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Sahaj Marg(tm) and Becoming a Real Human Being?

Translation of an article (in reply to Fabrice, a preceptor of Sahaj Marg(tm)): "Devenir De Vrais Êtres Humains", on Élodie's blog in Europe: "Pour Que Vive Le Sahaj Marg"

December 29, 2012

To Become Real Human Beings

A plunge into the heart of the belief system of Sahaj Marg

Fabrice (a preceptor of Sahaj Marg(tm)) reveals the depths of his thought

Excerpts: "(...) I have no need or SRCM as such or of Chari as such nor indeed of Whispers, or the medium, or Kasturi as such. I'm not attached to any name, no framework, no institution no particular belief  IF THEY ARE NOT IN SERVICE EXPERIENCE.

In other words, I do not practice because I believe. Here (in spirituality) BELIEF is OFF SIDE.  It does not fit at all into any account, for every belief represents a bias, a prejudice.

Here, we speak from experience, a feeling of well-being, tolerance, sense of peace, increase of love, no matter who the guru is, whatever the name of the path. Spirituality has nothing to do with proprieties, a guru does not come to please, but to tell uncomfortable truths which can upset and can shake us in our certainties. Every Master, teacher, guide or Guru whatever his name, has his personality, his character. We therefore accept him as he is, as he accepts us as we are. It is the freedom given to us by the spiritual path: not a stereotype or a stagnant situation.

One judges the tree and the gardener by the fruit they can produce. To reject the fruit because of a  prejudice is not correct nor adult. What can one say of those who do not even want to look at the fruit under the pretext that they do not like the gardener?  ...

(...) Whether one refers to Sahaj Marg or to any other spiritual path, the only reality to serve as a master standard is Love. What good is ultimate wisdom, power, knowledge of the science of the causes and effects? Love is the glue that binds all things, gives direction to what I just mentioned above. Love gives meaning and coherence to our work. Love is precisely Ultimate Wisdom and ultimate power. Become Love and refine it again and again. This is the direction of the authentic spiritual paths.
(...) Well understood, Sahaj Marg should be used as a tool for self improvement. How to deprogram one from one's conditionning, limiting beliefs, prejudices, judgment of others, past wounds ... to become a true human being more and more conscious of one's functionning, one's choices, by putting at the heart of one's preoccupation,  Love for others, attention to others, respect for all life, patience, and (very important) respecting one's limitations and those of others.

It is unfortunate that the Sahaj Marg is so misunderstood and so often poorly practiced in its philosophy and its implications in relation to others.   In other words, how does Sahaj Marg serve me if I do not get better every day.

(...) When I say that a spiritual practice if it is sincere, should make us real human beings ... yes! I confirm it, and invite you to not take it out of context, but to go through with the sentence: "... more and more conscious of one's functionning, one's choices, by putting at the heart of one's preoccupation Love for others, care for others, respect for all life, patience, and (very important) respecting one's limitations and those of others."

In other words, having two arms, two legs and the most developed brain among the mammals is not enough to make us human.  Simply watch the news to realize: violence, barbarity, rape , child rape, cruelty to animals and nature, yesterday, in a school shooting 28 dead, innocents ... I'll stop there.

There is then nothing human in this sad report, or even animal, animals do not behave like this, it is even insulting them!

Well, you know, I am sure, what I meant by saying that spirituality is a way to allow everyone to develop basic human values ​​and to gradually become conscious of casting out of one's self the destructive trends that make man the worst of predators.

I hope I was clear this time. "

After having seduced us with your small talk when there is question of love, tolerance and self improvement, Fabrice reveals the depth of his thought.

Sahaj Marg requires one to deprogram from one's conditionning, limiting beliefs, prejudices, etc.. (Sic). Belief is out of play (off side), everything is at the service of the experiment: the master, Whispers, the medium, etc..

Sahaj Marg requires one to get rid of one's beliefs, but it is to better adopt a new belief system.
This belief system, this culture or this philosophy are so well integrated by the abhyasis that they absolutely do not perceive it. This culture shaped by Chari, and developed to the extreme by Whispers and taken up in a chorus by all the abhyasis is worthy of the  behavior of adolescents in crisis, a limited thinking, atrophied and lobotomized.

Thus, love of others, respect for all life, the philosophy of Sahaj Marg and its implications in relation to others (sic) brings Fabrice and other abhyasis to declare that having two arms, two legs and the most elaborate brain is not enough to make us human (re-sic).

In other words, we are not worthy of our human condition, even an animal does not behave as badly as us. So there you have one trait of the belief system that the SRCM drives home, we are not human beings.

I regret to say that the 6 billion inhabitants of the planet are REAL human beings. By denying that quality, Sahaj Marg legitimizes all the wars of religion, and all forms of totalitarianism. Believing that some human beings are more REAL than others, is the beginning of the worst abuses experienced by our planet. This is a really CULTISH thought.

In my eyes, this about Fabrice proves that there is indeed a belief system rooted in the depths of the SRCM: we work in our group to become REAL human beings, others are not, do not deserve it. This is serious, very serious, and we hear a little more of it each day.

