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Sahaj Marg and SEX and Technology

Comments to excerpts from Chari's Speech: The Hidden Wealth in the Heart,
Address to abhyasis from Europe, 21 January 2013, Chennai, India

Comments by 4d-Don are in red italics...

Dear sisters and brothers,

Sister Rosalind has already welcomed you, and I add my welcome to it. She reminded you all that you have travelled great distances, undertaken considerable trouble in coming here, spent some money also, and come to what she described as, “the floor and the mosquitoes and the heat of India”.

My welcome to you is to undertake a much longer journey. It involves no tickets, no spending of money, and when you reach your destination, there is no hard floor or mosquitoes or heat. This is a spiritual journey which makes demands, which are sometimes not merely difficult, but which need every ounce of our inner strength to keep us on the way. Journeys by the body make us use physical strength, motivated by the ego, often motivated by desire, whether it is for money or position or power. I don’t think we travel otherwise.

Even someone living alone in the wilds in a log cabin, stays there to hunt, to trap all winter, so that when the summer comes he can sell the skin and the pelts for money, to buy more food, to kill more things in the next winter, and this goes on, winter after winter, until the end comes to him. In a sense, if I may say so, in our endeavour to pursue our goals, purely material goals of satisfaction, pleasure, dominance, we waste ourselves in the sense that all that we are doing wastes us.  (likewise for pseudo-self-appointed Gurus who develop material "temples" in the search for a ONE (God??)  which is Everything, and which dwells Everywhere, at Everywhen (the E-Trinity)  We lose our inner self, we lose our ability to love, we lose our sense of compassion.  (Three of your fingers point at yourself)  We have no more, at one stage, humanity left in us.  (you fight with the family of your deceased Master to control the MATTER and the political Power of the Mission ... Where is your claimed Spirit of Brotherhood?  Where is the "humanity" in that?)  That is why there is so much callousness in this (YOUR?) world, unconcern, inability to look to others, look at others, see what they need. Even the medical system, the nursing sisters, (your "spiritualist" system) they all do it for money (and you?). I have seen in hospitals, here and abroad, how callous these people (YOU)  get, because they are so used to suffering, so used to death, that it is easy to draw a sheet over the face of the dead person and walk away whistling or smoking (Dunhill (USA)  cigarettes??  Some are so callous, they don't even look at famine, hunger, disease, but rationalize it away with bad philosophy!!  Just like Chari, the ex-engineer!! the ex-CEO! who did not use "technology".... Lol lol lol Yeah!! believe that eh?? )

We (YOU)  have not kept our humanity with which we were born, whereas spirituality (but Sahaj Marg is "SPIRITUALISM", not spirituality)  says you (no, YOU say... ) must become more and more human, until you are so completely human that the next stage is what we call divinisation – not to become God, which we cannot, but to become as close to God as possible, as like God as possible.  (ONE is EVERYTHING, EVERYWHERE, EVERYWHEN ... WE ARE already!!  There is only ONE-ness and ALL!! )  Because in all religions we say, “God is love.” He does not love. He is love. Honey is sweet whether you taste it, or an Indian tastes it, or an African tastes it; honey tastes the same. Therefore, God’s love is universal. His (ONE, what you call "GOD" is not a MALE)  love can be felt by anybody – a Christian, a Hindu, a Buddhist. (even a pseudo, self-appointed  Guru)  It does not matter what you are. It is because of that we pursue (open the MIND and the HEART and the eyes, and the ears, etc...) … I mean when we begin life we follow what our parents are doing. If they are Christians we are Christians; if they are Catholics we are Catholics; if they are Jews we are Jews. We do not choose. But when we come to a later stage (as my guru says, eighteen years old), we have to make the choice of whether we stay in religion – which was not chosen by us but by our parents, who did not choose but chose what their parents chose. And it goes on up the line like that until you wonder who chose what.

