Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Sahaj Marg(tm), An Immeasurable Blindness!

Translation of an article: "Un Incommensurable Aveuglement" by Élodie on her blog in Europe: "Pour Que Vive Le Sahaj Marg"

January 23, 2013

An immeasurable blindness

The spiritual quest is a personal quest, a journey inside, without beginning or end;  it is this personal autonomy which is the guarantee of the encounter with the divine and true inner transformation.

The spiritual method proposed by Babuji deviates from all spiritual traditions by setting a goal, a result to be achieved, and decree-ing the urgency of the divine realization. To expedite the process and achieve the fixed goal, the spiritual leader transmits divine energy into the heart of his disciples. In doing so, Babuji unwittingly joins into the utilitarianism of our modern societies, from which the likely success of the method among Westerners seeking a closer God, incarnated by this new idol which is the living master, without renouncing in any way the  familial and professional modern life.

With the increasing number of his disciples, Babuji began to appoint preceptors to serve as relays, transmission channels; and Chari continued in this direction. The simple and direct relationship between master and disciple has become distended and has fostered a vast collective hierarchy. Idolized, the living master incites rivalry and competition to better approach him, to serve him and benefit from his attention. Love of God has been replaced by love for the Master, which Chari has translated into obedience and service. The individual and spiritual quest has disappeared in favor of a kind of religion with its supreme authority, manipulative, which dictates what to do and what to think: a sort of outer God instead of the divine within.

This new religion of Sahaj Marg has forged itself a culture, a philosophy with its own system of beliefs and myths. First the goal, fusion with the divine, a result to achieve has become an access to an indefinite "Central Region", the Brighter World of Whispers. Next, is the special personality, namely Babuji, at the top of the spiritual Hierarchy of the Great saints of history whose sojourn in the Central Region (of the Brighter World?), is seconded by a living Master who must be loved, hence obeyed and served. Finally, the mysterious Grand Design, in part revealed in Whispers by prophecies attributed to Babuji, where co-habits a population of politicians, allegedly human beings "in waiting", in the midst of the mire of this so-called "humanity" which does not deserve the name.

We can, we MUST  judge Sahaj Marg by its results, that is to say by its followers, we are told. Models of love, compassion and tolerance who say without flinching that the term "human being" is an "exaggeration", if not an outright "lie"; it is apparently not enough to "have two arms, two legs and the most developed mammalian brain" to make us human. 

This then is what this so-called spiritual Elite is, while spirituality remains and will always remain a personal inner journey without end.



4d-Don said...

HI all ...

There are some new instalments in the Sharad and Kishore's blog: Society for Babuji's Mission...

Let us not forget that according to KS Kishore and Sharad, Babuji's grandson (son of Prakash, eldest son of Babuji) on their Blog (see under "Latest Events": Society for Babuji's Mission) claim that Babuji is the "Powerful Power" (is there any Power which is not "powerful"?), the "SPECIAL PERSONALITY", but also a "re-incarnation" of Patanjali, the founder of Raja Yoga.


It would seem that the "Special Personality" and the "Power" are also limited by events, circumstances and actions of people, just like we, the so-called: "common mortals"...

Is it possible for these "Masters" to make mistakes? Babuji can't control his own "saints"... and Chari hides in all the money of the Society in a "PRIVATE FOUNDATION", out of view of the "commoners", the "lowly" un-touch-ables...


Imagine there's no RELIGION!! That is BLISS!!


4d-Don said...

Hi all...

This is a telling account of Babuji, during his last days in Paris (1982), as told by Sharad, his grandson who was present...

When we were going to Paris, Kashiram was to sit with Rev. Babuji in aeroplane in 1st class. Instead, Chari sat with Rev. Babuji and did not allow Kashiram to travel with Him. This action of Chari gave me hint about his intentions and further planning.

At Paris, as I was staying with Rev. Babuji, the same night He
told me “Sharad, I am not happy, let us go back”. I was surprised, but at that time I could not understand why He said so ? Little later, He asked Kashiram to
prepare hukka as he wanted to smoke. He was restless and the night generally passed in His restlessness. Next morning, Chari was busy in meeting people as
per his decided Schedule, being fully aware about his intentions and activities.

The next day He told me “Sharad, Chari wants to become head of SRCM.” Then suddenly He appeared very happy and said : “Ham bhi Ram Chander hain esko estaimal karkey kisi deen ka na chore gai.”. (I am also Ram Chander, I will use him
and leave him worthy for nothing)

What's that they speak with the other side of their mouth for us the "less than human" ??


The Central Region of their "BRIGHTER" World is not a very "special" place, it seems!!

Into the dust bin of history !!

Imagine there's no RELIGION!!

Don ...