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Sahaj Marg(tm) and Meditation 7th Yoga!!

Taken and translated from an article by Alexis: "Meditation 7th Yoga", on Élodie's blog in Europe: "Pour Que Vive Le Sahaj Marg"

Don's Comment:

Read on this blog: "Chari's Nightmare".

Spirituality Unites and Religion Divides, then what we have here with Sahaj Marg, or Sahaj Marg (tm), is simply another "divisive religion". A Cult of Personality" (ego). Chari's fear was that SRCM would schism into 240 pieces.
That means that there are only 230 divisions left to achieve. Some future President of SRCM (California-1997) will no doubt claim that Chari was a PROPHET !!


September 12, 2012

7th Yoga

of Sahaj Marg: yet one more ...

Everyone knows the main trend of Sahaj Marg(tm) (by the number of abhyasis) it's Lalaji-Babuji-Chari (and soon Kamlesh Patel); almost as well known are the trends of Lalaji-Babuji-Kasturi, Lalaji-Babuji-Varadachari (ISRC of Narayana), Lalaji-Babuji and his descendants (Navneet, Puneet and Sharad). We also have: Lalaji-Babuji-Srivastava, Lalaji-Babuji-Rao or Reddy, the full preceptors, or Lalaji-Babuji-Poray (in France) or even Lalaji-Babuji-Swamiji (IUSCM, the latest discovery).

That therefore added up to at least 9 ramifications if one considers that Sharad and Navneet play their game together, which is far from clear, given the atmosphere of cupidity (greed?) that rocks the family of Babuji. But I just found a tenth ramification: Lalaji-Babuji-Vivekananda, or rather, we should write Lalaji-Vivekananda-Babuji the ramification put in place by Sri SR Murthy and Smt Jaya Murthy, who particularly put forward Swami Vivekananda, nothing less! That one, we have not had "pulled on us" yet. Many individuals, many interpretations of the texts and words of the great Babuji ...

For Sri SR Murthy and Smt Jaya Murthy, the Eternal President of the Mission is Swami Vivekananda, as it says in the autobiography of Babuji. The Master / Guru is Babuji forever. The Mission is the gross body of Babuji Maharaj, the method is his more subtle body and its soul is the Master himself.

attach great importance to the autobiography of Babuji, and they notably quote some excerpts from the second part (Volume III - April 1945-June 1955):

Swami Vivekananda dictation : 03-04-1945
“You are not at leisure at any time (now). Duties are coming concerning constructive progressive programme of your organisation and one alone. You will get this plan and programme from Lord Krishna. We have both agreed on this point, i.e. constructive work perfectly under my guidance. no concern with your revered Master Lalaji in that regard. I am the head of this department. viz. construction. Spiritual work He (Lalaji) will do. This is a Permanent arrangement.”

Swami Vivekananda dictation : 23-7-1945
“Accept and convey my heart-felt sympathy and blessings to the workers of the Mission. It is the will of the over-ruling Providence to have such an organization permanently run. This is not at all the play of human brain. The scheme I have given is divine.”

Swami Vivekananda dictation : 29-7-1945
“Your position as president of the Mission is only nominal. I am working in your form at present. The same system will go on in case of every president following you. The post is very important ; and not open to everybody. I assure you but one thing and your Guru said the same somewhere, viz. your mistakes will count much and can not be excused easily. The higher the position one enjoys. The more burdened one is. Be alert and careful to do your duty calmly consultation, of course, you can have amongst yourselves; but you most not abide big it unless you consult me and get confirmation, specially in matters concerning the Mission and no doubt in other matters also, in general.

In the case of the Mission work, I am the authority.
The rest depends on your Master, who has bestowed this authority on me everything, no doubt, is under the control of your revered Master here and above, but he has distributed some (parts) of his work to different sages, making himself more free for you.”

Sri SR Murthy and Smt Jaya Murthy are at the head of a movement called Meditation 7th Yoga, Sathpath Shri Ramchandra Mission of Meditation, Yoga and Spiritual Life Society, with headquarters at Visakhapatnam (Andhra Pradesh, India).

In 2011, they created a website '', but this may not have pleased the SRCM (California-1997) of Chari who probably took it from them, and we can only assume that Murthy gave in to threats of lawsuits. So they changed the domain name to: in September 2011. It remains no less that they still use the same logo (emblem) as the SRCM, created by Babuji ... And "Whispered" by Vivekananda? Or was that by Lalaji, I do not know anymore !

It is while seeking more information about Sharad that I stumbled onto this group. Indeed, Sharad and SC Kishore visited them in December, 2010 to say that they had been called by Babuji to reunify (unite / align) Sahaj Marg ...

For more information (in French), see Ramifications


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