Sunday, December 15, 2013

Sahaj Marg 2014 Celebrations

Taken and translated from an article by Élodie: "Les Célébrations 2014 du Sahaj Marg", on her blog in Europe: Pour Que Vive Le Sahaj Marg

4d-Don's Comments: Ka-ching, Ka-ching (the sound of MONEY) ...  When there's a party at SRCM (Sahaj Marg), it's to sell iconography and material STUFF  (real estate, gasoline (travel, spiritual tourism), books, jewelry, trinkets, photos, food, shelter,  etc... etc... , and to hand out "titles" (positions)  in exchange.

Sahaj Marg is not a "natural path", it is not a "Raja Yoga",  but it is SPIRITUALISM (medium's messages from the spirits of the dead), sold under the name of  "SPIRIT-uality" !!  Their "Whispers" is written by an anonymous French Lady Medium (AFLM).  

The "carbon footprint" on the environment  gets larger at the SRCM,  as the spirituality at Sahaj Marg becomes more "SPIRITUALISM" ... all to find a GOD which is EVERYTHING, EVERYWHERE, and EVERYWHEN (the E-Trinity) !! 

December 14, 2013

Sahaj Marg 2014 Celebrations

Kamlesh Patel informs us in a circular published in SRCM Sahaj Sandesh of December 1st,  that Abhyasis of the world can go to three international celebrations in 2014:

-  Lalaji's Anniversary at Tiruppur, from February 1st-4th  
-  Babuji's Anniversary at Tiruppur, from April 29th to May 1st  
-  The Anniversary of Chari's new Ashram at Tiruvallur (46 km from Chennai), July 23rd to 25th

Chari has agreed to give his permission, and according to the tone of Patel, all must rejoice:
“Rev. Master has kindly consented (…).We are indeed fortunate that Rev. Master has been very kind to us to let us host 3 International Celebrations in a Single Year.”

The SRCM revives an abandoned tradition. Chari had limited in recent years the number of international celebrations to one, his birthday.  But Chari is still alive, everything continues to happen near Chennai. There is no question of moving away from the guru and organize anything abroad, as was the case until 2005 (France, Denmark, etc..).

The warning of Patel at the end of this invitation is interesting and revealing, not so much by what he said as in what is implied in these few sentences. He invites the Abhyasis to take in consideration their professional, financial and family life and their holiday situation, before deciding to participate in these events. 

“It is but natural for all abhyasis to have an inner desire to attend all the birthday celebrations and be in the presence of our Beloved Master. While such a desire or longing is natural, abhyasis must also take into consideration several factors like Holidays & also their Professional, Financial and Family situations before deciding on their participation.” 

As I understand it, some Abhyasis are in such idolatry they would do anything to be in the presence of the Master, even jeopardizing or sacrificing their professional, financial and family life.

Patel also reminds the supervisory staff of the organization that the final decision whether or not to attend the celebrations should be left to the Abhyasis as the last resort.

“The Prefects or Functionaries of the Mission must not put any pressure on abhyasis' participation and must allow it to be a natural "Heart Based Call" from the abhyasis' side. There should be a sense of joy when abhyasis come forward on their own accord and attend the celebrations, the final choice being left to the abhyasis.”

As I understand it: some executives are too zealous to ingratiate themselves to the Master by putting pressure on the abhyasis, so much so, that they (the "disciples") find no joy in participating in these events against their will.

The public who attends these celebrations, is it composed of people who are forced to participate, and of fanatical idolaters?

This double recommendation sounds like a warning to the Abhyasis, the preceptors,  and the staff of the Mission, an exhortation to use a little more restraint, symptomatic of the excesses observed for several years at the Mission.




Anonymous said...

IMO - they say one thing and do another. Nothing has changed with this group. So many games - so much BS!

People with a "position" use the latest message in whatever fashion will help them win their own little private political game, not caring at all who they might hurt in the process.

It's every man for himself on this "narrow path." I say BS. I prefer to help my fellow man.

