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The Two Faces of Racism and Spiritualism at Sahaj Marg(tm) and SRCM (California-1997)

From Chari's speech titled: Stand Firm - Obey The Heart, At the Ashram Auditorium Inauguration/Address to Omega Alumni, 1 June 2012, Chennai, India,

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"He (Babuji) has been saying in almost two-thirds of his messages that the present-day human beings will more or less disappear, giving place to a new humanity where they will be united by love, not by considerations of caste and colour and creed, which is a curse on today’s humanity."

Yet, in Babuji's letters, according to Frank, ex-preceptor and ex-Region-in-Charge of SRCM(California-1997) for the Netherlands, one finds this quote in letter exchanges between Chari and Babuji: (See here for more: Babuji, Sahaj Marg and "Skin Complexion"! Colour discrimination??)


the description of this aspect of the marriage episode of chi. umesh (babuji's son) starts on page 57 of 'letters of the master vol. iii'.

letter of 31 october 1969 from babuji to chari: (just the relevant quote)

"An officer in the Ministry of Home Affairs has started marriage negotiations for his daughter with Umesh. I have a mind to finalise the marriage of Umesh without consulting him if he does not object. I shall give him a good match. I received the photo of the girl today. The face-cut is good and I am told by one of my near relatives that she has white complexion."

and later:

12 November, 2010 10:38:00 AM PST

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letter from chari to babuji 16 march 1970 (page 72 same book):

"A gentleman by name Mr. S-- S-- and his wif called on us yesterday evening on behalf of Shri R.P.S-- of Hardoi, said to be a retired sessions judge and a close associate of your family for the last 25 years. They came to meet us and Chi. Umesh in connection with a proposal to marry Sow. C--, one of the daughters of the judge Shri R.P.--. The girl is stated to be an M.A., a good artist in painting, well versed in domestic duties, but complexion is "savla". I have requested Mrs. S-- S--, who is related to Mr. R.P.--, that she should write to Mr. R.P.-- to contact you directly. I trust they will do so."

which is the complete relevant passage in this letter. i'm sure you will see the implication of this little by-sentence:

' but complexion is "savla" '

(savla (or sawla, sawala) means dark and is generally seen as less desirable than fair or white), especially when contrasted with the other qualities...!

And today, Chari, in the same speech of June, 2012, now pretends to receive his "whispers" directly from Babuji. (Look Ma! No Medium!) :


"Even this morning I received a message where he says: 'Love and faith alone can achieve this.'

Have they learned and changed yet? Have they apologized? Are they still concerned with: "skin complexion" and "cut" and "height"? When did they become "MASTERS"??

Does the "curse" of RACISM and SPIRITUALISM come from THEM??

As Chari mentions later, since according to him, God is MALE (a Father, Him, etc...) then one can see why the discrimination which is Racism is still practiced towards the "females".

"He (God) is the parampitaa, as we say in Hindi – our Ultimate Father – He who has produced this world and all of us with it. So we must understand that what holds us together as families is affection, mutual dependence, some trust in each other, some belief in a family, things like that. Love? Well, only There, only for Him."

Flawed theology leads to flawed philosophy, to flawed psychology, and finally to a flawed society.

Hopefully, the "alumni" of Omega will become more "Saintly" or more moral than the Masters of Sahaj Marg(tm), so that the "curse" of RACISM and SPIRITUALISM which they practice, will be eradicated from the whole of our society, not just from RELIGION, specially the "new spiritualist religions" now coming out of India.

See also:

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