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At Sahaj Marg History Repeats Itself !!

This is a comment by Michael to the previous article: "Sharad Chandra Saxena, Grandson of Babuji (fouder of Sahaj Marg) Lets Loose! The Paris Declaration!!" . Michael is an ex-preceptor of SRCM (Chari Faction) and owner of blog: Inner Circle of SRCM, and Skai Journey

Blogger Michael said...


1922: A young man from Shahjahanpur visits Ram Chandra of Fateghar (Lalaji) in his personal spiritual quest. He visits a few more times and maintains correspondence with Lalaji unti his death.

1931: Lalaji passes, leaving many close associates to continue the tradition, in the spirit of cooperation, without competition. This proceeds without issue for more than a decade.

1945: The young man from Shahjahanpur dreams that he should be the sole successor of Lalaji's tradition, and declares it to the world. He demands that all others submit to his Mastery and Mission or be "Cut Off". He dreams of Lalaji and others who dictate a rewritten history for him to establish his Mission upon.

1983: The man from Shahjahanpur has become old. Referred now as Babuji, he suffers in his last days. His Mission is divided before his very eyes. His health is failing. His star disciple P. Rajagopalachari, repeats the identical act that Babuji performed years earlier- self proclaiming is successorship as Master, at the expense of other senior disciples. He adopts a similar tradition of receiving messages from dead Masters to validate his successorship, rewriting history and threatening harsh consequences to his dissenters if they don't comply.

2012: P.Chari now suffers in his last days, as Babuji did before him. Similarly, he suffers from ill health, and an overly ambitions, power seeking Inner Circle. In an attempt to cheat history, he strives to prevent a similar end, but his first attempt to do so fails as the candidate he initially appoints unexpectedly "resigns" from the "Master in Waiting" position.

He strategically appoints one of the more ambitious of his inner circle. This time, he puts on a dramatic performance, offering to resign as President/Master. Armed with a recent letter from his long since dead Master, full of praise and support, he temporarily stalls those lusting after power, those eager to self proclaim their successorship, eager to create their own inner circle.

... Ahh, but, the story is not ended here!

- History cannot be cheated.

- The Inner Circle is dissolving into a Spiral.

- The environment is ripe for more dissent from within.

- Dissent from outside hungrily awaits as the Inner Circle dissolves.

It doesn't require channeling messages from the dead to predict the future. Just an honest historical perspective.


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