So we have a right at the age of eighteen (but Sahaj Marg "indoctrinates" the children from a much younger age, (age 7 or 9??)  just like most religions)  to choose religion or to transcend religion. We do not give up religion.  (you, at Sahaj Marg ARE a "new religion" according to Babuji's Autobiography,  and SPIRITUALISM because of what you practice!! )  We don’t abandon it, because it is the foundation on which we grew up.  (At Sahaj Marg, one's journey remains in RELIGION and SPIRITUALISM with channeled messages from beyond the grave (Whispers), from the "spirits" of the dead.  And then the many birthday parties and "feasts" and the constant need for "MONEY", controlled and managed by "businessmen", who are not even "RELIGIOUS", or "SPIRITUAL"  ... just like most RELIGIONS!!)  But, like the foundation of a building which goes in and is buried under soil and is never seen again, yet it upholds mighty structures like the skyscrapers of America. (or of ASIA ... Dubai, Singapore, etc...?? Where Chari does his Sahaj Marg "business"??)  Our roots are in it but the tree is above, the branches are still above, and that is where you have the flowers and the fruit. So if we stay only with the foundation… It is sometimes a very sorrowful thing, (???  Not "sorrowful" for Nature!! or for the truly "spiritual")  when we travel along the roads and see houses which have not been completed – just the foundation is there because the man who owned it did not have enough money. (lol, lol, lol  Always subliminal whining for more "money"??)  When does our (YOUR... And the materialist, spiritualist businessmen of Sahaj Marg.)  construction stop?  It has stopped, I mean, in the case of most of the population of this world; which they too have stopped with the foundation.  (and now point at Sahaj Marg!!  POINT at "YOU"!! Feed the POOR, the starving!! ) And what was the currency they needed to build a further edifice which is visible, which is strong, which can accommodate people to do their jobs, to be merciful, to be kind, to be loving, to share? It is only love.
(How does it feel to have "two faces"?? One face to preach at others, and one to avoid the mirrors...) 

So if the currency for worldly work today, to achieve anything, whether you are building a ship, or travelling across the desert on a camel, or just enjoying yourself with a bottle of wine and some caviar or what else you have, it is always money. In the material world, currency is money. In the spiritual world, it is love.  (Do you hear yourself??  Where is the LOVE?  What decides our 'humanity" is HOW we spend our MONEY... you (Sahaj Marg)  use it for "development"!! Ashrams, retreat centers, ranches, castles, etc...)  I wish to emphasise this because people say, “Difficulties.” Well you have difficulties in the physical world, too. You may have beautiful roads, lovely buildings, air-conditioned rooms, but are you happy?  (you have air-conditioned.. I DON'T!!  I am happy!! )  How many of you are happy in your lives? People who have everything in the world, they still want more. Why? Because there is no satisfaction here in the (YOUR)  heart.  (According to Babuji: "There is no "glittering in the heart")  With love that is not the case. Satisfaction is here in the heart, not here in the head.  (GIVE your  (Sahaj Marg) money to feed the POOR!!  Don't die a religious hypocrite!!  Your love is not in the heart or in the HEAD... You just rationalize what you can't or don't want to DO!!  Like sell the Ashrams and feed the poor!!  )

