Sunday, September 09, 2012

Whisper From Babuji, Founder of Sahaj Marg, from the Brighter World!

I received this message from "anonymous", in Bangalore, Karnataka, India, in the comments to my translation of Élodie's blog in Europe, titled (in English on this blog) : "At Sahaj Marg(tm), It's Full Powers for Kamlesh D. Patel". Élodie's blog is called: "Pour Que Vive Le Sahaj Marg".

Comment by 4d-Don:

These Whispers (channeled messages), allegedly from Babuji, Lalaji, Chari's mother, Chari's wife, "other elevated souls" including some "beings of light", are channeled by an anonymous French Lady Medium, who is an abhyasi of Sahaj Marg(tm), but who is not a professional Medium. Babuji died April 13, 1983. Lalaji died in 1931.

The "whispers" (500-600 of them) are packaged in an "opulent" book, and sold every year (one per year @ $150.00 USD) as a major fund-raiser for SRCM (Califronia - 1997), Chari's society.

Maybe soon, Sahaj Marg will also have "angels", archangels, demons, etc..." , and since they already have a "Central Region" and a "Brighter World", then soon they may include a "Darker World" (hell??), for a complete mechanism of "Fear and Temptation", just like a Spiritualist RELIGION!!

How the Spiritual have sold out their spirit, their "ONE-ness", for a penny or two ... a shiny metallic icon, representing the illusion of the temporal power of the material !

This Whisper was sent to the subscribing abhyasis on Sept. 4, 2012.

Anonymous Said:

Hi Don,

Thanks for your perseverance! I will attempt to write out the message now. Here we go:

"We are waiting for you here in this sacred place where your heart lays itself bare. This surrender allows messages to be noted down. Having a gift would not be enough; for this, another dimension must be added to this mediumistic capacity. It requires total commitment and, above all, extraordinary love. An appropriate vibration ensures that these lines are written and in time will produce a tremendous contribution to our Mission. In the future, these writings will become unavoidable; they will be an integral part of our teaching, that is how it is. Minds will keep opening up to this reality for the good of human beings. Unprecedented openness will occur in this direction; we need to go forward and lead our brothers and sisters to a broad understanding of these phenomena that are ignored by many people. Progress continues to be cited; it seems to be the key word in this modern society. Perhaps it too should open up to other possibilities far removed from materiality!"

"Our brothers and sisters should also approach this reality that is beyond them. Indeed, since this reality is voluntarily ignored, modern society does not have access to knowledge as proposed in these times when darkness prevails on many levels. These comments may be shocking, but it is high time that minds open up and that this aspect of life is no longer ignored. We are not the first ones in this area to use this means of communication. We have already said it, but it was never made clear, hence the current state of ignorance on this point in certain countries. We need to go forward; therefore may all abhyasis open up to this teaching. Such is our wish for the good of all."

Babuji Maharaj

Anonymous said:

Shall I translate this for any of you? OK, here we go:

Stop thinking critically, and stop questioning these messages that are coming straight from the divine! Who are you to question these messages, you who live in ignorance, you who are not yet evolved enough to open to "certain realities"?

You are not to question these divine dictates, but gladly accept them!

Thanks, glad to be of service. I am free to translate any whispers, for anyone who is curious. No charge! Just send me the page number, and include which volume number (1-4), and I'll post a translation.

Happy cult-skewering!

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