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According to Chari of Sahaj Marg(tm), "Beings Are Guiding Destiny"

Taken and Translated from a comment by Alexis on Elodie's blog in Europe: "Pour Que Vive Le Sahaj Marg"

4d-Don's Comments: It seems that, according to Chari, the Masters of Sahaj Marg (Chari and Babuji) are all-powerful and God has very limited power and needs "Beings" to guide Destiny.    

According to Chari, the other self-appointed Master of Sahaj Marg(tm) (trade marked for trade and commerce), the Creator of ALL the UNIVERSE, which includes MIND, does not have a "mind" of his (male) own.  And these "Beings" (who guide Destiny)  need Babuji (and of course, Chari) on earth to continue to guide the destiny of  the "chosen" elite, the abhyasis.  

What a "MYTH"!!  And how did Chari get this "knowledge"??  From Babuji??  NOT ...  From a MEDIUM  (an anonymous French Lady Medium) who channels Babuji, Chari's mother and wife and many more "BEINGS" and elevated souls ...  

At SRCM (California-1997) and at Sahaj Marg (tm),


Are they in for a big surprise when they finally reach REALITY ??

Where does God retire when his job is done??  Outside the Universe??  If not "outside" then is he simply pushed around by suns and planets (and Beings)  as "gross" material with no "energy" or power??  Can God now play and have fun, like the children of his CREATION??  Can God watch Hollywood movies like his alleged "Masters" who guide the destiny of humans...just for "FUN"??

Is God  a "Pensionner" ??  Everyday is a Holiday (holy day) !!

Some "Beings" Guide our Destiny

From Chari to Ichak Adizes in Decembre, 2012 :

“I trust my master, Babuji Maharaj and not God as according to Sahaj Marg, God has no mind and he created the universe and his role is done with that creation. The beings who are guiding the destiny cannot work by themselves but they need a medium on earth, like a master, through whom they work.”

Clearly, Chari said that he has more confidence in his Master, Babuji, than in God. Because, he claims, that the role of God is now ended: He created the world, but He has no mind.

It is now the turn of the "Beings" who guide "Destiny" and these need a medium to do the work in their place, such as the Master on earth.

In brief, after God, the time has now arrived for "Beings who guide Destiny", and their spiritualist Medium, Chari (or Babuji??).

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