Saturday, September 15, 2012

Babuji, Founder of Sahaj Marg is an Inexhaustible Talker!

Taken and translated from a French article: "Babuji est un Bavard intarissable", by Élodie, on her blog: "Pour Que Vive Le Sahaj Marg", in Europe.

4d-Don's Comments: If you see someone staring at their navel or talking to themselves, while looking up to the sky, don't call the "men in white", it could simply be an abhyasi of Sahaj Marg(tm) (trade-marked for TRADE and COMMERCE), practicing their "spiritualism" and communicating with the deceased spirit of their founder (or some other "elevated souls" of the dead, Chari's mother, Chari's wife, "beings of light", etc... ), who apparently now live in the "central region" of their "Brighter World" ... OUT THERE, (as in Scientology), IN THE AIR or ABOVE THE CLOUDS (as in many religions ... such as Christianity, Islam, Judaism, etc...).

Babuji, an ex court clerk while living, is now allegedly their Saviour or their "Liberator" from the eternal curse of the cycle of birth and re-birth) ...

OMO (Oh My ONE-ness) ;-))

Let's be REAL now!! They claim to seek REALITY with Sahaj Marg which means: The "easy" or the "Natural Path" ... O... K !! Once upon a time, in a little village far, far away in India, there was little boy who was God incarnate !! ....

September 15, 2012

is an inexhaustible talker

Chari is now nearing the end, and Babuji returns to "front and center" stage, talkative and inexhaustible. Babuji is reborn while Chari is becoming eclipsed.

There was
Whispers (from the Brighter World). Now Babuji also speaks to Kishore and Sharad:

See on: Society For Babuji's Mission

S.C. Kishore said :

“Follow and accept only the founder of the system as Ever Living Master if spiritual growth is desired”.

Important wishes of Rev. Babuji Maharaj are still waiting to be brought into practice.

Babuji, “I did not wish to explain about my wishes during my life time, because I was not sure if people will follow and practice. If not, it will become sin and they will be punished. And no one will be competent to save them. Many things which I wanted will be disclosed after my life by a capable selected person to be implemented. Nature will create the circumstances which will force living beings to follow and practice. Those who fail to do so, they should be ready for punishment ”.

at 5.10 AM dated 6th Sep 2012.

Chari has been misguiding innocent members of Sahaj-Marg System that physical living master is required for spiritual progress, and presented self as living master. He said many a times that Babuji is dead and gone.

Sharad Chandra said :

Conversation with Rev. Babuji Maharaj on 12th September 2012, at 5.40 P.M. (IST) at Chennai (India)

Babuji :“Writings of S.C.Kishore & Sharad Chandra should be documented under the title “Haqeeqat Benaqaab” (Reality without covering), as these are truly highlighting about my mission and the damage caused by unethical actions of worthless self styled masters for their selfish material objects.
It is very important to bring to the notice of the living beings present and those yet to be born to know the reality in reality. I wish my mission to be correctly understood by all the deserving living beings for practice. The choice I leave on them” .


Accordingly, efforts have to be made by us to bring to the notice of largest number of people world over these instruction of the Master – Rev. Babuji Maharaj.

Elodie said:

Is Babuji an inexhaustible talker (whisper-er)? Let us enjoy it. I think many of us want answers to some of our questions, or at least some clarification. -Why did he change his mind on Chari in 1982 and named Umesh Chandra?
-Why would he choose Sharad today?
-Will he talk to Kamlesh Patel?

Already one anonymous "Babuji's Messenger" invited him/herself to be among the invited "media" of Babuji in 2010, it was the first of the "Mediums" in the midst of the Whispers hoax/scam. This time it is "open door" to mystifications and shenanigans of all kinds.

that yesterday, he (Babuji) said to me:
"They have all gone astray from my Sahaj Marg system. When I see the damage, I say STOP. On behalf of Sahaj Marg and in my name, they have massacred spirituality. They must be stopped, all of them."

do not believe? You should, it's more realistic than anything we read all day long.



Monkey Man said...

I bring a message from Creator him/her/it self with regards to all this chatter from dead people:

Creator says, " ".

Monkey Man attempts to interpret this message from Creator:

"True substance comes from the void of silence. Words only clutter the message that the heart yearns to recieve."

I have said too many words already and have nothing more to say.

With love from the Spirit Forest,

Monkey Man

4d-Don said...

Hi Monkey Man...

To emulate your wisdom, and in harmony with SPIRIT in Nature, I leave MIND (you and us) in " " silence also ...

Don ...

Anonymous said...

How many people exactly is Babuji supposedly channeling through? Seriously I cant keep up.... is it just me or is everyone exhausted by all this sci-fi nonsense?

4d-Don said...

Hi Anonymous ...