The unfortunate thing with modern love anywhere, especially in the West,  ( lol, lol, lol, ..."modern love"?  In the WEST? As opposed to the perfect "old love" in the EAST, the North, the South??  What do you know of LOVE??  Modern or ancient!!  In YOUR self-serving, addicted  heart, lacking "glittering"  or in "YOUR" egotistical Mind?  Is that the love which has been transfered to the egotistical head because the self-serving heart is empty of LOVE (lacks "glittering"!!   (P.S. we can all see the MATERIAL being accumulated by Sahaj Marg, and not much love, even among the disciples, and their families, and even among Chari and his clan versus the families of the founder.  You talk but you don't WALK in LOVE!! ) Spirituality of course is not meant to bring back love into your heart for worldly pleasure, titillation. (read this over and over again... stop preaching at others who are not as addicted to the titillation of money and power as you are!! )  It is not for that. It is so that you may know that for the first time, what I have been thinking (what?  NOW, you "think"?  With the heart or with the HEAD?)  – because most of us think we are loving, we think we are loving, but most of us are only tolerating our partners for fear of losing them, even in marriage. “Will this last?”  (not if one of the partners is in a Cult of a Personality, such as Sahaj Marg.  The Master is "greedy" and wants all the Love, and specially, ALL THE MONEY, and all the TIME of the partners ... That is NOT the ONE (what you call a male "GOD"), but the IDOL, which is the Cult Leader)  I have performed more than almost two thousand marriages, and many of them ask me, “Chariji, will this last?” At the time of marriage! What a tragic thing. (Your arranged marriage and your blessing is more of a curse!!  Some of your arranged marriages have separated before "three days" (according to you) and sometime, the same night.   Some of your arranged marriages are then more like "arranged" sexual encounters for your "boys".  And who gets and/or "loves" the obedient spiritualist prostitutes after the "break-up"?).  You are being married and you ask me, “Will this last?” Is it to be blamed on the people? Is it to be blamed on the system? Is it to be blamed on a culture or a society, on civilisation, so-called? Who is to blame? You are to blame because you have transferred love from the heart to the head. You think about love. You do not choose with your heart, you choose with your head; so does your partner, and this changes all the time. And one day, tadang!  (Let LOVE guide the Lovers and not religion OR spiritualism!!  Get your religion and spiritualism out of the bedrooms of your followers!!  You simply seem to want "breeders" as a mechanism to grow the "religious business" by arranging marriages among your followers so their children will be "disciples" from birth, and before the age of reason ... (18 years according to Babuji).   

So we (YOU) are not just creating a spiritual society here, or trying to.  (try harder... You are too busy creating a "spiriutalist" society with "channeled messages from the "spirits" of the dead.  Give the accumulated money to feed the POOR!!  Stop "developing" Ashrams of MATTER.  BE SPIRIT and SPIRITUAL if you want to teach and preach it.)  We are creating, shall I say, a society of sane people.  (not if one reads the testimonials of those who's family members have suffered from depression and insanity, even to "suicide".) Sane, sanity! Mens sana in corpore sano. A sane society which knows that we love with the heart, we work with the heart. That is why human beings are described by the heart.  (not true... The "heart people" are the irrational ones who, believing in spiritualist fantasies, lie and cheat as "two faced", hypocrites who are addicted to "EMOTIONS", but who preach at others as they accumulate material POWER AND MONEY).  What makes us different (and hence "HUMAN") from the other species is our rational MIND, our ability to abstract, to solve problems, to THINK, etc...  Our ability to create, invent fantasies is from our past and does not define us as "humans".   He or she is cold hearted.  (YUP... "cold" as a heartless person who does not feed a "hungry child", but develops one more "cold" TEMPLE. )  He is lion hearted (lion de coeur  (that correct translation is: to have a "coeur de lion"), warm hearted, generous hearted, big hearted, small hearted.  (Ask the "prey" (the deer, the antelope) of the "predator" if the lion is "LOVING" to them or his family or if the predatory lion is insensitive to the suffering of the deer, is "cold-hearted" to the plights of the deer and the other "vegetarians" is eats.    We, like the deer, just want to live in LOVE and PEACE,  but the LION, the predator, wants to EAT some of us .... religions always idolize the "predators"... Then they preach: LOVE??? ) We don’t describe men by (that is for the police or for immigration) your height and your weight and the colour of your eyes. Love does not bother with these.  (You who love (or lust?)  like the "predators" (LIONS?) should not preach to the prey or the "deer" population... you specially should not make "judas goats" of the females of the "targeted" deer-herds (countries??) and then "command" them to bring the "fresh young" MEAT as food for the "ego" of the male ALPHA!!  

