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My Ex-Partner Meditates with Sahaj Marg (cont'd 2009 - 2012)

Taken and translated from an article titled: "Ma Compagne Médite (suite)", on Elodie's blog in Europe called: Pour Que Vive Le Sahaj Marg.

July 14, 2012

My Partner (companion)
Meditates (With Sahaj Marg) Cont'd (2009-2012)

August 25, 2009, Anonymous told us his story, a relationship of 10 years, marred by the intrusion of Chari and along with him, Sahaj Marg and SRCM. A companion whose parents are preceptors, and who begins to meditate five years after they met. At first, it does not appear to disturb the couple, but five years later:


"I feel the wind change and we are now 3 in our home, along with Chariji. Finally, this condition was firmly put to me. Long depressed, I think I now see clearly. Sahaj Marg is deeply against couples where one is not active or even a sympathizer. Initially, you are accepted because you have a potential to become abhyasis. Then the day you are certain of not sharing anything with this movement, things get complicated (...) ".

His full testimony can be read on "My partner is an abhyasi".

July 14, 2012,

returns to the point:

Hello to

I am the famous "anonymous" and I return to read your comments, soon to be 3 years after the fact. Thank you sincerely for your encouragement.

Shortly after the last message, I had the right to a bluff stroke, or rather an 'All In' type of poker play on her part. In summary, I could either accept a Sahaj Marg future for our children, or it was ended. On the other hand I satisfied her in all other aspects (How ironic). This lack of respect for my values ​​and these earlier commitments thus lead to our immediate and brutal seperation.

When I brought her to her new home made of abhyasis, I found seven photos of Chari in the entrance hall ... of course I dare not mention the cult of personality!

When a few months later I met a new person (partner?) , my ex-girlfriend was trying to come back. But despite my refusal of a year earlier of the condition of Sahaj Marg, the previous year and the later years elapsed during which she claimed to have suffered from my absence, I realized she still had not even brushed upon the idea of ​​leaving the movement.

Even her parents, preceptors, attempted to persuade me, arguing that a "seer (mystic? clarevoyant?)" saw us together. Worse, even Chari apparently had said to my ex that I was the man of her life.

I told her then that if Chari was directing her towards me and that I was telling her not to continue with SRCM, then maybe that this was the right way ... again, no sign of understanding.

In short, I'm happy now even though of course I'm sad for her. I have a companion with whom I think we are a duo, not a trio (as with the SRCM), doomed to failure and sadness.

Good luck to all of you in your battles.


See his first testimonial in 2009 at: "My partner is an Abhyasi".



Anonymous said...

Sahaj marg is FULL of couples where one partner is an abhyasi and the other isn't it seems maybe there is more to this story than meets the eye.

4d-Don said...

Hi anonymous....

This couple had been together for some time (10 years) before the pressure (from the wife and her parents) on the one (husband) who was not an abhyasi finally caused the rift, and the shattering of their relationship.

And the rupture took another three years if we believe the testimonial.

I am sure that some "newbies" who join SRCM(California-1997) or their trade-marked Sahaj Marg(tm), are in a relationship of some sort, and in some cases, only one of the partners joins while the other does not right away, if at all!!

NOT all men are SHEEP!! And Spritualism (Mediums, messages from the "spirits" of the dead, egregores, and cults of personalities, etc...) keeps some seekers "outside" of such spiritualist groups and "cults of personality".

If there is any love in the realationship, then the one who is "outside", as well as the one "inside" will sometimes be patient (10 years in this case) but ... "doom" is inevitable as pressure and ultimatums are given as the children grow up ... Sahaj Marg(tm) as "scientology" and other riligions target the children as their "growth" field ... They even want the abhyasis to breed so as to get more "growth" before the children's age of reason is reached.

That is the REALITY of Religion AND that seems to be the REALITY of most "cults", and of "SPIRITUALISM" ... certainly it is the REALITY of this "cult of a PERSON". We have gathered the EVIDENCE here.

Spirituality is not THAT!!

Don ...

Anonymous said...

Dear All,

Lalaji Maharaj of Fategarh was a sufi saint who learnt from his Guru Fazl Ahmed khan - This is what we know of him from some sources. For me this is believable.

