Tuesday, November 13, 2012

A Sahaj Marg (tm) Renegade (Elodie's Testimonial)

Taken and translated from an article: "Renegade", by Elodie on her French blog in Europe: Pour Que Vive Le Sahaj Marg.

November 13, 2012


Among the values ​​which my parents transmitted to me during my education, two of them helped me  build the adult which I became: the freedom to think for myself and the superiority of the spiritual life over the material life.
It is in this spirit that they met Babuji and chose him as a spiritual master nearly 40 years ago.   My brother, my sister and I were bathed in this environment from a very young childhood and we have logically adhered to it once we reached an older age.   Meanwhile, Babuji was replaced by Chari without it bringing any change in our commitment.
We met our companions (partner?) within the Mission, my parents were appointed preceptors by Babuji, my brother and my sister-in-law by Chari, the union of my little sister was blessed by Chari, my older nephews and nieces were educated at LMOIS (Lalaji Memorial Omega International Schoold).   A real "Mission" family, as Chari  dreamed.
I had the feeling of belonging to a larger family and one based on the values ​​that I had been taught by my parents. Sahaj Marg represented everything I aspired to since always, a wonderful dream shared with my partner and which I was eager to pass on to my children.
 Some grains of sand have jammed up this wonderful drive gear.  In 2005, the announcement of Whispers by Chari and the interruption of satsangh by his son for an auction have been the electro-shock that pushed me out. I broke with the Mission, I broke up with my family and I also later broke up with my former partner.
First supported by my partner and finally also rejected by my last support, I found myself without family and friends, and terribly alone.  Added to this was the fact that I had to admit that I had strayed into a dead end and one totally contrary to my principles. I had been used and manipulated without my knowledge and against my will without my noticing it for many years. It is not the easiest thing to recognize. My family was always - and still is - a willing hostage of a pseudo-spiritual deception, a vast and deadly scam.
I suffered terribly from loneliness and from the difficulty of admitting that I had left myself  be abused for so long and so substantially. My son and daughter were my strength, but what has  truly saved me, it is our exchanges and analyses on this blog as well as the relationships I have forged with some great spiritual personalities, remarkable in my eyes.
Let there be no mistake, I do not write this to encourage your pity or your compassion, I do not want it.   I write this for you who doubt, for you who are wondering if your future is in this sinister mission or outside. Leaving this sidetrack is an indispensable necessity if you still believe in spiritual values ​​and if you refuse to serve any longer as a cash-cow to a crook; but the way to stop the addiction is long and difficult.
 Realization is a slow and complex process, although some events may precipitate it. My first questionning of the Mission appeared with insignificant doubts. When I questioned my parents or a preceptor, either I got some guilt-inducing responses questioning my practice, or I ran into a wall.  I have now forgotten my trivial questions of the time, but I will never forget the attitude of those who replied to me. I was a bad abhyasi, I was not using the Mission correctly, my love for Chari was not strong enough, etc.. etc..
How is it possible that one thus eludes any questions on a spiritual path? From a preceptor, I undoubtedly would have accepted it.   I had more trouble accepting when it came from people which I then took for real  friend (s).   I absolutely refused when it was my family.  It was in total contradiction with the values ​​which my parents had transmitted to me, how could they hold on to such language?
I doubted more and more, incredibly disappointed by the behavior of people I considered members of this large family which the Mission was then for me, until the events of 2005, which precipitated me out. Chari demanded from us 250 euros for a book not yet printed and with an unknown subject, based on trust (confidence?).  I had no more confidence left and 250 euros for a book the group-purchase of which was prohibited, as also was photocopying or lending, that is a bit expensive. The commercial aspect had become too obvious.
My departure and the creation of this blog are not the end of my story with Sahaj Marg, far from it. One does not abruptly go from doubt and loss of confidence to a full dis-endoctrination. There are steps, many steps. The process is not sudden and total, it is slow, difficult, sprinkled with doubts and some very personal issues, very sentimentally charged and very emotional.
It still took me a long time to see Chari as he truly is, and not with the eyes of a fanatic disciple, enamored of his/her spiritual master. I have long believed that the excesses of the Mission were due to individual members who composed it, precisely because of their human condition. Sahaj Marg remained the best spiritual method and Chari was its undisputed master. I still believed in the possibility of a Sahaj Marg rid of its human misdemeanours and hoped to re-render it its noble acclaim.
With the discoveries and the evidence that accumulated on the blog, I was very much obliged to gradually accept the omissions and lies of Babuji and Chari. I managed the desecrating of Chari by discovering the contents of Whispers it was the final straw that broke the camel's back. The divergent discourses of Sister Kasturi and Narayana (ISRC) also helped me.
I needed the analyses of Cricri, Michael and Alexis, and the support of 4d-Don, to understand and accept intellectually that I had succumbed to this pseudo-spiritual trap for suckers, without noticing. My encounters with spiritual personalities from all sides finally demystified Sahaj Marg. This is not a unique and universal method as claimed by Babuji, I am now convinced, and I have much evidence. There are many other spiritual paths which are at least as interesting.
Today, seven years after slamming shut the door on the Mission, I dare say that I have come to a new equilibrium.
The consequences are many. My family has almost cut its ties with me and I am infinitely sad and disappointed at their renunciation, even if I do not lose hope of seeing them one day finally open their eyes to the puppets they have become.   I lost all my false friends, but of that, I congratulate myself today. And for my self-preservation, because one never turns the page completely, I refuse to meet directly with anyone who had anything to do with Sahaj Marg, near or far, it is still too sensitive. After having been much influenced and abused, I am unable to give my full confidence to a spiritual guide, whatever his merits, it has become for me a basic survival reflex.
I lost my family and my truly false friends, but over time I developed some new relationships and true friendships in my surroundings, a thing that was impossible when I was in the Mission. For that matter, as long as we stay, we do not realize how much the Mission imprisons us and cuts us off from our immediate surroundings.
I lost a Master and a pseudo-spiritual method, but I have met many exceptional spiritual personalities. My spiritual stagnation at the heart of the Mission has ceased, I have again taken up my spiritual quest, I met wonderful guides and found my inner God.
Paradoxically, leaving Sahaj Marg, breaking with the Mission and its master has allowed me to reconnect with a real spiritual experience and to regain my freedom of thought. I have finally become myself.