When there is love in the heart, we have wisdom.  (NOT YOU!) When it is here in the head, we don’t even have knowledge; we have only foolishness. (JUST LIKE YOU and the silly and false teachings you espouse to lead our women astray, turn them into "judas goats", and divide our families and cultures).  Because in this computer, like in the ordinateur (computer) (the computers, or  the French "ordinateurs" are those who "organize" and that also means the leaders of cults and religions) that you have in your office, when marriages are fixed by computer, which I believe they have been doing first in America, I mean, what are you trusting your future to?  (To a "self-appointed" Guru, who is an ex-CEO of a mill for a large Indian Consortium( TTK Group).  Would you trust your future to to  Sahaj Marg and its HTC (High-tech IT) Management group.)  Two photographs on the computer – “He is two metres, one centimetre; I am one metre ninety-eight centimetres. We are both Caucasian. I like the look of the photograph. He seems to be gentle, he seems to be kind, he seems to be loving.” So the computer marries us and voila! After three months the computer disengages us. Kaput!  (silly... computers don't marry any more than "gurus" marry.  The silly sheep can agree to anything, even silliness!  ...  Anyone can arrange a marriage and can marry anyone! )

So you see, we have handed over to machines most of the things that we used to do ourselves before. We can no longer multiply, we can no longer divide in the mind, we need paper and pencil or a computer. We do not know multiplication tables any more. Some people ask me what are multiplication tables. I am tempted to say, “Shame on you! You have forgotten your roots?” The computer has made us lose touch with our own self. We first forgot our mathematics because our calculating machines gave us answers up to infinite digits. It could calculate the trajectory of a shell.

You know, on board the ships in the old days they used to have a sextant, they used to have a compass, they used to have a clock which was mounted in such a way on gimbals, so that even if the ship was swaying, it remained constant so that the time was not altered, because they needed the time to know where they are on the ocean. There was human technology in it, not human-created technology but human-installed technology by God himself.  (At Sahaj Marg, no computers or "technology" allowed for the "disciples" but many computers and technology for the GURU, his "management team" and his family who must be "the organizers" and manage the herd, specially the "females" who will bring the children) ... and "pst...pst..."  God is not a male!!  And "god" did not create "technology", HUMANS did!!  

Now if ONE is ALL... then ONE is Everything, including the technology invented and created by  Humans !! 

Today you have the GPS, captains are idle, crew is idle. (tell that to anyone who "works") And sitting where you are, you know where you are, you don’t need a map, you don’t need a compass, you don’t need a sextant. Similarly, our aircraft, they are able to calculate how many miles you have travelled, how many miles are left to go – GPS again. And now with Google, everybody is wise, though remaining fools. Where is Constantinople? Tap-tap-tap, and it says it is the former name of Istanbul, during the Ottoman Empire. “Wow! He knows history, he knows geography. How brilliant!”  (How silly ... old fart!!.  Chari wants his cake and he wants to eat it too ... (Cake=technology)... Let Chari and Sahaj Marg get rid of all their "TECHNOLGY" OR at least, don't deprive your family of what WE, our society has created ...  It is simply RELIGION and the predatory profiteers of cults (spiritualists),  who are losing their traditional grip (fear, apocalypse, etc...) on the lives of HUMANS.  Let religion and Spiritualism give  us something we want and which empowers us, the PEOPLE,  or don't preach against what you don't and can't DO yourself, as you benefit from (as well as enjoy and revel in) the pleasures offered by our TECHNOLOGY !!  Don't be so "two-faced"!! 

The white man (or white men) (just like you, the ASIA-tics) invaded America and conquered it (the very first white men), not by loving and embracing the local culture (LIKE YOU) , giving faith to the people, but by (technology?)  having a wooden leg or a false eye or knowing when the next eclipse was coming, which the ignorant people, who were natives, did not know anything about. So when they were going to be boiled for the next meal they just took out their [false] eye and said, “If you do this, all of you will lose your eyes,” and put it back. Instantly he was the Great White Father.  (And YOU??  Your silly and  phoney "Whispers" from the "spirits of the dead"?? Then your "apocalyptic" predictions??)  lol lol lol What a crock!! )

It is still being practised today. “I know everything because I have Googled on my telephone. I don’t have anything here in the head.” Even this heart we have lost. This heart we lost was the greatest tragedy of our lives, which condemned us to being mere animals with two legs, and when we lose this head, we are like robots depending on machines, depending on I don’t know what else.

