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The Real Estate Investments of SRCM (or SMSF?)

Taken and translated from an article by Alexis: "Les Investissements Fonciers de la SRCM", on Élodie's blog in Europe: Pour Que Vive Le Sahaj Marg

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November 22, 2013  

The Real Estate Investments of  SRCM (or SMSF?)

The colonies, the enclaves and living spaces of Sahaj Marg (Or ....  how Chari manages the properties of the SRCM?)

After the new meditation center acquired in Canada, Singapore and Qatar this year, on Sept. 1, 2013, Chari opened the first of ashram in (Greater) Russia, located in Minsk (Belarus). The buying frenzy at the SRCM will thus never end ...

After the ashrams and meditation centers, retreat or training centers (CREST), the Omega school (LMOIS) after the properties,  Chari targets the land.  Everyone knows, Chari said, SRCM is richer in land than in buildings or the financial means to build: "I do not want more and more land holdings without money to build ashrams." (Speech the ZIC 10 January 2009). The Mission has so much land that Chari no longer knows how much it has exactly: In India, an investigation is underway so as to identify (make a list?) !

So what to do?  What to do with this overflow of property? And how to make it profitable?

Never mind (hold on?), Chari has found the solution.  All one has to do is create living spaces, enclaves or colonies of Sahaj Marg, as he calls them. An idea he develops fully in Echoes of India in November 2013 (see excerpts below).

SRCM has transformed itself into a real estate and property development agency. The idea is not new, and I was already reporting on it January, 2009 in: "A small Enterprise Which does not Feel the (financial?) Crisis".

The principle is simple: the Mission looks for bargains, buying land (when it has not been donated for free) and then sells plots at the colony to its Abhyasis to cover the acquisition of land, the construction of an ashram, a cottage for the master or for potential profits.

Santosh Khanjee and PR Krishna unearth bargains, helped by Committees of local real estate projects. In each country, specialist lawyers, architects and real estate professionals reflect on the legal and fiscal arrangements best suited.  Then they implement these purchase and resale projects, under the guise of private companies with the official goal of creating "living spaces" for Abhyasis ...
Little spiritual organization or large property and real estate investment business?

A Model to Follow:  The "Hosur Abhyasi Colony" or the "Pragati Enclave", widely quoted in Echoes of India in November.  The search for land began there in 1995 but in 2010 the Mission has acquired nearly 6 acres in the small village of Avalapalli, near Hosur (Krishnagiri district, Tamil Nadu) .  Two acres were set aside for the construction of an ashram, the rest being was divided into 102 plots of 220 m²,  sold to Abhyasis to build and settle in this colony.  Three years later, 10 houses have been completed, two are under construction, and others will soon follow ...

Chari decided to promote this experience broadly within the Mission and especially to develop it. This example should serve as a model, his visit is recommended and Echoes of India advertises it.  

But it's far from the only case of this kind. In 2012, MG Brothers Real Estate (co.?)  acquired 20 ha to create the "Sri Parthasarathi Nagar residential colony" at Kolakaluru in Andhrah Pradesh, according to Echoes of India. Again, nearly 8 ha are reserved for the ashram, the remaining 12 ha are are for Abhyasis settlers.

Last but not least, the end of September, Chari signed for the purchase by the SMSF of over 45 hectares of land in Tiruvallur, 45 km west of Chennai (Tamil Nadu).  His son Krishna PR should coordinate the actions of the future colony, including agriculturally.  But the project also includes a health center, a meditation room and very many other things ...

Three examples and a mega project of 6 to 20 and then to 45 ha!  Chari's ambition is limitless ...

Coincidentally, on a site selling real estate, I just learned that the SRCM has 300 ha (750 acres) in Timmapur, a suburb of Hyderabad (Andhra Pradesh), near the Shamshabad International Airport.
Historically, the Abhyasis have tempted (encouraged?, pressured?) to group together, this is not new.

This is a natural and understandable sentiment that Chari has once again put to use. Think of the apartments facing the Garden of Hearts facing the Babuji Memorial Ashram at Manapakkam now held by Abhyasis.  This is also the case in Denmark in the area of ​​Vrads where a large colony of Abhyasis live about an ashram / retreat center.