Is that counting Elodie as a Medium also? lol lol

Let us hope that the "adherents" (as in "adhesive", the "stuck", the glued, etc...) of Sahaj Marg(tm) will be exhausted enough by this FICTION, and will keep their hands on their wallets when the next Whispers From the Brighter World, channeled by their "Anonymous French Lady Medium" (AFLM), comes out in April, 2013. Then, the SRCM (California-1997) will try to get another $150.00 USD from the gullible spiritualist "suckers" ...

One can't blame those who make money from these poor gullible and naive addicts, they are after all being "educated". After all, in a country of 1.3 Billion, one has to make a living as one can. It's a "Buyer Beware" or "bye-bye" dollars with these "spiritualists" who have "standards of Spirituality" mentionned in their Constitution and "BYE"-Laws, so as to stop the "evil" of "mistaken and wrongful ideas in the name of Spirituality" !! ... Like "channeling"????

(no kidding ...)

See their Constitution and "Bye"-laws (spelled "bye", as in "hello" ... Buyere Beware or "bye-bye" dollars!). See here:

Maybe Sharad and SC Kishore can start a "Medium" business/service and channel Babuji for MONEY or for "a donation" !! (tax exempt of course!!)

As my folks in Acadia say:

Ah! Ah! Ah! What a mess, what a mess, what a mess...

or another famous quote:

What a tangled web we weave when first we set out to deceive.

These gullible fools deserve what they get (the fantasy they pay for)... and some even "believe it" and teach it to the children of the next generation as "FACT" ... SCIENCE, they claim !!

LIES, I say!

Don ...

4d-Don said...

Correction from above:

I wrote: "Standards of Spirituality", but in the Constitution and Bye-laws, they call their "standards": "Standards of SPIRITUALISM"...

Is that not the "classical" FREUDIAN slip?? They are telling us in their own legal documents, what they are in REALITY !! ...

Anonymous said...

The sad thing is, that love, which is supposedly what this whole system is based upon, seems to be sorely absent from all the current proceedings. Am I the only one picking up on this.

4d-Don said...

Hi Anonymous...

Lalaji wrote this of Babuji when he passed him over as "region-in-charge" for Shahjahanpur:"

See evidence here on Alexis's blog (towards the end of the document called: Epitome of Sahaj Marg, originally posted by Dinesh Kumar Saxena, grandson of Lalaji and Dean of NaqshMuMRa... founder of NaqshMuMRa Nexus (recently removed (by his son??) who is now an abhuasi of Chari (A preceptor of Chari gave him a job). Dinesh was very ill when he posted this and was under pressure from Chari and by his family to remove it (he called their methods: "torture" ... but he wanted the TRUTH to be out there ... (Thank you Dinesh ... The dean of this Sufi Stream seem "honorable" and honest, unlike some other "ism" of opportunistic "businessmen"

Brother Ram Chandra undoubtedly has ability and agility in this respect, but I am sorry that due to restrictions of his father, narrowness of heart and space, and intricacies of his home, my sagacity did not permit me for the time being to throw the responsibility on him. …”

(see much more information on Babuji's relationship to Lalaji on Alexis's site: "Epitome of Sahaj Marg". Babuji's family did not appreciate him serving a "Muslim" Master... and his heart was apparently affected by that, according to Lalaji.

And Babuji said this of Chari in a letter to Chari to respond to his queery about why he was removed from the position of "secretary of the Mission" in 1982, shortly before Babuji died in Paris (poison the family claims)... Umesh, Babuji's son and successor) was also allegedly poisonned, and died in 1995.

This letter is Chari's reply.

See his remark about:

"glittering in the heart is also not there, which you want". (LOVE??)

and this letter from Babuji (Feb. 15, 1963 (St. Valentine's day, the feast of "LOVE"??) posted on NaqshMuMra Nexus regarding the organizations of Lalaji. Is that love and respect for his "sufi" Master?? NOT!! (click on it to enlarge and read)... Not true and not very loving, very egotistical, dis-respectful of other "religions" and of his own Master's MISSION and their disciples ...

"The Mahomadan systems have all breathed their last and this, the Sahaj Marga, (in his own hand-writing) the only ONE, has emerged in their place"

and this RACISM and Sexism by Babuji and Chari (brought forward by Frank, ex-preceptor of Chari, and region-in-Charge for the Netherlands??

Franks now has a blog: Pitfalls of Spirituality

Article on Racism at Sahaj Marg, on this blog:

and this by Chari accusing others of "moral degradation" for helping those with AIDS...(as if they were all "homosexuals"...

No ... NO love there at all ... Much Preaching by all at Sahaj Marg with many words for others, as they pretend to care about LOVE (honour, honesty, etc..) for others, but for them?? Nah-ah!! ...

NADA!! Much of the moral and ethical problems of the world are there in Sahaj Marg (tm) and SRCM, in spades ... in these "businessmen" ...

Don ...