“Am I happy?” Maybe you will have to ask yourselves sometime. And Microsoft or somebody else will decide – Google, it will decide. It will say, “Tell me the difference between nineteen and eleven.” You tap it out on your computer and you say eight. It will say: you are miserable, or you are happy, or you are ecstatic.  (YOU!!  When you point at others, three of your fingers point at YOU!!...   If you are allowed to do it, then your "sheepish" followers will also "use the technology"... and you will have led your followers "over the cliff" ...  FREE THEM ALL or take the responsibility of leading them to their spiritual destruction!!   You are not a good or a genuine leader!!  Some Gurus are simply profiteers.  It's a shame we don't all get paid to "rag" !! 

People today talk of their sex life. I don’t know what it means.  ( Oh GEE!! ... Now you don't know what a "sex life" is?? You don't know what it means?   You LIE...) There is no such thing as a sex life. Sex is the culmination of love.  (lol lol lol... Maybe you don't know what LOVE is either  ... SEX has an element of pleasure and that is created by ONE and/or ALL, (what you call a male GOD)  Sex is not a sin, like life, it is a blessing... and it is certainly a pleasure!! )  It is an expression of love only. But today it is desire. There is no love. (YOU don't know much!!  And when one does not know, then one should not speak... or at the very least, one should not TEACH that to our children, so they all become materialists and spiritualists as you in the corrupt and spiritualist  EAST.  We left those religious and spiritualist fantasies behind when we moved  WEST.   Now you "slow learners" are here again trying to "control" and organize" as true "cultish fanatics", remnants of our tribal and ignorant past.   GO HOME and meditate and BE spiritual ... not "spiritualists" and not materialists ...  Why are there so many "businessmen" in Sahaj Marg??  Why are there no  "PHILOSOPHERS or THINKERS"??  The Sahaj Marg of Chari, like most religions, demonizes the MIND and "technology" (although they use them themselves and they revel in the power it gives them)  People who don’t love each other are having sex, day in and day out.  (and some who love each other are also having sex... SO??)  I see in the movies, (using technology??) people meet for the first time at lunch and are in bed in the evening! (It's a STORY... a fantasy!!)  Don't preach as if that is REALITY... Chari's REALITY??)  It is like instant coffee. (more technology??  I don't drink "instant" anything, including coffee!!)  It’s instant sex, with equal effect; it doesn’t make you sleep (sex makes you sleep?? And coffee must wake you up I guess?   lol lol lol).  It makes you worry whether this will last. And it doesn’t last.  (NOTHING LASTS forever!!  Not even Sahaj Marg)  You are prepared for the next sex encounter, which you hope will last. The sex lasts because you change partners and the sex is alive, but you are forty, the women are forty. They have no children, they have no husband, they have no home. Then they go to somebody for help and they say, “What should I do? I want a child.” He says, “My dear, you are too old to have a child now. What were you doing for the last twenty-five years when you could have had a child?” “My partner did not want.” Bravo! So, you see what life has become. If you are sensible you will cut sex completely out of your life until you find the right man or the right woman. Marry and then only have sex.  (Not for you!!  Not your 3 day arranged sex-encounters you call a "marriage".  Then who gets to live with these rejected "spiritualist prostitutes" you use as "breeders" to grow your religious business and immigrate to our countries (diaspora??).  

We, the ones with MINDS, and with "lots of LOVE" can accept these religious or cultish misfits! ... WE, with big MINDS who use what you  religious adherents call big HEARTS, can love these "rejects" from your un-loving cults of a PERSON!!    Religion will not control our lives any more, and specially not our sex-life ... Get your religion and your spiritualist fantasies and your corrupt politics out of the bedrooms of the GOOD and thinking people...  Let your GOD live "out-of doors" and BE Natural!!  What is indoors was created by TECHNOLOGY!!)