Under the guise of spirituality, Chari exploits a natural urge in his followers towards commercial and financial ends ...


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Exerpts of Echoes of India November, 2013

“ (…) The next two days [23-24/09/2013], Master was busy with the purchase of the Tiruvallur land about 45 kms west of Chennai, for the Mission. All the family members who were owners of the land came to “Gayathri” and Master met them personally and made sure everyone had food. Signing the agreement and sale deed papers was a mammoth task with about 300 signatures to do and there was a smile on Masters face as he worked through all the documents finally completing the work late in the night on both days. Master really enjoyed doing this, teaching us that when we enjoy what we do, it is no longer troublesome. (…)

Visit to Tiruvallur
In the past few days, registration of 113 acres of land [45,7 hectares] in Tiruvallur district about 45 kilometres west of Chennai was registered in favour of SMSF. Master wanted to visit the property and volunteers led by Br Vinay Krishna made arrangements over-night to put up a shamiana for meditation, Master’s tent and portable toilets for abhyasis. Around three hundred abhyasis from Chennai and adjoining areas of Tiruvallur had gathered there. On 28th September Master arrived in his Mercedes van fitted with the special seat at the venue, around 8.30 a.m. He offered prasad and came to the meditation hall. He gave a sitting for about 45 minutes and addressed the gathering. He did some loud thinking about the uses to which the land would be put – a health centre, a meditation hall, agriculture, dairy farming and so on. He said that the main activity, however, would be meditation. The Collector of Tiruvallur district, Br Veeraraghav Rao, a new abhyasi, promised all assistance from the district administration. Some thirty members of the families that had sold the property came and met Master who gave them prasad and posed for a photo with them. Abhyasis brought a chocolate cake which was cut by Master and distributed to all. Though arrangements were made for Master to take rest, he did not rest, but sat in his wheelchair and had his breakfast. The entire area acquired has been under cultivation of paddy, banana and coconut trees and looks completely green. It has a good number of open wells and bore wells. Master then left for Chennai after he had viewed the property as far as he could go on the few roads available. (…)

Br P.R. Krishna left for Tiruvallur on October 4 along with other abhyasis to inspect the land and come up with a preliminary plan. Master said that Br P.R. Krishna would be handling all the efforts related to this property where Master mainly wants to focus on agriculture for the time being. (…)

Regional Ashram at Kolakaluru, A.P.
Around fifty acres [20 hectares] of land was acquired by the M.G. Brothers real estates at Khajipeta, Guntur to cater to the spiritual needs of abhyasis from Vijayawada, Guntur, Tenali and Mangalagiri. About 18.75 acres of the land [7,6 hectares] was earmarked for the ashram and the remaining for Sri Parthasarathi Nagar residential colony for abhyasis.

With Master’s blessings the foundation stone was laid on 2 February 2012 by Br Madhu Kothapalli (ZiC). The ashram was inaugurated by Master through live telecast from Chennai on 8 September at 11.00 a.m. and was dedicated to Pujya Babuji Maharaj. Master mentioned that, “The ashrams should be utilized and they should not become like schools without students.” Abhyasis at Kolakaluru celebrated the occasion with fervent hearts. Regular satsanghs and full-day programmes are now being conducted here. (…)

Hosur Abhyasi Colony : An example of good planning and execution
The abhyasi residential colony which is coming up fast with required infrastructure and ambience for quality life for abhyasis is a model for other abhyasi colonies. Detailed financial planning and team work of abhyasis has resulted in a model colony as an adjunct of the ashram in Hosur.

Hosur is an industrial centre promoted by Tamil Nadu government located just twenty-five kilometres east of Bangalore. Search for ashram land at Hosur started way back in 1995. The fruit of the search could be realised in 2009 at Avalapalli village facing Kelavarapalli Dam, around 5 kms from Hosur bus stand. Br C. Rajagopalan, then ZiC, visited the place and gave the green signal to proceed further.

His Vision
Years ago, when an abhyasi wanted to donate land for Hosur ashram, Master gently replied, “Hosur needs in acres.” His vision could be realised when with his blessings 13.8 acres of land [5,6 hectares] was acquired out of which 4.75 acres [1,9 hectares] were reserved for the ashram and the rest was formed into an abhyasi colony. The ashram land was registered on 22 January 2010 by Br A.P. Durai, Jt. Secretary. Master was delighted by the team work and named the housing colony as ‟Pragati Enclave‟.

