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Sahaj Marg is Responsible for the Apocalypse it Announces

Translation of an article by Elodie: "Le Sahaj Marg Responsable de l'Apocalypse Qu'il Annonce",  on her blog in Europe: Pour Que Vive Le Sahaj Marg.

October 27, 2014
Sahaj Marg, Responsible for the Apocalypse it Announces

The Whispers of Babuji keep repeating that mankind will soon hit the wall and is headed for disaster. The Whispers do not give in half measures, but the Whispers never explain what is going wrong. One thing is certain: everything is (allegedly) rotten, salvation will come after the disaster, thanks to Sahaj Marg and only its abhyasis will be saved.

But when we see, as is shown by the latest comments from Anonymous, to what extent some responsible for the SRCM are involved in today's society, it raises questions about what may distinguish them from the ordinary mortals.

The bosses of Sahaj Marg are fully invested into the sphere of modern capitalism in all its components: individualism and frantic competition, the race to profit, short-term vision, etc.

In the new technologies (Madhava Reddy, Shiv Kaushik, Sanjay Sehgal ...), in the pharmaceuticals industry (Madhu Kothapalli, Kamlesh Patel, ...), in textile manufacturing (Ajay Kumar Bhatter, Chari...), even to the most savage capitalism (the kleptocratic Ilya Kazmaly), etc. 
How is their behavior different from the rest of humanity? This humanity which runs headlong towards its doom?

They seem perfectly integrated in this world which Babuji (in his "whispers", as channeled by the Anonymous French Lady Medium?) criticizes so, and perhaps even a little more than the average. In any case, Chari's example shows that he took full advantage of the system he claims to abhor, for the benefit of the SRCM.




4d-Don said...

Michael said...

My role as a preceptor was removed as unexpectedly as it was bestowed upon my by Mr. P. Rajagopalachari in 1990.

After a flurry of letters where Mr. PR could not offer a consistent reason for the removal, he finally settled upon the notion that I was, "disobedient in matters of the Mission" AND, if I remained quiet for 6 months, he would restore my position. This, I suspect was due to my refusal to collude with two senior US preceptors objective to have the preceptor in charge of my center discredited and/or removed. It was the reason I was unexpectedly made a Preceptor, and the reason why I was also unexpectedly removed.

With the cat out of the bag as to the intention of my hasty promotion and subsequent demotion, it left me with two key facts to consider as a self thinking, spiritual person:

1. PR's assumption that I would be lured into submission with the promise of having my position restored clearly demonstrated how out of touch he was with the person I was then and am now. His willingness to use his authority at the behest of those who he was indebted to for establishing his authority in the US was even more disconcerting . Therefore, I had to conclude in my heart that he could not be trusted to provide any sort of guidance to me, spiritual or otherwise.

2. Mr. PR had added new and (to me) very disturbing spiritual objective to SRCM, placing at the highest priority - Obedience to the Mission.

These two facts compelled me to run, not walk away from SRCM after more than 10 years of practice - and never look back. My Spiritual Journey truly began at that instant as it forced me to trust and rely on my own heart to make decisions on my spiritual Journey.

I am eternally grateful for the lessons learned in my decade of involvement in SRCM, but even more grateful for the unintended push that thrust me into the most amazing Journey that continues to this day!


Friday, October 24, 2014 10:05:00 am

4d-Don said...

4d-Don said...

Hi Michael...

Thanks for that interesting perspective ...


Michael is an ex-preceptor of Sahaj Marg and SRCM (the Chari faction which was later re-registered with the same names in San Luis Obispo, California in 1997) ... Michael was also on the "Publishing Committee" and has edited some of Chari's speeches for Publication ...

For Michael's full story and perceptions on Sahaj Marg, Chari and the SRCM, see his site.
(see the earlier articles for a historical perspective):

The Inner Circle of SRCM


Saturday, October 25, 2014 9:02:00 am

Anonymous said...

Hi Don and Michael!

See that is what I like about you Michael, you never lost touch with the truth. Unfortunately Mr. PR's little game of having a preceptor sit it out is a pattern that is ingrained in him and he repeats it whenever it benefits him. (What happened to having your samskaras (patterns) removed?)

I think, you, me and Don should give that old man a sitting!

You are very fortunate.

I have seen others who have become so attached to their "position" they cannot possibly leave. So they sit it out till the politics die down.

IMO being a preceptor is the kiss of death to finding truth and being who you are.

Enjoy your life!

-- Free Bitch Baby

4d-Don said...

Hi Free Bitch Baby and all...

Stay tuned here for one more "exposé" (article) from Michael in the very near future.

Thanks for the comment...


4d-Don said...

Hi all ...

This is from Chari's Oct. 26th, speech where he addresses the "fourth and last (or 'latest') Master" controversy..

Here is that section of Chari's speech:

"Finally, I have to say, there has been un-necessary speculation in recent times about a few messages that have come from above concerning the fourth Master.

