Thursday, November 13, 2014

Sahaj Marg(tm) Exploits Fear!

Translation of an article by Elodie: "Le Sahaj Marg Exploite Les Peurs", on her blog in Europe: Pour Que Vive Le Sahaj Marg.

Nov. 11, 2014

Sahaj Marg Exploits Fear
When Chari is critical of (other?) religions, which happens often with him, there is no going with the back of the spoon, it's all bad. With the rise in the media  of religious extremism and  fanaticism, it's a bit too simplistic and facile.  Hindus, Muslims, Jews, Christians, etc. are for the most part, people with eminently respectable beliefs.

When Babuji, long dead and buried for more than 30 years now, in his (or the "Anonymous Medium's") Whispers, is critical of the current world, he (she?) does not also go at it with the back of the spoon. Everything is bad, humanity is doomed, disaster is inevitable. In these times of economic anxiety, especially of financial and existential crisis, it's a bit too simplistic and facile. Pouring oil on the fire comes from a rather irresponsible and childish attitude.

These Prophets of the Apocalypse cultivate worries, fears and anxiety. They exploit our (people's) fear, this emotions generated so often by imaginary threats, to better enslave us (them?). Babuji and Chari throw oil on the fire so as to claim that there is no salvation outside of Sahaj Marg.

When prophets thrive, humanity sinks to its basest instincts; emanating from the most vile ideologies and the most detestable political regimes. 




Anonymous said...

hi, will you explain me this prefect job? what they were doing when they gave sitting? how it worked? is it really transmission ? sometime we felt calm and peaceful also. how was that?

4d-Don said...

Hi Saket...

Sometimes, When I pray in a "catholic" church, (Holy Roman Catholic Church, i.e. The Vatican), I feel calm and peaceful...

Sometimes when I meditate (or pray) with a Muslim, I feel calm and peaceful ... Sometimes when I pray with a "shahman" (native) I feel calm and peaceful ... etc...

Is it not possible that the calm and peacefulness comes from me (from inside) and not from the "different" methods I use to access the "peace and calmness"?

But Michael was a preceptor of Sahaj Marg, so I will let him tell you his explanation of what goes on with the Sahaj Marg "transmission" and the feelings one gets while meditating in general ...

Thanks for the comment ...

P.S. (You will have to wait until Michael reads your comment and replies)


Michael said...


Two or more people focusing their thoughts on the same thing give that thing power. Two individuals meditating on light, calmness, etc, in the heart, creates resonance that can be experienced between those sharing that thought.

The prefect at least attempts to impose their will force to reinforce the thought. They may try to experience the other persons areas of resistance and focus their will force to create a more resonant feeling in its place. This might be referred to as "cleaning".

Some are more sensitive and skilled than others. There is little actual training required other than for a prefect to get at least three sittings from a guru.

One can experience calmness around anyone who is projecting calmness, just as one can feel disturbance around another person who is projecting disturbed thoughts.

Conversely, anyone can bring about a calm feeling in the heart and project it to those around them. Its not a difficult skill to develop. This, however is simply the mechanics of how we function as spirit beings. Trained gurus use this technique to attract disciples. True spirituality, however, is quite another thing...

I would say that it's far more important how one behaves when one is not meditating, than what one experiences during meditation or around a guru. I'll leave it at that.

With all that said, this will likely be my last post on SRCM. I am pretty much done commenting on the subject. My last post pretty much sums up my current thinking and the InnerCircleOfSRCM blog represents years of documenting my experiences and analysis on the subject. In the future, please refer to those resources.

In the larger scheme of things, I will point out that SRCM is a minor and insignificant organization when compared to other religions and spiritual groups. I prefer to focus on the bigger picture, of which SRCM plays a very insignificant role.

I suggest that those who do not benefit from the system simply move on.


Anonymous said...

thank you dear michael and don. i was going through website. it is also very useful forum as yours. anyway thank you again for the time you spent to answer.