Anonymous said...

Superb post! And, I respect Elodie's extraordinary courage!

She is truly an inspiration to me!


Anonymous said...

I would just like to say that this blog, too, for me has been a blessing. I was trapped in this group for many years, over ten years, and I am only in my early 30's. So this time represented a very influential period in my life. Although I did have a lot of fun and met a lot of interesting people, I feel so much better now with that chapter is behind me. It's like a weight being lifted. At first I can understand how someone would not like the weight to be lifted, because it is comfortable, but in time the exhilarating feeling of being free sets in. I don't pretend that my life is perfect now, and truthfully, I don't regret all the time I spent in this group, but I am happy to say that the experience is behind me, and happy to be moving on to exciting new experiences all the time. I don't believe that I was psychologically damaged as much as some people were, but I can empathize with some of the more difficult stories related here. I feel like it is part of my duty to share my own experience of coming free, so that others can see that it is possible, like Elodie says. My case was different, because my family are not members, so I did not have to have any painful breakups. The amount of courage it must take to do that is impressive, and I applaud Elodie. It must be very scary for someone who is very heavily entrenched in this group, especially if their family and spouse and children are involved, to make the decision to be free once more. Because that's exactly what the decision is, to be free once more. It will feel very light, and refreshing, to be free of the burden of this group. Thank you all, thank you Don and Michael who has been very helpful to me. In a way, I feel like a part of my soul has been recovered, so thanks.

4d-Don said...

Hi Anonymous...

When I first started researching Sahaj Marg, Alexis' blog was the only one about Sahaj Marg on-line ... I, like you and many more, was very relieved to find some information on this group which turned out to be very distructive to my family.

