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A New Sahaj Marg, A New Emblem?

Taken and translated from an article by Elodie (from a comment by Alexis) : "Un Nouveau Sahaj Marg, Nouvel Emblème?" on her blog in Europe: Pour Que Vive Le Sahaj Marg.

December 8, 2013  

A New Sahaj Marg, A New Emblem?
First, a re-founding of Sahaj Marg in the spiritualist fashion of the medium (Anonymous French Lady Medium... (AFLM)) of Whispers.  There is now a re-dressing of the website of the Mission in a New Age look.  Then today, creating a new emblem?  But what will be left of the  Sahaj Marg of Babuji (1945) tomorrow?

Alexis' (translation)  comment ...

The esoteric symbol of whispers

"Whispers proliferates in the mind. Whispers, a religion that can permanently change at will, rewritten daily to adapt to the needs of the moment "?

You could not be more right!

Whispers is already replacing the Sahaj Marg of yesteryears, tomorrow a new esoteric symbol will replace the emblems of SRCM and SMSF ...

Change is now underway. Santosh Khanjee of the SMSF in the USA has already been selling this new symbol for 6 months.

It is a star in the middle of a heart, supposedly to represent the "divine light in the heart", sold as a brooch or a pendant, with a whopping price of $108.25 dollars, shipping not included ...

And where does all this come from? I'll give you a "miles" ... From Whispers of course! The symbol appeared in Volume 2 of the Machiavellian works of the medium, on page 458 of  "A second revelation".

As expected, the SMSF reiterates its proven sales techniques: in July we are told: "A very limited quantity of the pendants are available", but in November it is back to: "We-have received a new shipment of the Esoteric Symbol pendants and brooches".

Why change the mind control methods and the business practices that have already succeeded in wonder?


4d-Don's Comment: 

First, Sahaj Marg claimed that the "light" was supposed to be a "flame" or a "fire" ... My Ex-preceptor and physician of Babuji (Don S.)  stated to me, that Babuji said to him: (paraphrase) "...think of "light" as opposed to "heavy" (so a question of "weight" i.e. "light-headed")".  

Then the alleged "fantasy" Light was said to be the IMAGINED "divine light" (a metaphor?? not REAL??)  and it is now a real "star" (which is in reality, a thermo-nuclear furnace).  This star is claimed to represent (imagination?) the imagined "divine light" which they claim is REALLY in the heart (the  pump for blood) ...  There is no scientific evidence (or proof)  of any light in the heart  ...  just a lowly sound (a thump) !!   
Coming from  the brain, on the other hand,  is an "electromagnetic" frequency which can be recorded and which has a specific "frequency"!!  It is not a sound, but I am sure that if there is a sound emanating from the brain, it is a "hum" (of the MOTION of electrons?), but certainly not the lowly "thump" of a material PUMP!!  There is no "thump" coming from the brain of most people.... However, the religious make all kinds of unsubstantiated claims about "the divine" and/or about the "light" (the imagined Nature of the DIVINE,  but ... ???  they invent stories to sell  Spiritualism and "matter" (jewelery made of shiny metal) !!   

Ah the Spiritualist Businessmen of Sahaj Marg !!  They sell shiny "MATTER" and dark and "densing" SPIRITUALISM!!  

According the Enstein's E=mc2, Energy and Matter are "equivalent" (the same? or having the equi=same  and valent =value) ...  Science is more accurate and wiser than Sahaj Marg's Spiritualism !!  But Sahaj Marg's Spiritualism makes more money for the top of their Religious Pyramid (or their Inner Circle)  to use and manipulate at their "discretion", so as to milk the "cash cow".


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