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UPDATED Health Report on Chari, President of SRCM (California-1997) and Sahaj Marg(tm)

Taken from and article, "Bulletin de Santé", on Elodie's blog in Europe: Pour Que Vive Le Sahaj Marg. Original articles from Sahaj Sandesh of July 27, 2012.

An Anniversary Without the Master

From Sahaj Sandesh:

Update on Revered Master's Health by Dr. Natwar Sharma – 27 July, 2012

Dear sisters and brothers,

Our beloved Master has been unwell since Sunday, 15 July 2012. It started with fever due to a Urinary Tract Infection, which resulted in a significantbut reversible kidney injury. With antibiotics, the kidney function started to slowly return to normal. Despite being on antibiotics, he continued to have regular and intermittent episodes of fever, which resulted in the use of additional medications.

On Tuesday 24 July, Master developed an infection in the left foot and in the chest. All the infections are now under control, but this has had a huge impact on Master’s health and as a result he is very weak. The breathing has now been temporarily augmented by a respiratory machine [BiPAP]. Master is now being fed through a Nasogastric Tube. The specially formulated diet will establish a good base for sustainable nutrition and health and will also hopefully make him stronger than he was before.

Master is responding to all of the above measures positively. He is now fully conscious and alert and on the way back to his normal self.

We are deeply thankful to the entire team of doctors who have worked tirelessly over the last 12 days to make this recovery possible. As per doctors’ readings, they expect that Master should be able to return to base-line health parameters that prevailed on 14 July 2012 in the next two weeks or so.

We request all of you to continue to pray for our beloved Master’s speedy recovery and for his good health and long life. Under the circumstances, please give him enough space and privacy to recuperate.

Most affectionately,

Dr. Natwar Sharma

Update on Revered Master's Health by Dr. Natwar Sharma – 1 August, 2012

Dear sisters & brothers,

Since the last bulletin dated 27 July, Revered Master has been making slow but steady progress.

His infections have cleared and his kidneys are functioning well. He is off all antibiotics and all IV lines have been removed. He is able to tolerate longer periods off BiPAP (breathing machine) support, and we expect to wean him off the machine gradually. Though he is still receiving the bulk of his nutritional needs through the NG tube, we have started augmenting this with normal food, in increasing proportions daily. We hope that the nasal feeding will stop in a few days, as soon as his daily nutritional needs are met through the oral feed.

Physiotherapy and nutritional rehabilitation are the key areas that are now being actively addressed. He is regaining strength each day and making positive moves towards recovery. He is now able to sit up and take a few steps, and this morning spent half an hour seated in his wheelchair in the verandah in front of the cottage.

Please continue to pray for his speedy recovery. We seek your co-operation until he is back to his normal state. We would request that you plan a visit to Manapakkam ONLY after we notify his ability to receive visitors.

Thanking You,

Dr. Natwar Sharma


Update on Revered Master's Health by Dr. Natwar Sharma – 5 August, 2012

Dear sisters and brothers,

Beloved Master had a recurrence of urinary tract infection with low-grade fever. A Consultant Urologist was called in today, who examined Master thoroughly and advised further work up at the Apollo Specialty Hospital, which was done in a few hours and he is back in the cottage. Subsequently he slept well and we expect that his rehabilitation and recovery will continue without any further hindrances.

Wish you a very good day !


Dr. Natwar Sharma

Update on Revered Master's Health by Dr. Natwar Sharma – 11 August, 2012

Dear sisters & brothers,

Master underwent a PET/CT scan today to eliminate any possible localized sources of infection. This was done as a consequence of recurrence of fever over the last three days. Fortunately the scan was clear and there are no localized infection hotspots anywhere.
Since the removal of the naso-gastric tube two days back, he has been eating by himself. We are hopeful that this recovery will be sustained and that he will be back to normal soon.


Dr. Natwar Sharma

Sunday, Aug. 12, 2012


Elodie said:

A good-day to all...

An extraoridinary "General Assembly" and a sick Master. It smells like the final great decisions.



Master's Message - Call for a Special Bhandara on Wednesday, 15 August 2012

Dear brothers & sisters,

With the blessings of the Hierarchy of the Great Masters of Sahaj Marg and with the approval of my Beloved Master, Revered Babuji Maharaj, it has been decided to celebrate Wednesday, the 15th of August 2012 as a special Bhandara in Manapakkam Ashram. It is very important that devotees try to be present for this one-day occasion. An Extra-Ordinary General Body Meeting has also been called for on this day.

It would be good if abhyasis make attendance, at this special Bhandara, their first priority. Satsangh will be held at 6.30 a.m., 11.00 a.m., and 4.30 p.m.

May His love flow forever.

P. Rajagopalachari

Tuesday, Aug. 14, 2012


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Anonymous said...

I would be willing to bet, that chari will be retiring to the lap of luxury, and handing the baton to the new guy, kamlesh.
anyone want to take the bet??

I feel EXTRA confident that this will be the case. can't wait to see, fun fun fun