The problem starts when as Michael said, this "Babuji" - this ambitious man - created This system - called it Sahaj Marg - placed his "Once upon a time Guru" at the top ( Adiguru ) may be out of some kind of gratitude or may be to USE his name to drive the Mission. He was a stupid, illiterate man who read a few books and understood his spiritual condition as something and believed he was on top, higher than saints like Kabir - As though HE was the Master of the universe. He provided proof my saying Lord krishna talked to him. Where were Jesus and Muhammad? He saw only krishna, vivekananda - the people he read about or was inspired by!!! Then he used an intelligent spiritual aspirant, called Parthasarathi ( Who infact "was" my guru in some way ) to promote his Mission/ his ambition - this Marg. Babuji filled his head with all bullshit about "Serving Master" & "Mission" - He made him believe that "THAT" was "The purpose of life", of his life, of all lives! "Obeying divine will", "Serving like a servant" etc etc. He encouraged "loyalty" and "dependency" of all kinds from all his disciples - one who was ever ready was Parthasarathi- Curious, energetic, ambitious like most people. He believed that Lalaji guided Babuji and he was also expected to be "obedient", "sincere", "loyal" to Babuji. Finally Babuji had to die of old age. His disciple didn't lose hope. He continued to believe he is still guided and ran the organization the way he felt was right.

So when "Parthasarathi" or the prefects expect the same from the abhyasis now and fill their minds with filth, beliefs once taught by Babu - There should be no wonder and hatred towards this guru figure. But to that moron who started it all - who tamed people like us - who made a sheep out of them - who made them believe so much that that they made it their life. That moron is dead now. Yet He and many others are now even believing in the possibility of that asshole speaking from a brighter world. That self-centered man is responsible for the mission or the organization to be this now - people experience conditions - but frankly no realization is possible here - because as per the dead man - you gotta earn it!!!

Anonymous said...

Ctd.... I have been angry on most occasions before with this person - Parthasarathi - I understand that the intention was there to help and also understand that how much of a help he was to me through this organization - may not be as a Guru - Because he is simply promoting SRCM as per the orders of that sick ambitious dead man. But now the help stops for me - because i see no possibility of realization here in this "guru-centered" institution that is directed by the ambitions of the dead. Once you stop finding answers, there is no point in sticking on believing in something or being there out of fear. There is nobody there to be feared. No one wants to harm you - They are concerned for you, so the Mission is there. But they believe genuinely ( not from experience ) that someone out there in a shitty place called "Brighter World" ( assuming the position of God ) is there protecting them, guiding them to liberation or whatever! This belief has made them stupid. Can't blame the President of the Mission - He does everything with a sense of duty ( to Babuji ) - Also the people around Him do it as duty( to Chariji )

It is true that ambition, desire is an obstacle in itself - also SRCM believes in this - but it helps you become free from something and then puts something in you and on you ( concepts, theories - that your mind struggles with ). Stay away from belief systems like this one and so many versions of SRCM out there! It is better to stick with your religious faith than becoming deluded and stupid here. Rather follow non-duality methods - If you think you need a guru, go - trust him or her. But always take responsibility for yourself. And let self-realization be your goal.

I pray for the well being and good of Parthasarathi, Don, Elodie, Alexis, Michael and whoever is affected by this misery of Babuji and his destructive mission. Don't lose hope. Because like me, your journey or experience started here. Now BEAWARE of organizations or organised systems - stay away. "What you seek is right where you are! You are what you seek. That is the ultimate realization." I hope we all arrive at the same understanding soon.

Thanks. Best regards - Anonymous!

4d-Don said...
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4d-Don said...

Hi Anonymous...

Thanks for the "testimonial"...

There is only one point in your comment which has two different "allegations".

You say: Finally Babuji had to die of old age.

Some (including many members of Babuji's family, and some old prefects and preceptors who have since resigned from Sahaj Marg and SRCM (California-1997), allege that Babuji died as a result of ingesting "poison", as did his son, Umesh, who succeded him as President of SRCM (Shahjahanpur-1945).

Babuji's grandson, Navneet also alleges to having been poisoned himself and that an attempt was made on his life by a "run-away bus". He survived both "alleged attempts" and does not name anyone except that there are many indirect statements which accuse "someone in Chari's clan" ...

There is also a letter "allegedly" singed by Babji which accuses Chari at the Paris Convention of 1982. I am not aware of that letter ever being authenticated...

Thank you for your Testimonial...

Bless you and yours on this "Journey of Life" on planet Earth...

Don ...

Anonymous said...

Thanks for your story. I had been practice Sahaj Marg for 6 months. I did not get anything new in terms of spiritual growth. I mean they continued to inform you that the good things will grow inside you; it's just a claim that was very weak. If you look at some other spiritual teachings, it's so funny to look back at Sahaj Marg style that the "mind cleaning routine" can be done with the master. Now I do not believe this shit.
Note: I was used to practice this cult when I was studying in Ann Arbor, Michigan, U.S.A. where they recruited new members at the University of Michigan.

4d-Don said...

This comment from "Free Bitch Baby" was posted on this blog, under article: "Patel's Sahaj Marg (more) ", at this link:

Anonymous said...

I think they are gonna have to come up with more than these changes to attract anyone.

In response to 6 months in the practice at University of Michigan. They prey on people who are away from home at college.

I hope you are happy to have moved on! Also hope they didn't do much damage.

-- Free Bitch Baby

Wednesday, March 25, 2015
6:34:00 pm