhen!! 

 Babuji's transmission of "whispers" messages to Chari, although being so short, and yet they can not work without the medium.  Chari claims to transmit Babuji's divine energy to the abhyasis during meditation, but he is unable to receive these messages directly from Babuji, he does not perceive in his heart the spiritual voice of Babuji.

Would  the language of the heart be incomprehensible to Chari, the man of business language and power?  Has the medium gone further than Chari on the path toward spiritual life?

(...)  For instance, there was this business of the Mayan Calendar: the world is going to end on a particular day just because a calendar stopped somewhere in an ancient culture thousands of years old. I have been receiving letters from abhyasis – good abhyasis – asking how much water they should store, how much food they should buy and store, how they should prepare themselves for the calamity. (...)

Some good abhyasis have believed in the Mayan prophecy to the point of asking Chari what amounts of food and water they had to buy and store; how they should prepare for the impending disaster.

We can only conclude that the abhyasis are not any smarter than the rest, we can but wonder at the reasons that led them to call Chari about this: would whispers not have made them ultra-sensitive to disasters and to the end of the world?
It would be most interesting to know Chari's answer: a very great silence, for example?

We have to protect our heart from both the ravages of the physical world and from the world of the senses, much more. And today we have to insulate ourselves from what we now know to be lies given to us by religion. It doesn't matter what religion – any religion. Because, though they may have appeared profound when they were created, and though the creator of the religion was a pure man with pure intentions, a pure teaching, it passed through the soiled hands of a priesthood, and the result is corruption at the deepest level – the spiritual level. Therefore, our Babuji Maharaj has always said, in spirituality we don't destroy religion, we transcend religion. We don't cease to have an affair with the heart, but it is now turned towards a true lover. Who is your lover? My lover is the Divine. (...) 

There is only one relationship and that is with him [Master] and through him with the Divine.

Once more, Chari goes after religion.  As pure as its creator and its teaching once were, they (religions) have been plagued by the corruption of their successors and the hierarchy they put in place. Obviously, spirituality transcends religion and avoids this pitfall, but succumbs when the guru gives his place to his successor.

Chari said he has only a relationship with the Master and with the Divine through him, his lover is the Divine.

Common sense knows well that a true lover's relationship has only two partners: it is better then to avoid loving the Divine through a Master,  and to love IT directly.  Samskara or simply common sense?

So it is a strange fact that these messages, the whispers from above, what I have called as whispers from the brighter world, can be understood by anybody who has the ability to receive it direct in his heart, because then no language is necessary. The person who receives the message cannot tell you how it was received. It was not audible. It was not sense-ible. Then what? Such a person can only say, "I perceived it and wrote it down in my own language because that is the only language I can receive it in." (...)

The Whispers from the Brighter World are allegedly not in any language because they are received in the heart.  At least this is the case with the medium who expresses them in French to then translate them to  English for a Chari who did not understand them previously. (in French)

Babuji Maharaj, in one of his recent messages, says that the development of the people in the Mission is important because not only will it affect the people of this world, but it will have its effect on other worlds, too. Imagine! Silly fools like us – irreverent, sinful; we come here, and what do we find? That the simple act of sitting in obedience to him, meditating, affects not only this world, the whole world, but other worlds, too. (...) 

So this meditation has importance which you cannot imagine, because in one of his books Babuji says, "This world, among all the created worlds, is the most important because it has direct connection to the Centre" – nowhere else. In all the other worlds, whatever they may be, however intellectual, however powerful, however advanced (in the terms that we people understand advancement – may be more inventions, more manufacture, things like that) they are all not connected directly to the Centre but through something else. This world has the good fortune to be connected directly to the Centre. (...)”

The abhyasis of Sahaj Marg must play an important role in the future of humanity, but Chari teaches us that in addition to saving this world, our world, they save all of the other worlds. Imagine! Are they not wonderful?

This time it is our beloved planet Earth which is better connected to the Centre than all the other worlds combined.  Shri Ram Chandra Mission still holds the best seats in the house (theatre?),  is it not surprising?

Always Be Loving
Address on Basant Panchami, 15 February 2013, Manapakkam, Chennai

“(...) Ego is the most troublesome and almost impossible barrier to overcome on our spiritual path. 

The Whispers, which are coming now for the last four or five months every day, give us not only the wisdom of the great Masters above [clap of thunder], but also shows the sense of urgency that they feel for us. Again and again the message says: Human life is an uncertain thing. Don’t waste your time in flippant activities seeking pleasure, comfort. Spend every moment of it in the spiritual way – not by sitting in meditation for twenty-four hours, but in constant remembrance. 

