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The (alleged) Tremendous Growth of Sahaj Marg(tm)

Taken from an artictle by Alexis: Un Croissance Fulgurante, on his French blog in Europe: "La Fabuleuse Épopée du Sahaj Marg"

Tremendous growth

At his death in 1931, Lalaji had 212 followers and the equivalent of ten preceptors, according to his grandson Dinesh Kumar Saxena.   His main disciples have spread his teaching under various denominations: The Sufi Path for his brother and nephews (Golden Sufi Center) like his son (NaqshMuMRa), the Santmat Path of Ramashram Satsang for others.

(For more information (French), see Lalaji between Sufism and Santmat ).

Having met Lalaji 3 times, Babuji was one of his 212 disciples.   Nothing more, nothing less. Unlike others who spread the teaching of Lalaji immediately before his death in Uttar Pradesh and all its surroundings, Babuji did not move until 1944-45. This is when he created the Sahaj Marg, an (alleged) refinement of raja-yoga.   Only his dreams show an affiliation with the teaching of Lalaji.  His teaching gradually gains a foothold in southern India. (Sister) Kasturi becomes his disciple in 1947, (Dr. K.C.) Varadachari in 1955, Chari in 1964 ...
Chari estimates the membership of the Mission to have been 750 abhyasis with a dozen preceptors at his arrival in 1964.   Eight years later in 1972, always according to him, there are not more abhyasis, but fewer (600) but already, there are 60 preceptors.  Finally, at the death of Babuji, we arrive at 3,000 abhyasis and 180 preceptors.
Obviously, these figures should be taken with a word of caution, since Chari is already using them to enhance his role in the development of the SRCM. Globally, between 1945 and 1983, they have gone from one preceptor for less than 10 abhyasis to one for 17 abhyasis.   Enrollment increased by about 20% per year, while the preceptors have not increased by 15%.   What is certain is that the Mission has spread across India, and it started to internationalize in the late 60s.

In 1991, K.C. Narayana, son of Dr. Varadachari estimated the number of abhyasis at around 20,000, and then in 1995, Chari declares the number to be 50,000, then 55,000 in 1997, 75,000 in 2000 and 250,000 in 2005, to return to 150,000 members at the end of 2011!  More seriously, because a list exists, the number of preceptors reached is:  1,129 in 1995, 2,377 in 2007 and 3,014 in late 2011 ...
Undeniably, the growth is strong, very strong, between 1983 and 1995: more than 26% annual increase in membership and more than 16% in preceptors. Then we get one preceptor for thirty (30) abhyasis, knowing that the gap is large between India and abroad (one preceptor for nearly 70 abhyasis in India, against twenty-one elsewhere). The framework is seriously  "to be desired" ...
Since 1995, growth has run out of steam. Chari took the opportunity to strengthen the framework, the number of preceptors increasing faster than the membership, about 6% annual growth in the number of preceptors, while the Indian membership grows by 2 to 3% per year and the number of foreign disciples by only 1%.   This brings us back today to one preceptor for less than 40 abhyasis in India, and for less than 10 abhyasis elsewhere.

Chari continues to appoint preceptors always at the same rhythm to reward his most loyal subjects while the Mission's growth is at "half mast".   At this rate, we should reach nearly 90,000 contributors in 2020 with 75,000 in India and 15,000 elsewhere, with over 5,000 preceptors or one for 25 abhyasis in India and 6 for elsewhere ...
They are getting carried away with their hierarchy!   Here we can see the limits of the system: 200 000 supporters today, 75,000 contributors for 3,000 preceptors, and nearly 250,000 supporters, or 90,000 contributors for over 5,000 preceptors tomorrow (the hopes and wishes of the pyramid acquiring more and more admitted "SLAVES to desires" brought in by other slaves ...)
At this level, multiplying the hierarchical levels is imperative. The preceptor no longer only plays a key role in the Mission. Being a preceptor is no longer enough to access Chari, who does not even know personally all those he has appointed ...

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Comment by "anonymous", to the previous article by Elodie: The Master, the Preceptor and the Disciple", taken from Elodie's French blog in Europe: "Pour Que Vive Le Sahaj Marg".

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"And it brings us back to power - Westerners have a big problem with it"

Different groups have different focus. Only in PR Rajagopalachari's group will you find people concerned with ego and power. A very telling story. This simply does not exist elsewhere: why?

"The preceptor is serving Sahaj Marg"

If he is of the Lowest level, he should be serving mankind, shouldn't he? If he is of the Highest level, he Would be serving God. But what to think about those serving the 3M's, ie Themselves?

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