I originally thought that I was going to use Sahaj Marg as an example of "spirituality" (which "UNITES") as opposed to "religion" (which divides), in my many on-going letters to the Pope (Vatican).

Roman Catholicism and Christianity (as well as "ISLAM") was then what I thought of as an "abusive" religion, having been heavily involved with Roman Catholicism in my very early life (7 years old) until my mid-twenties. Then, when working in the financial sector, I saw first-hand where the investments of the Vatican were going ... what they were supporting in the name of "GOD" and specially in the name of Jesus, the Messiah or their "Christ", the alleged only begotten son of the One God. At that time, I finally saw the full "frontal view" picture of the moral bankruptcy of the "Holy Mother, the Church", the tyrannical and sexually deviant and morally corrupt Vatican. I finally left and I know the difficulty of de-pregramming the MIND of its "habits" and "beliefs"... it took me 15 years.

I was finally able to not baptise my children in the name of their "God, the Father", and "God the Son" (Jesus of Nazareth... a man), and "God, the Holy Ghost" (a ghost??), after cunningly baptising them in the name of the whole UNIVERSE!!

Now we can see, that within one genration, Sahaj Marg is on the same "materialist" and immoral (lying, stealing a whole "society", etc...) path which corrupted the mighty Vatican many centuries ago. The same deceptive (outright lies) tactics are used to condoned or even colluded with the deviants (and the materialists) for the sake of the MISSION!! Very religious and very "Machievelian" (the end justifies the means) but not "SPIRITUAL".

The Catholic Church (St Augustine) even thought that torturing and finally putting someone to death so as to have them confess their alleged sins, and hence "save their soul" was to be condoned, encouraged and even "revered"!! (they ALL call themselves "reverends")

The communication technology and specially the Internet and the blogs could prove to be the "debunking" tool the "common people" needed so as to get up off their knees and find their own "spirituality", their own sense "divinity", all on their own... i.e. INSIDE!!

Where the MYSTERIOUS was once called the realm of "spirits", it is now being called the doings of visiting "aliens" and that new RELIGION (that cult or that conspiracy) is not going to get a foothold thanks to the "debunkers". Sahaj Marg even uses the "indigo children" as their Saviours!! It is to laugh at!!

We want the REAL aliens and the REAL "ONE" (what some call "GOD"), not what is sold by the "charlatans" and the self-appointed "saints", Mediums, and/or "god-men" from the Spiritualist East!!

Information will set us free...

Finally... Oh! Oh! Freedom!!

Don ...

Bob said...


You wrote, "I saw first-hand where the investments of the Vatican were going ... what they were supporting in the name of "GOD" and specially in the name of Jesus, the Messiah or their "Christ", the alleged only begotten son of the One God. "

Would you be willing to elaborate on these investments? I know this may be off topic. So, I understand if you wish to avoid doing this on this site.


4d-Don said...

Hi Bob...

This was close to 50 years ago, so I don't know if they are still investing in Boeing, the world's third largest Aerospace and defense contractor... Which means "weapons"!!

Their investments in Boeing made the news and they may have divested their holdings at that time ... Although Boeing was not their only "defense" holdings... I remember Raytheon (missile controls-- with links to the "Bush" Family), and other European weapons holdings also making the news.

Majority shareholder in Beretta Holdings (maker of guns) is (or was) the Vatican's Institute for Religious Works, or the Vatican's Banks.

They were also investing in most of the current industrials, such as most oil corporations (Exxon, Shell, BP, etc...and many pharmaceuticals.

Pope Benedict XV around 1914, "... originated today's Vatican policy that church and papal investments should not be limited by political or religious considerations, but instead should be handled purely on the basis of sound, good, concrete and profitable business."

So the moral standards are non-existant!! Are we surprised that some investments find their way into various questionable "havens"...

See here for Vatican Investment info:

Christian Assemblies International site ... and see their article: "Vatican Billions"


See this site for and exposition of all the current scandals around the Vatican (not only their investments):

Vatican Crimes Revealed


The Vatican has historical links to the Jewish House of Rothschild
and the Vatican financiers are not necessarily "Catholics" and not necessarily religious at all.