It starts at the top and trickles down. This group is good at playing following the leader.

It takes honesty, integrity and courage to leave. What kind of person stays trapped when they know in their heart it's BS? How do they keep lying to themselves?

Happy that the blinders have been removed!

--- The Oracle

4d-Don said...

Thanks for the comment, Oracle...

Have a good Christmas (Winter solstace or the Holiday) season and a very Happy New Year, to one and all ... We are all already blessed and are truly inside the Universal ONE-ness ... without religion to divide us.

This wish to Oracle, and to all the readers ...

Or as Jean-Luc Picard, the captain of the fantasy Starship Enterprise, in the Sci-fi Star Trek by Gene Roddenberry, would say: "Make it so!!"


Anonymous said...

Thanks, Don!

Same to you!

I am in total agreement with you on this wish!


"Make it so!"

- Oracle

Anonymous said...

Brother Don,

I have been practicing sahaj marg since 1990, it worked for me, it mayn't have worked for you. Why don't we leave like that, instaed of wasting each others time on it. At the end ...Divine master is one in every one's heart...make it simple brother...Love all.. Max

4d-Don said...

Hi Max...

With Divine Love in "my whole Being", I will continue to raise a red flag whenever "spiritualism" is promoted and sold as "spirituality" ... Sahaj Marg promotes it's spiritualist PRODUCT through messages from: Babuji (died 1983), Lalaji (died 1931), Chari's wife and Chari's mother (both dead for years), and some un-named "beings of light" and other un-named "elevated souls"... Sounds like a SCAM to me ... I would seek the names of the "anonymous medium" and the un-named "spirits" which are being transmitted to your un-aware consciousness... Let us know what you find...

One (the former) is a SCAM and one (the latter) could be REAL and be a different and NEW level of "consciousness" ... There is no guarantee YET. (Spiritualists use messages from the "spirits of the dead" (or is that from the "un-dead"?) to entice and ensnare the gullible and the un-spiritual followers of "IDOLS")

I was a Roman Catholic once, and if no one was now warning about the materialist corruption at the Vatican, I would be doing that also ... But I am not needed there...

At Sahaj Marg, we, the bloggers who Chari calls: "the enemies of Spirituality" ... (while in reality, we oppose SPIRITUALISM), are the ones who have been negatively impacted by this cult of a PERSON ... Sahaj Marg is not SPIRITUALITY but is very MATERIALIST and SPIRITUALIST ... just like a RELIGION or a "cult"

Sahaj Marg is a SPIRITUALIST SCAM (see their own Constitution and Bye-Laws where they claim to adhere to "standards of spiritualism") and it is trying to grow in my World ... As a good and responsible citizen, I will warn my fellow spiritual brothers and sisters, about theses very Materialist "businessmen" who would sell them their materialist and spiritualist product: Sahaj Marg = Easy Path, according to Babuji ... It is not "Natural" at all)

The new Sahaj Marg GURU is a "pharmacist" and an importer of Pharmaceuticals from New York (Staten Island) ... that should give you access to a supply of "anti-psychotics" if you need to start seeing and feeling REALITY as it truly is!!

Will your new guru recommend meditation rather than a "PILL"?? Which one makes more money for the businessmen?? That is what will be promoted ...

Go on your way and don't waste your time here...

I don't waste my time, I am a messenger, a journalist ... believe me or not ...

Many catholics are also still catholics even though many claim that the Vatican is a Materialist and corrupt trap and not very "DIVINE" or Spiritual ...

Jesus or Ram Chandra or Chari are not "ONE", the ONE-ness (what some call GOD) or any more DIVINE than you or me ... they are temporal and will die just like you and me ... and Babuji does not now spend his time in the "central region" or the Sahaj Marg "Brighter World", sending messages to the "Anonymous French Lady Medium" on a daily basis ... it is a SCAM to make MONEY!!

Go in Peace to your materialist trap which you claim satisfies you so much ...

Why are you HERE?? Go to the Businessmen and, like them, claim to be Divine ...

Don ...