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Sahaj Marg: Patel, the Guru 2.0

Translation of article by Alexis: "Patel, le Gourou 2.0", posted on Elodie's blog in Europe: Pour Que Vive Le Sahaj Marg.  Taken from an article: "Patel, le Gourou 2.0",  and app on Alexis'  blog: "Sahaj Connects, Meditation Anywhere Anytime".

October 11, 2015
Sahaj Marg: Patel, Guru 2.0 

According to a message from Alexis: Patel, Guru 2.0

Sahaj connect: Meditation anywhere/anytime meditation

He spoke about it, and he did! The smartphone app is already available ...

3: 39 AM, you wake up. It comes on like a need to piss, you suddenly need a sitting! No problem, log in and press the "now" button: in the cloud, an (any?) "available" preceptor from anywhere on the globe, or as if from nowhere, will answer ...

Then, Patel dreamed of a professional 24/7 meditation service accessible by insomniac abhyasis in full crisis! A terribly consumerist vision of spirituality to grab the maximum market share of 2.0 Meditation.
Since he (Patel is a pharmacist)  sold his pharmaceutical products on the web, he now wants to impose an on-line 24/7 spiritual consulting, enslaving his followers (will preceptors now be  volunteering to be "on-call", servicing all abhyasis?) to the ephemeral and versatile needs of the general public.


 HeartFulness, or the proposition of the  Uberisation  of Sahaj Marg
“For such a person, who is able to maintain the connection with the inner Self, there is no need for meditation. On a spiritual path like Sahaj Marg, there must come a time when we really become professionals in meditation. Our meditative state is then for 24/7. 
(...) With this Heartfulness approach, if you do feel stuck and you cannot go to a preceptor for a sitting, call them and request a remote sitting instead.”
(...) [Patel] also said that we are about to take Sahaj Marg to the next level. “I know in France you don't like this application Uber, but I like it so much. Say you are in Tokyo, and in the middle of the night you want a sitting, you can go online and someone awake in Los Angeles can give you a sitting. I think a day will come when our Masters will give us permission to work masterfully. Our job is to dream of such things so that they become possible.”
(In Bulletin No: 2015.107 – Thursday September 10, 2015)
Uberisation again:  “[Kamlesh] remarked that preceptors should be working all the time and not just while giving the sittings.
(Hyderabad,  8/08/2015 in Echoes of India, Sept. 2015)

Uberisation still: Sahaj connect,  Meditation anywhere anytime!
Nine (9) months and 1 novelty per day! For the SRCM, Sahaj Marg and the abhyasis, the revolution is in full swing.  First a Patel / Peyret duo for a (Medium/Guru) spiritualist governance. Then, meditation for all and by all  with HeartFulness. Finally the devaluation of the power of preceptors, tailored and exploit-able ... to a  "thank you very much"  ...


4d-Don said...

Blogger Alexis said on Elodie's blog... here:

Sahaj Connect, Patel's present for his 59th anniversary:

As you may be aware, we have released a new mobile application or app called Sahaj Connect during revered Kamlesh bhai’s birthday celebrations in Tiruppur. This is a mobile phone application that allows abhyasis to connect with preceptors across the globe and request for remote sittings. There are several other features in the application to support remote sittings. Please find details about this application on our website at http:


The application has currently been launched for Android mobile phones and will be made available for Apple and Windows platforms soon.

To use this application, you need to first register and authenticate as an abhyasi or a preceptor. Your Mission ID card number is required for this purpose during registration. In case you are using the preceptor central application for preceptors, which was launched in India, then you may skip the registration and directly log in using your preceptor user ID and password. Otherwise, you may also login or register either through the app or using this URL

The detailed steps to register and login as well as user guide for this app are at For any additional queries, please send an email to

(in Bulletin No: 2015.114 – Friday October 9, 2015)

Tuesday, Octobre 13, 2015

Anonymous said...

You didn't publish my comment Don? What a shame!!


4d-Don said...

Hi Patrick...(and generators of two other recent comments)

Sorry... my bad. Three comments were deleted in error... and before I could read them myself.

If I was still a catholic, I would have to ask forgiveness from Jesus for that; but since I am not religious, I will have to rely on your forgiveness ... and then, to repent and then to atone for that "evil deed" (or "become "AT ONE" with)

I think I have the problem fixed ... but this new Windows 10 is still giving me some problems.


Monkey Man said...

EEK! The "Uberization" of the sacred space between a human heart and Creation. I fear what abomination is next. Premium services to receive darshan from inhabitants of the alleged Brighter World? Instant messaging from she who whispers for the dead masters?

I visited Parthasarathi in a dream vision shortly after his departure from this physical world. He was sad. He was disappointed with the dark and desolation of his surroundings. It could certainly not be confused as a bright place. I felt compelled to console him. I have not visited him since as it is far from the Spirit Forest and is not a very happy place. It is where one goes to contemplate their life's achievements and failures. I wonder if the whispers woman has revealed this fact. Would she ever tell?

My condolences to those who seek spirituality from their wireless contraptions. May they find Spirit/Creator within their own hearts without the aid of software.

Blessings from the Spirit Forest,

Monkey Man

4d-Don said...

Hi all... as a comment to Monkey Man's article:

Chari thought that Babuji would send him to VENUS after his worldly journey.... hmmm!! Maybe Sahaj Marg's so-called "brighter world" is not so "bright" ... Venus is covered in gas ... and reflects the light from the sun...

Venus is not a star but a gas covered planet ... and not very bright ITSELF...

The sun is the source of Venus's "... Brightness" and that brightness is then reflected in space and is visible from earth .... The surface of Venus is not Bright and hence, it can't be called the "brighter world".

See this article on this blog and "search" on this blog other references to "Venus" by Chari...