Not very long ago, not twenty-five centuries ago but perhaps a century ago, it was the custom to fall in love, court, walk hand in hand along avenues and riverbanks, muttering, as they say in the English language, sweet nothings until the man went on his knees and proposed. And they were married, and then the honeymoon introduced sex to the two. Not very long ago. But today, we have sex; we have ‘couples’, as they call them in Europe. “We are a couple.” It means you are sleeping together without being married. They have children, you see, all because we put sex before love.  (today, some (in the corrupt EAST)  have cultish idols (self-titled Masters or Gurus) who arrange marriages as a way to indoctrinate the new-born children of these "breeders" from birth, and before the age of reason... but the INTERNET (technology... WE) will soon expose that.   A 3-day "sexual encounters" arranged by a "cult idol", does not constitute a loving marriage.   Nature is more "FREE" and more honest than that!! 

We (YOU)  put money before happiness; we (YOU) put power before well-being – all the material things that the world of the West (and now more and more in the East) puts before us as things to be desired. The head again, you see. So our societies are miserable, our economies measured by people who don’t know anything but work on the computer and say, “Well, this year your gross product is only four percent. It was eight percent last year.” Misery! Condemned to weakness, condemned to frustration. (What a phoney!!  If you are not BETTER then don't preach at others!!

You see what is going on in most countries, USA included, countries like Turkey, like Portugal. What is happening to them? Where has the money suddenly gone? You can understand when a man is healthy and he is suddenly sick. You can understand when people divorce each other. But a society which was affluent – where everything was available, where people enjoyed anything that was available – now suddenly you can’t buy anything. Everything is beyond your capacity to buy. Where has the money gone? I have asked some economists this question and they are not able to answer.
Time for our economy to "evolve" also... We have gone through those changes before, and we will again... It's not the end of the world, just the end of the world as we know it...  Religious charlatans try and make hay from these changes, and use FEAR to adhere (stick) some lost or scared misfits to their "herd" ... just like the predators, to grow the "religious business"... This too will pass!!  

How does an affluent society suddenly become a poor society? Is it the people’s greed for consumption? Is it their greed for happiness at any cost? Consumption without production, as I have seen in many countries in Europe, where I am told they keep fields fallow, without production, without growing crops, for which they are paid by the governments so that the price of grain or whatever can be kept high. You don’t grow anything on your field, and you get money for it so that the price of grain is kept high. The more and more this spreads, the higher and higher the price goes. You have money but no grain because at some stage there is not enough production of grain. Voila! Misery, starvation and heads which don’t understand what is going on.   (And what does Sahaj Marg (and Chari) do, they try set up business in those "new" markets, and suck money from those countries to make India wealthy with the technology we "give them" or which they steal from us and then CREATE for themselves...... just like all other "organizers", they use the tools of FEAR (religion, cults, etc...)...

So, we bring all these upon ourselves by putting our happiness into things, into places, into events. The soul is dead. And if there are people who look at a sunset and say, “Uh, it happens every evening,” their soul is dead. A man looks at a child and says, “Don’t want children.” The soul is dead. I was once in a country with my Master in Europe. We were having a seminar and a couple in a car with three children, came from another country to see my Master. They went around the city looking for a hotel with rooms. Every hotel said, “Yes, we have a room, but if you have children, no, we have no room.” This is the state of countries in Europe where you are wealthy, where the beds are luxurious, to give you better and better sex, as they call it. But not the products of sex. No children. Wonderful societies, beautiful churches – no religion, no God. What do you think of such a place, such a society where children are not welcome? If children are not welcome, where are the adults of fifteen years more coming from?