Core Team
A Core Team of seven members was formed for making decisions regarding finance, infrastructure, legal issues, etc. The team coordinated with the abhyasis and made decisions after deliberations. They designed the methodology for the cost of plots keeping in mind the cost of the land, housing infrastructure, donation to buy ashram land, ashram infrastructure and long term maintenance.

There are 102 plots in this layout with each plot approximately 2400 sq.ft. [223 m²]. The infrastructure available currently includes the compound wall, storm water drains, overhead tank of capacity one lakh cubic litres from two bore wells and water line connection for all plots, concrete roads, a community hall (currently used as the meditation hall), playground for children and common parks. Around 700 avenue trees were planted which adds to the beauty of the ashram. Provision for power connection has been provided for each plot. A 24x7 security is provided by a German shepherd dog. Future plans for the project include the installation of solar lamps throughout the layout and completion of rain water harvesting.

Community Living
In a short span of three years, ten houses have been completed in the layout. Two more are under construction and a few more may come up very soon. Abhyasis are happy to live in the ashram atmosphere. Everybody realizes that this is a great opportunity given by Master to live together as a big family by developing brotherhood and tolerance. The serene and peaceful atmosphere helps them to introspect and refine themselves towards being ideal abhyasis. The general feeling among all has been that once they come inside the campus they don’t feel like going out. The children living in the community are enjoying the most in terms of the natural space to play and explore, bonding with each other and living in a balanced environment.

The seasonal vegetation and the cereals grown in the ashram land are also taken care with the help of the abhyasis. The produce from individual kitchen gardens are also shared. The main benefit of living in such a community has been that all the abhyasis are living to achieve a common goal, attain higher level of brotherhood, mutual trust and tolerance. The serene, clean and eco-friendly atmosphere is most welcoming for anyone who visits the place.

Ashram Project
Master has given his approval for the ashram construction. The final design and approval is in progress at HQ which includes a meditation hall, dormitory and dining hall. At present, satsanghs are being held in a semi-permanent hall which will be converted to some other use. Similarly, temporary kitchen and a guest room also have been set up. Colony planners in other centres/ashrams will profit from a visit to this colony and ashram.” 



4d-Don said...

Hi all...

Some good news for Kamlesh D. Patel (Guru of Sahaj Marg) and international ("drug") Pharmaceutical importer and distributor). This is from "THE DAILY BREW":

"How Depressing; Canadians among the Biggest anti-depressant users in the world" (or: OECD Countries)

Notice in the chart for other countries, that Denmark is up there also ...

As Sahaj Marg and Chari have targeted the "psy's" and appointed many of them his preceptors (who also brought and experimented on their patients), will Patel, Chari's hand-picked successor, now sell them Meditation or Medication (Pharmaceuticals)?? Which one really works best?? Will they add it to the water or food, (as some "patients or in-mates" do in the institutions), if the "sheep" don't get calm and/or fall asleep during their meditations and/or run out of "oxygen" (as claimed by Chari, about Sahaj Marg "meditation")

The Developers of Sahaj Marg may need some "drugs" also as they start chasing the "almighty dollar" and the gods of materialism, and they find that there is not enough time to Meditate and make money at the same time. Will they sacrifice Spirit or Matter? It's very taxing to keep all these stories straight ... (remember: "cognitive dissonances?) Spirit or Matter? What to give one's time to??

And what about the POOR?? Will there be "affordable" housing for the poor in the spiritualist "ghettos"? Will a "medium" get a better price for a property?

And how is Sahaj Marg UNIQUE and different from Islam, Christianity (Ireland), Judaism, the Sunni, Shiites, who all have had (and still have) "enclaves" to keep the gang together?? and keep the "riff-raff" out?? What's next? Passwords and security?

Ah! Ah! What a mess!! How the "spiritualists" have sunken to the level of the "materialists" ... (or how they were "materialists" all along... They just are able to lie with a straight face, that's all...


Anonymous said...

Love this blog. Keep up the good work. if I were still an abhyasi, I'd be embarrassed. ;)