In French, the “dernier” the word “dernier”, does not only mean the “last”, it means the “latest” also .. I have been assured of this by people who know. So the correct translation is: “The fourth and latest Master will appear”, and he has appeared... even in my lifetime. For which we should be grateful and stop all speculations and have no fear for the future, because many of his Whispers messages talk of this Sahaj Marg going into the future for a long period of time.

Beyond historical time perhaps it might change, it will change, he has said ... It’s from a tradition, at some stage it will change. What will be the change, we don’t know. We need not know. Why should we know? How do we know what the human being of the future will be. Human beings may even change its form.

After all, if you look at physical evolution..."

For the word "dernier" to mean "latest" or the "most recent", it can't be preceeded by the qualifying number: "the fourth" as in: "The fourth and last"... To mean the "fourth and latest", we would then translate: "le quatrième et le plus récent" or simply: "le plus récent".

or the "most recent"

Does Babuji speak to the Medium in French or in English??

Did Babuji (or the Medium) REALLY say:

The "fourth and last" (in English) or did he say: "le dernier" or "le quatrième et dernier" (in French).

The Anonymous French Lady Medium is French. Babuji spoke English ... not French!

Someone is "stretching" the truth... but that is "par for the course" in Religion and Spiritualism who want to be "spirituality" and still : LIE

Don ...

Anonymous said...

hi don
what about quatum physcis theories? i was reading some books, just wanted to know your opinion.

4d-Don said...

Hi Anonymous...

What about it?

The Quantum theory is used to define the physical world at the molecular, atomic and sub-atomic level.. the "micro" or "nanoscopic" (nano=billionth of a meter) reality. They call that the Planck scale for Max Planck.

At the macro level, the level of Human action and interaction, it is still Einstein's theory of Relativity (general and special) which dominates...

Some "spiritualists" try to use the Quantum theory to claim that the "spirit" (heaven, hell, etc...) world actually exists ... Much like many charlatans did with the mathematical discovery of the fourth, fifth, sixth,n..., etc... ets. dimensions by Gauss, Riemann et al ... in the 1850's.

Read about the many debates and court cases all over Europe as they (the "spiritualists) tried to claim that Spirits, Heaven or Hell all existed in reality but in a "fourth" dimension of Space (not counting "TIME" as the fourth dimension as Minkowski (a professor of Einstein) et al were doing in the early 1900's

But the "uncertainty priciple" of Quantum Mechanics (Heisenberg)
which claims that at the quantum scale, one can't define the position of a particle as well as its speed accurately, is the only possible approach because the scale is smaller than the particle being analyzed ... If one (its position) is accurate then the other (its speed) is not. Think about it.

So the Quantum physicist, when dealing with particles, studies it as a wave rather than as a "point particle" ... Waves (or energy) don't have clearly defined "edges" or "borders" as particles do ... Energy means in "MOTION". And many of these paricles move at near light-speed.

But it (the Quantum theory) does not prove that sprits or the wild claims of "spiritualists" have any credibility in science ... It can be a gentle prod that it's time for the spiritualist "neophytes" to start reading and trying to understanding statistics, chance, percentages, uncertainty, energy, motion, etc.., and not make "dogmatic" spiritualist claims using the quantum theory as their Proof.

Quantum theory does not support or prove Spiritualism but it does not stop anyone from BEING Spiritual or of practicing "Spirituality". (look at Patanjali's Raja Yoga ... The "Eighfold path" ... anyone can adhere to that and not be a "spiritualist")

Quantum means dealing with all (matter, energy, etc...) as waves and hence IN MOTION and always changing ...i.e. in flux.

Much like some modern thinking PEOPLE who constantly change their mind as new information reaches their senses and their BRAIN ... Others, (faith-based) adherents to religious beliefs and who don't like or want CHANGE, try and rationalize the NEW by making the OLD a dogma and a "conjecture" which has to be believed on FAITH alone. (because the Master said so ... Don't think about it, just "obey")

Good for you to read such material... Keep on reading and don't take anything on FAITH alone ... Use the Brain to check theories and only use faith when the Brain has no other "theory" or possibility ...

If you're interested in that theoretical stuff, you might want to check David Bohm's, a protegé of Einstein, and the Holographic Universe theory and its: "hidden variables" (Book Title: Wholeness and Implicate/Explicate order)

And/or what some pseudo-"spiritualists" have done (or tried to do) with that un-proven "THEORY" ... (see The Holographic Universe, by Michael Talbot)

Also research: John Bell's Inequality theorem ...and the more recent work of Frenchman, Alain Aspect.


4d-Don said...





Anonymous said...

Hi don thanks for wonderful explanations. After disappointed by srcm Iam just exploring things. Some time I doubt whether something like spiritual journey is there? And how to go with this if its real.
- saket

4d-Don said...

Hi Saket...

Life is a "Journey" ... in other words, everything is in MOTION, constantly changing and nothing is at rest.

Whether "spirituality" defines that journey properly depends on which "spiritual" philosophy one is testing at the time ...

But "Spiritualism" (the "spirit" world) is a SCAM (with Mediums, messages from the dead, etc...

That, of course, is not necessarily "spirituality" ...


May you enjoy "Spaceship" Earth until we find other safe "havens" ... not "heavens"!

lol lol

Don ...