I admit not knowing how to say things so that the abhyasis will finally be made conscious of the risk of derailing which is behind these thoughts. For me they are just as sickening as the acts they accuse other people of doing, as they deny them their "human being" status. How does one explain it? This seems so obvious that words fail me, I do not know where to start.

Fabrice said: "there is nothing human there, or even animal," I fully agree with the second part of this claim, these behaviors have nothing to do with animals, but I reach a conclusion opposite to his: it is that it is typically human behavior, whether we like it or not. The human species is capable of the worst and the best, you can not remove the worse, you can not deny humanity its behavior considered bad, they are an integral part of it. The person who killed 20 children in the United States before killing himself was a human being, whether they like it or not, there is no doubt.

Abhyasis dream of a mankind better than it is (I too dream every day that passes), but how dare they say that "having two arms, two legs and the most developed mamalian brain is not enough to make us human? "

In doing so, they join in my eyes the most vile behavior of the human species. On behalf of thoughts like this, they justify all abuse: the death penalty, Hitlerian eugenics ... and probably also the ideology promoted in Whispers.

As I said before, this behavior is observed in most abhyasis, more numerous, more often. This is serious, very serious, you're dangerous.

I feel distraught at not finding the words to better show you how your thinking can become dangerous, it seems so obvious.

Human values ​​are not what you dream they are, human values ​​are a reflection of humanity, good and bad. You are re-inventing another human species, a side of humanity, founded on the values ​​of Sahaj Marg.  I do not share your values, so I'll re-invent a third human species, and so on.   We will only arrive at a better way to kill one another.

The world as it is does not satisfy you, you have chosen the internal and the personal path to change and improve it, so far so good. But considering that your values ​​are higher, that there is a population of elected (an elite?), and denying the humanity of those who do not suit you, you do show the most abject sectarianism and you set yourself lower than the ground.   It is no longer human improvement, and quite the opposite, it is ridiculous.

Obviously, your belief system is so integrated that you can not even perceive the incongruity of your words. From the outside, it is obvious. Just as the possession of firearms will not be challenged by the Americans despite the tragedy that strikes them, because it is part of their culture, while that is the first thing that offends foreigners.

Personal message for Fabrice:
I have not managed to strike a sensitive chord in you, I'm sorry, we are in a dialogue of the deaf, and yet it is the essential that is expressed there. You're being misled in a dangerous sectarian belief system under the guise of a pseudo perfection. The more beautiful the Utopia, the more likely it leads to a totalitarian hell.

I repeat, I sincerely wish that you would meditate seriously on the implications of these thoughts. Do me this pleasure, I fear that this sums up all that I can give you from my side, everything else is useless and in vain, in the face of it.




4d-Don said...

To one and all...

(Taken from My Master, p. 28, chapter "Tolerance" - Chariji)

"....So I repeat, the Guru is the only friend. In fact, I have said this so often, that in the Sufi philosophy, the Guru is called Friend. "The Friend is coming". Because he is the only fellow who can give his life for you. He is the only fellow, therefore, to whom you must hand over totally, a Power of Attorney....."Do with me as you think I deserve to be done with. Kick me when I have to be kicked. Beat me when I have to be beaten. Curse me when I have to be cursed. But make of me what you think I should be eventually, because only you can do it."

"So once more I say this in all humility....if you must have a Master, find a fellow who is capable of, you know, throwing you around, beating you up, cutting you to pieces. Remember Parushurama's father and the stern test that young boy had to make for obedience...."Kill your Mother". "Yes"..."

"He pulled out the sword and cut off her head. He said, "I am pleased with you my son. Ask for anything you want." He said, "I want my mother alive." And He said, "So be it." and she got up and walked off. The Guru is the Master, when you say of destiny, it means life and death. He must be the Master of your life as he must be the Master of your death."

(From Heart of the Lion, Shri Parthasarathi Rajagopalachari-see references)

If Chari was a Master or possesing any wisdom at all, he would not ask the disciples to "kill the innocent mother", or condone such immorality. If he wanted to give a test, he could ask the disciple to KILL the Guru (Chari)... That way, he would be offering his own life for the sake of his lesson to the disciples...

To offer the life of an innocent Mother for the sake of a lesson to his disciple is very self-serving, a "corruption", AND veryt CRIMINAL !! It is not very spiritual AND it is certainly not moral, or even ethical... One would not find that in the Raja Yoga of Patanjali, which Sahaj Marg falsely claims to be...(but Sahaj Marg, according to Babuji, starts at step #7 of the eightfold SPIRITUAL path of Patanjali's Raja Yoga)

How convenient!!

See more examples of Sahaj Marg(tm) corruption at:

Lessons From Sahaj Marg:



4d-Don said...

Dear "Abhyasi" Brother...

Your recent comment was deleted as a SPAM in error ... If you re-send it, I will publish it ...

My mistake (my rushing... going too fast!) ... sorry!!

Don ...

Anonymous said...

Sorry for the inconvenience to you,dear brother.

Babuji is 'living' in the hearts of all the abhyasees 'lovingly'. We,the abhyasees are to 'live' in the 'loving' Babuji.This is Sahaj Marg as per my little understanding.Owning our dearest Babuji!