So, you have to think a lot and live, as my Master says, in tune with nature. (show us where the developments of Sahaj Marg are "in tune" with Nature??  does your "technology" not pollute?...) If you live an honest life free from desire, you are never in trouble. The simple things of this earth were created by God: sunlight, sunshine, air to breathe, water to bathe in. Societies don’t create these things – societies destroy these things. Environmental change – it’s a big subject today. How are you to change the environment?  (And Religion is not "environmentalism".   Those who pray to God to save them, will not use their own "technology" to help their fellow HUMANS, they simply accumulate more money and "DEVELOP"... for their own pleasure (navel-gazing) and their own fantasy or "salvation" (as they call their future illusion).  Praying to God will not stop Nature's  volcano,  earthquakes, floods, etc...  Maybe our created technology will give us an 'early-warning" system and the ability to move away before the disaster ... but the is MIND and a little LOVE for the planet and our "fellow humans".  The heart-people is too "GREEDY", self-serving, self-titling,  and too egotist and "emotional".  The "heart people" would rather fight to prove themselves right, even to violence and war... And they rather build an ashram than save a hungry child...  They are not to be emulated for the sake of our "FUTURE" existence.    You can make more gardens, grow more trees. But you are cutting down. Arable land is being destroyed to build more and more factories, to bring more and more consumption to you. Isn’t it? So living in tune with nature means living in such a way that everything else has a chance to live, whether it is an insect or a beast or trees. They have a place in your life. If one day there are no trees in England, or France or Germany, it would be as good as being in Saudi Arabia – desert! At least they have camels. You won’t have camels.  (too shallow and silly to comment ... go live in Saudi Arabia and try and control their Muslim "women" to grow your "new religion" business there.  I prefer the spiritual WEST!!)

So, spirituality (does not) teaches us to put our life back into our hearts, which makes us more and more human every day, (a spiritualist developer who would develop an ashram rather that save a starving child is not more "human" than anyone ... grow up and BE spiritual ... or stop talking spiritualism as if it was "spiritual" or GOOD or BETTER... IT IS simply B.S. (and that is not "Bachelor of Science" but "bull-s..t" )  which gives us (not you or your disciples) more and more understanding of what love is, what friendship is, what tolerance is, what compassion is, what mercy is, what sharing is.  (what a crock) This head says, “Don’t share. You become from owning a thousand to a million to a billion. Don’t share.” This heart says, “Give what you have and you will get.” So the heart is there to give, whether it is love or anything else. This head is to get, to have. So this mind creates the desire to have more and more, whether it is material things like money, houses, cars, or emotional things like sex, lipstick, whatever. Whereas this heart gives us ‘being’: how to be good, better, noble, angelic and ultimately divine.  (you "religious" fanatics prove yourselves wrong... over and over again...)

So this is what spirituality  (spiritualism and material development) is about. I don’t want to speak to you more, (good... you just wasted our time, as more hungry children suffered...)  because you have all been abhyasis for some time and your presence here shows that you would be willing to continue. But you must continue with the right understanding of what you are doing and why you are doing it. (they are sheep... and they want to be in positions to tell others how to live, rather than BEING in SPIRIT) Are you here just because two more people are here with you?  (your subliminal "come-on" to the "judas-goats")  Are you here because it is an adventure for many of you? Perhaps many of you are coming for the first time to India. Or are you going back with this hidden wealth in the heart increased manyfold? I hope it is the latter.   

I hope they go home and try and help the POOR of their own country and culture, (and of the world) rather than serving the "businessmen" of India who are migrating to our shores with their racists and homophobic religions, using FEAR and spiritualist "channeled messages" from the spirits of the dead as their  false Raja Yoga "mechanism" ...

Thank you.



Anonymous said...

Hi Don!

Thanks for posting this and for your comments.

He says the same s*#t over and over and over. He's telling us all about himself and what he has created in his followers. Not much love in that group.

It's too bad he doesn't come clean before his death.

Let us know when he kicks the bucket.

-- Triple Gem

4d-Don said...

Hi Triple Gem...

Thanks for the comment...

If one took all the "LOVE" (or Spirituality?) in Sahaj Marg and placed it in a thimble, there would be enough left over to fill the navel of a meditating flea and the heart of its "Master"...

I'm just goofing around, that's all!!

As Babuji wrote to Chari when he was replaced as "secretary" of Babuji's Mission: there is a "lack of glittering" ...

You gotta laugh, b'cause it's not funny at all!!

I'll keep you posted as long as I can!!