Thursday, November 14, 2013

The Arranged Marriages of Sahaj Marg(tm)

Taken and translated from an article by Elodie: "Les Mariages arrangés du Sahaj Marg(tm)" on her blog in Europe: Pour Que Vive Le Sahaj Marg.

November 14, 2013 

Arranged Marriages of Sahaj Marg(tm)

Chari Exploits the  Stupidity and Idolatry of His Followers 

Eric B, French abhyasi 28 years, regretted that Chari had agreed to bless the unions of his Western followers: 

"(...)  The practitioners have given themselves the obligations ( to marry before the master for example) projecting their fantasy that if the master has blessed their marriage, it will be a success, like those who elsewhere go to church ... I also think that these traditions are more Indian, and the mission and Chariji should never have accept it for the Westerners, but it is the Westerners themselves who insisted.  (...)  FYI (For Your Information),  I got married at the town hall (not at the church or at the mission ), and I always found it actually folksy and exaggerated, but I think it is the Western practitioners who requested that. This should effectively never have happened because of  the confusion it engendered, as if the spiritual master could guarantee the duration,  and the balance of a couple and a family, whose difficulties are the same for all, and directly depends on our psychological and emotional baggage.  (...)" 

Indeed, Babuji did not marry his disciples among themselves, Sister Kasturi confirmed and explained that this is one of the reasons she chose to distance herself from Chari. 

Chari could have refused to marry abhyasis among themselves, and limited himself to blessing their union.  They had not reckoned on his opportunism.  Rather than refuse, he decided to use these needs of the abhyasis for other purposes.  And thus, he encourages mixed marriages, it suits their needs and it stands as his abhyasis' coupling rule. 

Remember this testimony that I published in September 2006: 

"The Master asked me if I wanted to marry an Indian. Yes, yes, you heard right ... I told him why not. He added that Indian men are better than Europeans.  I told Him that He knows best what is good for me. He nodded his head in confirmation  (...)  The Master asked me if I still wanted to marry an Indian,  if I was serious.  He told me it would mean that I would live in India.  I replied that it was OK, then he added: 'I'll find you a good guy, you'll meet him tonight.'  Suffice it to say that he was  fast.  I spent the afternoon feeling pretty cool,  but still with a certain pressure  (...) An Indian enters the room followed by his family.  He greetes the Master who beckons me: this is the girl  (...)  What a joy to see the Master happy.  I asked Him if He was pleased with this union and he said yes, because that's what He wanted.  I can tell you that it's weird ... but it's wonderful. The Master is really excited, he has spoken several times the next day to everyone.  He really made me a beautiful gift.  What could be better?  He decided what was good for me and I did not demand anything from Him.  It is He who brought me to this marriage and to this husband. No personal touch, only the Master. It is a Wonder.  I can not find words to describe my Master, He is all ..."

Different times, different customs.  Sahaj Marg is a spirituality with highly scalable moral values.  Chari recycles these marriages in a broader philosophy inspired by Whispers.

Chari prepares the Man of Tomorrow, a new human race. He celebrated more than 2,000 weddings, the beginning of a silent revolution.  The "indigo" children born of these unions form the vanguard of the new society, a new moral and spiritual generation, educated at the LMOIS,  (Lalaji Memorial Omega International School)  the school of Sahaj Marg.

When they reach a critical mass of human beings, when a large egregore has been created, they will form an elite to regenerate mankind, influencing its development and deciding its future. Chari wants to conquer the world and uses the stupidity of his followers to achieve his purposes.



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