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Whispers (From the Brighter World) Has Proliferated in Everyone's Mind

Taken and translated from an article by Élodie: "Whispers a proliféré dans tous les esprits", on her blog in Europe: Pour Que Vive Le Sahaj Marg.

Comments and inserts for clarification by 4d-don are in "red italics"

December 3, 2013  

Whispers Has Proliferated in Everone's Mind
From now on, during the satsanghs (meditations), the abhyasis (disciples) "absorb a whisper".

Born from out of the blue in 2005, "Whispers from the Brighter World" has become the new Bible of the Mission, relegating to oblivion all the old values ​​of Sahaj Marg.

How did this happen and why?

Everyone knows today what Whispers is, no one can ignore it any longer. Yet it was nothing at its beginning.  Chari has cleverly maintained the mystery around its output to better arouse the curiosity of the potential customers.  Everything was kept secret, except for one thing: the price to pay.  Because those who did not quickly acquire it (the gift) at this price, would never get it at that price again.  250 euros, that was the price of  one's curiosity, the price of Chari's "gift".

Whispers is primarily the first commercial campaign of the SMSF, orchestrated masterfully by Chari and his advisers with the ulterior motive of financing the launch of the future school of the children of his followers (LMOIS or Omega School)This perfectly executed commercial operation pushes Chari to renew his feat two years later.  His appetite has become insatiable, so he requests from his followers, $1,200 for his new gift and the opportunity to attend his birthday celebration. This is one step too far that requires him to backtrack in the face of the "pot-shots" of a few bad apples.

Whispers, it is ultimately nothing more than a beautiful and very expensive book which Chari's trusting clients have acquired. That's what everyone ends up learning the hard way.  But Chari does not care, according to him, this book has no price, this is the new Bible/Veda etc. of Sahaj Marg. Having extended indefinitely the period of sale, he then prohibits his customers to group together to buy it, he forbids his followers to read excerpts in public during satsanghs (group meditation sessions) and prohibits any person its partial reproduction.  The effect of curiosity peaks.  Whispers is thus the remarkable marketing of a fundraising campaign, but it is also a subtle alchemy to create the maximum effect of curiosity.

Whispers is also an energetic and highly effective propaganda campaign.  They send a daily e-mail, "A Whisper a Day" for the followers to meditate on for the rest of the day.  Exit the financial aspect, exit the blackout.  Posts succeed posts, always repeating the same ideas.  And repetition is the basis of education, everyone knows that.  The followers then find themselves at satsangh for their "Absorb a Whisper", as they say. The constant pounding wins over the minds of  the most hermetic consciences.  Propaganda eventually overcomes any resistance. The impregnation (of the disciples) is complete. Whispers has proliferated in our (their?) minds.

Whispers, is (allegedly) what will emerge gradually as the new Creed of Chari's followers. Whispers is a new religion.  Even though everyone now knows, it may be useful to recall its salient points.  Humanity is bad and going to ruin, the Apocalypse is imminent.  All the followers of Sahaj Marg will not be saved, but the best of them will be.  The children of Sahaj Marg, brought up according to its values, are the elite who will dominate this new spiritual world to come.  Babuji and all the Great saints of all times ensure this from the "Brighter World".  Thus, the followers understand that they are out to conquer the world, a world filled with "beings" not quite worthy of the adjective: "human" beings.

Whispers 2005, is a new ideology, an incredible hocus-pocus, a great recycling of Indian spirituality and the spiritualism from a global New Age.  A so-called French medium allegedly receives daily messages dictated by Babuji from the "Brighter World" where he allegedly took refuge since his death in 1983.  A very clever maneuver: the messages come directly from the founder of Sahaj Marg, Chari allegedly can't manipulate them since he is neither the author nor the editor.  No one can oppose him, to doubt would put everything in question.

But who is this medium whose anonymity is so carefully preserved? Does she even exist? Who is writing in great secrecy a new constitution for the Mission cut in her own measure?  To question is to answer: again, Chari, supported by his advisers are at the controls. Whispers?  It is the ideology of Chari alone, the Bible of a new religion that is being created from scratch, and which seizes the Mission and conquers the minds of its new and former followers.

Of course, not everything is completely new in Whispers. But this is a complete reversal of its past tendencies: Whispers has become the new grid for reading and interpreting the works of Babuji and all other texts of the Mission and not the reverse.  If there are misunderstandings, everything is planned, Babuji regularly repeats: you are not ready to know everything, the time has not yet come, you can not understand everything, you're too limited.  The margin of maneuverability for Chari and his successors is phenomenal.

Whispers is "doing a clean sweep of the past".  Whispers is a religion that can permanently change at will, be rewritten daily to adapt to the needs of the moment, without fear of blunders and misunderstandings.  And when there are no more Whispers, new ones comes. "A second revelation", Volume Two of Whispers comes to renew when the stock is down, then comes Volume Three to hammer in again the same psalms (antiphons?), and so on.



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4d-Don said...

Comment from Alexis on Elodie's blog in Europe:


Alexis said ...

The esoteric symbol of whispers

"Whispers proliferates in the mind. Whispers, a religion that can permanently change at will, rewritten daily to adapt to the needs of the moment "?

You could not be so right!

Whispers is already replacing the Sahaj Marg of yesteryear, tomorrow a new esoteric symbol will replace the emblems of SRCM and SMSF ...

Change is now underway. Santosh Khanjee of the SMSF in the USA have already been selling this new symbol for 6 months.

It is a star in the middle of a heart, supposed to represent the "divine light in the heart", sold as a brooch or pendant, with a whopping $ 108.25 dollars, shipping not included ...

And where did it come from? I'll give it to you in miles (humour?) ...

Whispers of course! The symbol appeared from Volume 2 of the Machiavellian works (Whispers?)of the medium, on page 458 of "A second revelation."

As expected, the SMSF reiterates its proven sales techniques: in July we are told "A very limited quantity of the pendants are available", but in November it is back: "We-have received a new shipment of the Esoteric Symbol pendants and brooches. "

Why change the mind control methods and business practices that have already succeeded in wonder?

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