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Wealth or Poverty? Opulence or Simple Life at Sahaj Marg(tm) and SRCM (California-1997) ?

This article appeared on the site: Society for Babuji's Mission, (Spotlight or Latest Events)  which is the site owned and managed by Sharad Chandra (Babuji's Grandson) and Shubh Chintak Kishore.

(see also other interesting articles about Babuji, Chari and his schism, the "SRCM" (same name) registered in San Luis Obispo, California in 1997, after he was sacked as Secretary of the Mission (1982) by Babuji.  Upon Babuji's death in 1983, Chari was denied the Presidency of Babuji's Mission, by the Board of Directors appointed by Babuji.  Babuji's original Mission is still  registered in Shahjahanpur, India in 1945.)  

According to Sharad Chandra, Babuji's grandson:

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Haqeeqat Benakaab (Reality without covering)..

Simplicity of Rev. Babuji Maharaj was considered as financial poverty (Part 27)
Shubh Chintak Kishore & Sharad Chandra 

To most of his members of SRCM, Chari has tried to wrongly paint Rev. Babuji’s image as of a financially poor person. This is contrary to facts. In His Autobiography Part one He told all about Himself and His family eg. He used to go to school on His own horse, it was Royal young persons mode of transport. His large mansion like house, engagement of some servants in His house etc.,

The reality is that His ways were simple. He wanted to present Himself as a simple, living person in line with His teachings. He was of the view that “Be plain and simple to be identical with nature”. He did not do what He did not say. “ He did what He said”. As a Founder of the system, He was convinced and equally conscious that His desired message will reach common person only if He presented Himself as a person true to His words and was simple like nature.

Unfortunately, Parthasarthi presented himself just the reverse, He talks of simplicity while sitting in a luxuries cottage fully equipped with all modern amenities. It will be seen that Rev. Babuji could afford those luxuries of His own but did not go in for them. But, Chari could not afford them, but after having managed the Presidentship of the Mission, he could buy those luxuries at the expenses of the Mission’s fund or funds received in Mission’s Rev Babuji’s name. Rev. Babuji talked of simplicity not from the air conditioned chamber, but from the place where He would be sitting even in the hot weather under a fan. Chari ’s talks, actions and living style are not matching and they give wrong signals to sensitive persons. The innocent members of Chari , one could even call them slaves, may say he needs all these luxuries because he is old. Our reply to them is that he is old now, but Rev. Babuji used to be much older than him even before he was sacked from the post of Mission ’s Secretaryship in 1982 and even then His living style was very simple.

People may compare the truth with untruth. He could afford luxuries from His personal money, and yet He rejected them and Parthsarthi could not afford them and yet he is enjoying all the luxuries on poor men’s donation money received in Rev. Babuji’s and Mission ’s names after he got seated himself in the President’s chair.

We suggest Parthasarthi’s innocent slave members that they better read his own written book ‘May Master’ in which he honestly talked about his inner fear to meet such a great personality in a simple form but who was financially very rich,as it appeared to him. Then compare and believe what he talks now.


Date; 14th feb 2013

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