(...) Worse than this physical, shall I say, intoxication with the pleasures of life, is the ego, because the ego rules us. It is the ego which makes a man assert and be assertive. 

(...) Please read Whispers carefully. Many people know, even Babuji Maharaj repeats, that good things must be repeated again and again, because we tend to forget. (...)” 

The whispers are allegedly short and repetitive messages transmitted by Babuji to tell us how human life is an uncertain thingLet us not waste our very precious time on our ego, it is urgent to focus on the spiritual life.

Better to give up on our individuality than to a spirituality of spiritualist origin, they say. To each his/her priorities.


Comments by Elodie
Comment by 4d-Don


Monkey Man said...

Messages from the dead selling nothing but the messages themselves, which no one can actually hear?

Messages from the dead, proclaiming humans as unworthy recipients of the messages which no one actually hears?

Messages from the dead denouncing individual thought that might question one's unworthiness or the messages themselves???

We have seen this nonsense in the Spirit Forest since the first tree sprouted from the forest floor!

Crazy human hucksters standing on hilltops proclaiming our collective unworthiness - boasting of their secret communications with the exhalted dead ones - Insisting that spirit forest inhabitants are un-worthy of living with joy in their hearts, eating freely of the fruit which grows in abundance in the forest.

They demand that we contain our materialistic consumption of spirit forest fruit and await meager but holy morsel, delivered straight from a brighter place where only the exhalted dead reside.

...Meanwhile, these hucksters are picking all the fruit for themselves!

Monkey Man is both amused and disturbed at this! Who creates this crazy logic? Who BELIEVES it? How can ANYONE call it Natural?

I hear an inaudible message suggesting I retreat back to the treetops - the treetops, where I can ignore the non-existent messages from non-existent dead people.

With Love (and Joy) From the Spirit Forest,

Monkey Man

Michael said...

"It doesn't matter what religion - any religion"...

Given that SRCM has become yet another religion in the classic sense: SRCM Abhyasis must insulate themselves from religions - all religions - even the religion of SRCM.

It is good to see some sound advice coming from the SRCM Inner Circle.


4d-Don said...

Hi Michael...

What Chari claims is that it is desire-able for him (and hence, for the abhyasis of Sahaj Marg(tm) ??) to have a relationship with a man (a dead man, Chari's lover? or a self-appointed Master) much like Chari?

This "special person" allegedly magically becomes a proxy for the Divine, AND through this person, Chari and his disciples claim to offer an access to the Divine, the Brighter World, and even to their coveted: Central Region.

OMG ... Can he do that?? lol lol Does the Universe now have a "center"?? Are they still living in a two-dimensional illusion of REALITY ?? lol lol

Some (Sahaj Margees ??) claim their path is "THE ONLY" access to the Divine for thousands of years. The Divine, being an ETERNAL SPIRIT which is Everything, Everywhere, Everywhen (the E-Trinity), as well as being Omniscient and Ominipotent, etc...

That is exactly the same most religions I know offer ... a proxy for, or a "unique" path to the DIVINE. Through the proxy, most religions, just like Sahaj Marg(tm), claim to offer a relationship with or an access to the nebulous Divine ...

What they at Sahaj Marg(tm) have in reality is a relationship with a dead man!! Then they created a need for a "special" anonymous medium, a scribe, to commune with this dead man (a one way communication only which are compiled and sold yearly for a pretty "material" penny).

Then the unthinking disciples are expected to speak to the dead "special person" through prayers and supplications ... just like religions ... They must also pray for a "favourable egregore", just like religions used to do, centuries ago. Soon they will also have many "SAINTS" with special prayers and more "birthday parties" ... just like most religions. POMP and Ceremony!!

As you said: Sahaj Marg is a religion ... and they wisely suggest that all should avoid all and any religions ...

What a hypocritical crock!! I'm sure they don't even see it ...

Let nature do with them as it does with religions ... Religions, just like their founders, live for a while, and then they die after having caused a lot of suffering (hatred and fear) instead of the hope and peace they claimed to bring ... and they will become the new "MYTHs" to entertain the children of the future!!

But I agree ... avoid all and any religion ...

And Sahaj Marg is a religion. It's even called a "NEW RELIGION" in the founder, Babuji's Autobiography ...