Sunday, November 16, 2014

Sahaj Marg: Everthing is Predicted but Nothing Goes as Planned!

Translation of an article by Élodie, "Sahaj Marg: Tout est Prévu, Mais Rien ne se Passe Comme Prévu",  on her blog in Europe: Pour Que Vive Le Sahaj Marg.

Nov. 16, 2014

Sahaj Marg: Everything is Predicted, but Nothing Goes as Planned

Last weekend, it's all we talked about at my home, the last whispers of Babuji, the bright future of the Mission and its future power. Here is some later research, where they are at,  in actuality:

After Chari's failed attempt, in his speech to the world of October 26th, to reassure his flock about the future of the mission, which ended in confusion (re: the recent Whisper (allegedly by Babuji) regarding the stated:  "fourth and final master"?), Babuji immediately took the floor. The Whispers of Babuji,  (allegedly from the Brighter World? or, as alleged by the "Anonymous French Lady Medium"), dead and buried for more than 30 years, manipulates the carrot and the stick in his messages of Oct. 29th and Oct. 30th, 2014 from the "Brighter World".

First the carrot of October 29th: "Do not concern yourself about these reactions concerning the future of the Mission; everything is predicted for her own good and that of all our faithful abhyasis in the world. Its major expansion will require a more structured implementation with senior officials in its different parts. (...) A high Hierarchy will ensure the cohesion of this essential structure for the proper functioning of the unprecedented spiritual empire it will become. It is not easy now to imagine what will be the future, but with regard to this wonderful path of Sahaj Marg, everything is for the best; we will make especially sure. Its power will be unprecedented: adapted to a new era,  and amazing in its effects. (...) "

Keep your confidence, your future and the future of the Mission are insured. Tomorrow, Sahaj Marg will be a spiritual empire, expanding to an astonishing and unprecedented power. A high Hierarchy  stands guard, cohesion will be provided by senior officials.

Implicitly, as in a mirror, it perfectly reveals the general feeling prevailing in the Mission: a lack of confidence and the egotistical fear of being abandoned, due to a deep fear for the future of the Mission, in its structure and it operation, a lack of cohesion causing its decay or its breakdown.

Then the stick October 30th: "Our very great son, Parthasarathi, a Master to all of you, has also greatly suffered in assuming the succession and the leadership of this great and beautiful Mission Sahaj Marg.  How can the fervent abhyasis, faithful Master in place, can not respect what has been long predicted and decreed by the higher authorities to ensure the succession when the time is right.  It is sad, after so many years, to come again to such adverse positions with respect to that. This aspect is serious and unsavory; let us hope that years of spiritual practices has brought a spirit of abandonment and especially of respect for our decisions by our real enthusiastic abhyasis.  The resistance in some abhyasis denotes a sad ego on a spiritual path suitable to bring them to the highest of their quest, which is not commonTo not grab this opportunity in life is unfortunate for the person and damaging for the whole Mission. (...) "

Some abhyasis, not fervent enough or loyal enthusiasts of the Master because of their ego, do not respect the decisions related to the succession (of the Mission?) taken by the higher authorities. It's sad, serious and unsavory, unfortunate for themselves and damaging to the Mission. In short, if all is not well, it is the fault of those bad abhyasis, as opposed to our true enthusiastic abhyasis.

Everything is planned (predicted?), we will make sure; but resistance and lack of respect for the decisions, is detrimental to the Mission. Everything is predicted, but nothing goes as planned.

In short, we must listen to the higher authorities, respect the officials and follow the decisions of the high hierarchy that will ensure the cohesion of the structure and its operation. Otherwise there will have to a "house-cleaning", to separate the real abhyasis from the bad

Welcome to spiritual dictatorship.



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