I think it was a director of the Vatican's Banco di Roma who was found hanging from a bridge (suicide??) a few decades ago ... I never did hear the whole story ... The Vatican is also the majority shareholder of the Banco Ambrosiano now run by one of the pope's bodyguards ... And, Michael Sindona who was in charge of spreading the Vatican's investments outside Italy to avoid the taxes died poisoned...

The reality of the Vatican scandals would make Brown's (author of "Da Vinci Code") conspiracy theory sound like Lucy Maud Montgomery's "Ann of Green Gables" ...

Chari, using charity donations, bought "Da Vinci Code" for the libraries at Sahaj Marg's "retreat Centers" in India ... Is that because he thinks it is a "spiritual book" ?? Or is it because it is a Catholic religious fantasy which Chari believes is a reality? It is possible that he thinks it makes his fantasies (and lies) around Sahaj Marg(tm) and "Whispers" look religiously plausible and even SPIRITUAL as opposed to being in reality SPIRITUALISM (using an anonymous French lady medium to channel messages from their deceased founder ... or praying for a "favourable egregore", etc ... )

lol lol

You gotta laugh, b'cause it's not funny...

lol lol


Bob said...

Interesing, Don. But, why am I not surprised! :)

I'll check out the links you posted.



Anonymous said...

It was just like my story, I was addicted to sahaj marg, I started doubting it when they announced the launch of whispers from brighter world. I can't digest that as they kept on saying where religion ends spirituality begins, but i started seeing a beginning of new religion, other reasons were real estate investments of sahaj marg and using our money for that. so I left and your blogs helped me a lot. I know I have missed few things but I feel I am free from that burden of being part of something which creates a new religion. Thanks to you, Elodie and all your team.

4d-Don said...


Thanks for sharing... We can still help the poor rather than the wealthy ...

You may like our next article (by Alexis, translated by me)


4d-Don said...

Hi all ...

This gang of "materialiststs" and SPIRITUALISTS are still fighting over the "CORRUPT" material which has gathered around the carcass of their "society" and they want to spread that to the WEST as "holy" and "sacred"?? Look to the "SPIRITUALITY" which dwells here and "everywhere" already!! ... and which is ONE!!

This is the Indian "gift" (VENGEANCE??) you may get from this "loving" gang of SPIRITUALISTS if you cross them :

Hide the money Chari!! Hide it in a FOUNDATION managed by the Pharmaceutical barons, and the developers of Hotels and Restaurants from Austin, Texas, USA... Oh, and let us not forget the "WESTERN" blue-jean barons who lust over our material "markets" ....

Hi all...

This is a telling account of Babuji, during his last days in Paris (1982), as told by Sharad, his grandson who was present (he claims) ...

From (read more exposés of Chari here):


When we were going to Paris, Kashiram was to sit with Rev. Babuji in aeroplane in 1st class. Instead, Chari sat with Rev. Babuji and did not allow Kashiram to travel with Him. This action of Chari gave me hint about his intentions and further planning.

At Paris, as I was staying with Rev. Babuji, the same night He
told me “Sharad, I am not happy, let us go back”. I was surprised, but at that time I could not understand why He said so ? Little later, He asked Kashiram to
prepare hukka as he wanted to smoke. He was restless and the night generally passed in His restlessness. Next morning, Chari was busy in meeting people as
per his decided Schedule, being fully aware about his intentions and activities.

The next day He told me “Sharad, Chari wants to become head of SRCM.” Then suddenly He appeared very happy and said : “Ham bhi Ram Chander hain esko estaimal karkey kisi deen ka na chore gai.”. (I am also Ram Chander, I will use him
and leave him worthy for nothing)

What's that they speak with the other side of their mouth for us the "less than human" ??


The Central Region of their "BRIGHTER" World is not a very "special" place, it seems!!

Into the dust bin of history !!

Imagine there's no RELIGION!!

Don ...

4d-Don said...

Hi all...

For those who ask for my e-mail address, I reply here...

I only give out advice or my e-mail address to those I already know personally ...