Monday, November 04, 2013

The Corruption of Gurus is Inevitable

Taken and translated from an article by Alexis: "La Dérive des Gourous est Inévitable", on Élodie's blog in Europe: "Pour Que Vive Le Sahaj Marg".

November 4, 2013

The Corruption of Gurus is Inevitable 

The Spiritual Leadership of Gurus 

In his time, Lalaji had a few dozens of disciples and he influenced a few hundred sympathizers at most, in a small part of the state of Uttar Pradesh.  It was difficult to travel, the crowds did not exist, and much less, globalization. 

Today's leaders have nothing to do with this model because their area of ​​influence has expanded to the entire planet.  Any individual who is even slightly charismatic may address himself to 7 billion people wherever they are.  Thus, Chari has more than 200,000 sympathizers,  he has traveled the world from one end to the other and has remodeled Sahaj Marg to be accessible to any culture.

Leadership has changed because of the globalization of the public. But even more, the importance of the public greatly influences the leader and changes his attitude.  Human nature being what it is, even animated by the best intentions in the world,  no one can resist the lure of power indefinitely. Everyone eventually succumb to its charms for personal reasons.  Today, no leader can remain indifferent to the temptation of power.

From the nineteenth century, anarchists have described perfectly the harmful effects of power over the individual and society. Libertarian currents have proposed the refusal of any delegation of power so as to prevent it from becoming concentrated in a few hands. In contrast, modern societies have opted, more or less successfully, for the establishment of checks and balances.

In the political sphere, one is forced to notice that modern democracies operate on the principle of separation of power where the citizens are supposed to control one another, not to mention the fourth power represented by the media.  But it is clear that in terms of spiritual (or religious) leadership, there are no counterbalances. Nowhere else is the power thus held by a single person, the Guru.

According to Lalaji, one could follow several masters and this is what he did himself.  In the system of Babuji, his disciples had to love their master without limit.  For Chari, it is now simpler to obey and serve.  The concentration of power has reached its peak.  While he holds the spiritual power, he has also worked successfully to get the temporal power.  And his disciples, it must be said, are happy to give it to him.

Chari is not the only guru to use it and to abuse it. For proof, read and reread (in French use Google Translate)Indian gurus   

In spirituality, following a guru means to believe in his promises, but also and especially it is the best way to be used by him.

Nothing beats the anarchist maxim: neither god nor master ... 




Anonymous said...

hi don, now sahajmarg is doing research also.... see below

Tuesday, 5 November 2013 - Manapakkam
Dear sisters and brothers,
We will soon have more than 700 abhyasis in our Mission who hold PhD degrees in their respective fields. We are making a special request to them for their kind consideration.
Please note that the Sahaj Marg Spirituality Foundation has been recognised by the University of Mysore as a Research Centre, and research activities will soon commence at CREST, Bangalore. We therefore invite applications from PhD holders who fulfil the following criteria and who are willing to take up the responsibility of working as research guides at CREST, Bangalore:

a) Should be willing to work as a permanent faculty member at CREST
b) Should be less than sixty years of age
c) Should have at least five years' experience teaching BA / MA students
d) Should have guided at least one person in their PhD work
e) Should have published a minimum of three papers in any reputable journal

Please forward your CV along with copies of your MA and PhD degree certificates, your SSC mark card (or birth certificate) as proof of your date of birth, and two recent passport-size photographs to sister Seetha Kunchithapadam via email:

Kamlesh Patel


Anonymous said...

Hi Don!

Hwllo Anonymous!

So all that means, is that even well educated people give up their own power.
They too will be exploited.

The Oracle

4d-Don said...

Well Good...

Is SMSF going to start listening to the abhyasis now and answer some of their questions? I doubt it ... They can't seem to address the questions now ...

Here is a list of my concerns:

1. How is Spiritualism (Mediums, egregrores, messages from the dead, statues, iconography, idolatry, ... etc...) touted as Spirituality at Sahaj Marg(tm)? They call it a form of Patanjali’s Raj Yoga (but starting at Step #7), as is claimed by the self-appointed Masters of SRCM and Sahaj Marg™?

2. What is the name of this "Anonymous French Lady Medium", who allegedly acts as a Medium between herself and Babuji, Lalaji, Chari's Mother, Chari’s wife, “other elevated souls”, and “beings of light”?

3. Having read that Chari states that women can’t be Masters of Sahaj Marg™, why can't Chari communicate with Babuji without a medium, a “French lady Medium” ... ?

4. What is the name of these "Beings of light" and these "other elevated souls".

5. What are the coordinants of "The Brighter World"(... and also the "Central Region"), which is allegedly not accessible by lowly humans, "even by Babuji, without the "push" of his Master (Lalaji?) (which he met only a few times), who defeated the "pressure" which kept him out while living?

6. What is this "egregore" which Chari wants you all to pray to, so as to make (or keep) it "favourable"?

7. Will Chari now make peace with the old preceptors appointed by Babuji, who are still alive, and with the Founder's family, and his grandsons.

8. Why does Chari bad-mouth other religions and other groups including homosexuals, and then preaches to the world about the "Method" as if it was “TOLERANT”? This is the "Age of Information. We ALL know!! We can read. And why can’t women be Masters of Sahaj Marg™? Does "god" tell him that?

9. The letters which show Babuji and Chari choosing a wife for Babuji’s son (Umesh), according to “skin complexion, height and cut”, have been published, by SP Srivastava. How is that “tolerant” and/or accepting of others not of physical average “skin colour, cut and height”? How will researchers do anything but “whitewash” the METHOD from the racist actions of the Founder of Sahaj Marg, and Chari, the self-appointed successor and now President of his own society, the SRCM (California-1997)??

10. Lalaji was a Sufi, a Master of the Naqshbandiya Sufi (Muslim) Brotherhood, why are the "abhyasis" and the Masters, founders of SRCM (Shahjahanpur-1945), Babuji, and of SRCM (California-1997), Chari, not also called Sufis?? Lalaji has nothing to do with Sahaj Marg, right? ... then, why is Lalaji called their Master?? They don't follow Lalalji's Method ...


To get someone who is opportunistically willing to lie or to ignore or bend the facts, and/or not address these concerns, for the sake of giving their Method some credibility, or for the sake of fitting in, (getting a job) and then publishing their research in magazines and calling it "Vetted", will not make it moral or ethical or even “accurate” ... These concerns are about the conduct of these self-titled Masters? Do they really know what Spiritualism, spirituality, racism and homophobia mean? How wise or “saintly” are they, really ??

You think this is the path to the Ultimate "morality"?? O-K-A-Y!!


Singh said...

In the Sacramento CA area - in Orangevale, we had a meeting in a store selling clothes which has a room that is the 'ashram.'

What is this - a religion or just spirituality? Nikil is contradicting his theory that you can keep your faith, when you need their Guru, right? Don't understand what they are doing because it looks like Sikhism, but without a mantra and without realizing God is One, and you have Gurbani forever and don't need to follow Gurus. See discussion in this website, which I agree with. Just wondering if anyone else came to Nov 10th meeting at Sacramento CA shopping center and their views of Nikil.

4d-Don said...

Hi Singh...

Huh? Are you on the right blog?? Is your comment about Sahaj Marg, which calls itself "Spirituality", but is in fact: SPIRITUALISM, with Mediums, messages from the spirits of the dead, egregores, etc...? Or is your comment about Sikhism, a RELIGION?

Don ...

Monkey Man said...

Residents of the Spirit Forest are unanimous. Nikil is an ass hat.