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More Allegations and Accusations From the Family of Babuji, Founder of Sahaj Marg

This article by Shubh Chintak Kishore appeared on "Society for Babuji's Mission" (in the section:  "latest events", also called: "Spotlight".  See more articles at: Society for Babuji's Mission.

4d-Don's Comment:  Apparently, S.C. Kishore and Sharad Chandra Saxena, Babuji's grandson, are receiving these "spiritualist" (from the "Spirit" world) messages directly from Babuji, the Founder of Sahaj Marg, who passed away in 1983 and now allegedly resides in the "Central Region" of their "Brighter World".   They founded the Society for Babuji's Mission, to pubicize Babuji's wishes as expressed in his Messages.  

One would like to see the allegations which are made, substantiated.  Where is the evidence?  Does the Spirit of Babuji have any "proof"?  Allegations (I highlighted below)  such as: "He raised an empire of money by designating himself as Living Master and diverted that fortune to his family and friends at the cost of the Mission (SRCM)."

Posted On 23/9/2012 at 2:11

Shubh Chintak Kishore

This morning at 6.00 A M (IST), Rev. Babuji said
“Hamara Kiya hua to jug zahir hai,”

Then He continued in a sorrowful voice
“Hamare baad jo hogha, uska Khuda hafiz hai”

[My deeds are visible to the world,
After me, what will happen, God is savior for that ]

Rev. Babuji was born with power as He had to introduce something original to the world. For this reason such persons who are “founders” of their system have no ‘guru’ or ‘master’ . They are guided by themselves, like Lord Gautam Buddha, Jesus Christ and others.

Rev. Babuji had to popularize His concept of Sahaj – Marg that this system was for common man living in grahastha (family life) and he/she was not to renounce the family life for spirituality. He gave very high approaches by His power to certain persons even without their being capable of such approaches. Not only that, He also made them realize the conditions of higher regions where they were placed. They also wrote their conditions from time to time when they are in those Region/conditions and their experience were publicized and are well known. His idea was that efficacy of Sahaj Marg reaches ordinary house-holder through the experience of another householder with a view to create confidence in common man. Such preceptors were given position became known all over the world. These deeds of Rev. Babuji are visible to the world as also in the “Brighter World”. However, preceptors of the Mission, selected for the purpose, started considering themselves as another guru and practically side tracked Rev. Babuji except for lip-service. In consequence such persons slipped down even below their level at which they joined the Mission . Though Rev. Babuji was very unhappy with such behaviour of these persons and many other preceptors, Yet He tolerated them in the expectation that one day they would realize their mistakes.

Some of us are knowing what an amount of difficulty Rev. Babuji had to face in pushing Dr K.C.Vardhachari to liberated zone. But this became possible because He was physically living at that time.

But after the mahasamadhi, He has transformed into Power. After that several persons started using the power which they thought they were having by virtue of their being designated as ‘Preceptors’ by the Founder, for making money and popularizing them, the fore-runners amongst them being Sri K.C.Narayana s/o Dr K C Vardhachari and Parthasarthi Rajagopalachari, but in the race in a short span of time Chari bet others hallow. He raised an empire of money by designating himself as Living Master and diverted that fortune to his family and friends at the cost of the Mission (SRCM).

There were accusations that Babuji’s family members were not attentive towards puja. He was impartial to His family member and others for purposes of puja, He considered all alike. However, one of His family members has been rewarded by Him being worthy amongst all the abhyasis. For argument sake, on the same analogy, why did Chari not make his son Krishna as his successor ? In the first instance the person he made to succeed him, but he refused after sometime because it was money alone which he would be inheriting which will have problems, so he refused. The other person whom he has declared his successor to his money empire, has not yet declared his acceptance and is trying to wriggle out viewing the ensuing problems which shall follow him (Chari). This is Chari’s leadership that his own followers do not have confidence in him, unlike Rev. Babuji’s stewardship where several persons like Chari were created, which are known worldwise and still respected because they are Rev. Babuji’s followers. Chari could not make money in his own name though he was wordly wise. He could not do anything in his name as his name was not marketable. So he build the money empire in Rev. Babuji and Shri Ram Chandra Mission’s name.

Now, the abovesaid words of Rev. Babuji which He uttered in a voice full of sorrow “Hamare baad jo hogha, uska Khuda hafiz hai” will apply, because after merging with Power, there will be no emotions with power.

God only is the savior for all such persons.





Michael said...

To best verify the authenticity of Babuji's various channelers, I propose a the following:

On September 30th, I will go to a sacred place and pick a flower. I will press it in a book, then place it in a safe place.

I know Babuji loved flowers and was always curious about their names. He will remember asking me about the name of the flowers in a garden we once walked through together before his passing. He will tell me when this happened and where. He will also tell me the name and color of this flower that I will have picked on September 30th.

These two pieces of information, provided correctly upon the first try, will at least verify the psychic abilities of the said "channeler". There will be an additional piece of information provided, which I have not listed here , which will verify if the message truly comes from the Brighter World from the spirit of Babuji.

All channeled responses can be posted in confidence as comments on:

I will not publish the answers. I will only publish positive results. All unsuccessful channelers should no longer have their messages propagated on our blogs going forward.


4d-Don said...

Hi Michael...

lol lol lol

Good one ... One can only laugh at it all ... seriously!

They're being "silly" and we are trying to test and prove their silliness ... "How silly" are they really? ... I bet we could sell this!! lol lol lol ... as a "novel"!!

Now that J.K Rowling is not writing any more "Harry Potter" (fantasy, fiction) novels, there is an opening in the market place!!

Can I give you a prediction about the outcome?? Would that make me a "PROPHET" or just "reason-able"? What are the odds?


Now I'm curious!! Well knock me down, pick me up and knock me down again ... and then, call me silly! ;-))


4d-Don said...

Alexis wrote this comment on Elodie's blog in Europe: Pour Que Vive Le Sahaj Marg:

Alexis said ...

Revenge, Vendetta & Co

For almost 30 years, Chari reigns supreme, almost as much silence from Sharad!

Dismissed in 1983 by the Working Committee, they chose his uncle Umesh Chandra. Curiously, he does not say a word about this, not any more than about his cousins Navneet and Puneet, who nevertheless have fought tirelessly against Chari during these 30 years ...

Nature punishes Chari today say Sharad and his sidekick! Would Nature be named Sharad?

They annoy us with the "Paris Declaration", a document signed by Babuji, written by his eldest son, Prakash, and defended by Sharad in Paris in August September, 1982. Supposedly Chari opposed it fiercely, rising-up the Danish abhyasis against it, because they apparently would have blackmailed Babuji, declaring to him that they would leave the Mission if he read it ...

Given the state of physical and mental health of Babuji at this time ...

And above all, the content contains nothing revolutionary. The organization proposed by Babuji (or Sharad and his father, Prakash) is hardly different from that which Chari has put in place since then ... or there are subtleties that escape me!

As for the Babuji's messages from the other world, today, we are used to them. The only thing that changes is the medium ... and the content (tone) of the messages! But we are used to the contradictions ...

Thursday, September 27, 2012

Anonymous said...

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