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Hyderabad, Future Capital of Sahaj Marg?

Translation of an article by Alexis: "Hyderabad, Capitale Future du Sahaj Marg?", on Elodie's blog in Europe: Pour Que Vive Le Sahaj Marg.

November 2, 2014  

Hyderabad, Future Capital of Sahaj Marg?  
A new article by Alexis: Codenamed "Kanha Shantivanam"

Under the code name Shanti Vanam Kanha (Kanha = Lord Krishna, Shanti = Tranquility, Vanam = Forest), one finds four charitable organizations (section 25 Societies) with very similar names, each led by different trios, but all located in or near Hyderabad: Kanha Shanti Vanam (KSV), created November 10, 2009, Yashoda Kanha Shanti Vanam (YKSV) and Radha Kanha Shanti Vanam (RKSV) both created February 10, 2010 and finally Devaki Kanha Shanti Vanam (DKSV) established March 12, 2010.

VS Mallick, co-director of KSV, who calls himself a preceptor of SRCM, is director of the charity project KSV since July 2008, the creator of a huge campus of about 500 acres (200 ha) around an Ashram and a colony for members of the Ashram which surrounds it.   Ulhas Rao Kumble, another co-director, is the Zone-in-Charge of the SRCM Hyderabad metropolis.

Information closer to what could be read on a real estate website: In the suburbs of Hyderabad (Andhra Pradesh) SRCM has 300 ha (750 acres) Thimmapur, 20 km south of the Rajiv Gandhi international airport of Shamshabad on the Bangalore National Highway NH7.

RKSV and YKSV are created on the same day, one on the campus of SRCM Tumukunta (Zonal ashram) at Shamirpet in Ranga Reddy district, the other at 36 Jubilee Hills in Hyderabad. A month later the fourth and last is at 66 Jubilee Hills, Hyderabad still. One of its directors is none other than Madhu Kothapalli.

Of the 12 leaders of the four charitable organizations, many are important entrepreneurs. Anantha Kumar Dommety runs Trans-Domain Solutions since July 2002 ( Siva Rama Vadlamani Mallick (Mallick VS) heads Intense Technologies since August 2009 ( Rajasekhar directs Kotagiri Nano Natrium Hydrogen Power (NNHP) since March 2013 and Madusudanarao Kothapalli directs Leiutis and other leading pharmaceutical companies, as we have already said ( Three of these companies are present in both India and the United States. 

Chari's “Kanha Shanti Vanam” Project:

November 2010: “On arrival at the Hyderabad International Airport on the 11th morning, Master proceeded to the site of Kanha Shanti Vanam project, about 20 km. away. He appeared tired but cheerful as he walked into the small but beautiful cottage built under and around a tree.” (Echoes of India, January 2011) 

August 2011: “On arrival Master proceeded to Gachibowli to carry out the registration formalities for the Kanha Shanti Vanam project. (…) On 19th August, after morning satsangh, Master met the Kanha project team and reviewed the  documentation. (…) On 20th August after breakfast, Master left for Kanha Shanti Vanam. The land has been cleared, fenced and papaya, maize and paddy have been planted. A small cottage has been built around a tree. Master sat outside and reviewed a sketch of the land. Master conducted the first satsangh at the site and also permitted the holding of regular Sunday satsangh henceforth. He went around the property and appreciated the way it was being maintained. He then returned to Br. Madhu Kothapalli's residence for lunch and rest.” (Echoes of India, November 2011) 

June-July 2012: "He had planned to visit Hyderabad as the Kanha project was going very well and he wanted to do the registration work himself. (…) As he could not go to Hyderabad, he had invited the volunteers of the Kanha project to Gayatri on June 6th and had a long meeting with them and then gave them all gifts and congratulated them for making this project successful.” (Echoes Oceania, July 2012) 

June-July 2013: “Master has been taking a keen interest in the land records relating to the Brahmand and Kanha projects as a result of which a new energy seems to have come into this effort. (…) A large scale model of Kanha Shanti Vanam was brought by the Hyderabad team and Master looked at it in great detail. He was impressed with the model and proudly called many abhyasis to see it and explained the various features to them.” (Echoes of India, September 2013)

So here we are plunged into the heart of one of Chari's colonial project of enclaves and living spaces. It seems that the first of them (projects)  relates to Hyderabad and the surrounding areas in Andhra Pradesh, to the point that the Babuji of Whispers announced that SRCM will be headquartered in Hyderabad in the future.

Whispers of a Babuji dated September 9, 2014 at 10: o'clock "(...) This Mecca in the Making of the future Mission (in Hyderabad) will have a special place, it will become the flagship, the drawing point of this mission in perfect connection with all other centers of the mission in this world. (...) "

SRCM has transformed itself into a  land and real estate agencyThe principle is simple: Real Estate Committees seek out real estate bargains and the legal and fiscal arrangements best suited. Then they create private companies who buy the land and then sell parcels of the colony to Abhyasis to cover the land acquisition, construction of an ashram, a cottage for the master or potential profits.

Under the code name "Kanha Shanti Vanam" in Hyderabad, no less than four so-called "charitable" organizations were set up to manage the project of living space, with 12 directors, including many investors and entrepreneurs ...


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