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The "Healers" of Sahaj Marg

Translation of an article by Elodie: "Les 'Guérisseurs' du Sahaj Marg", on her blog in Europe: Pour Que Vive Le Sahaj Marg.

October 22, 2015 

The "Healers" of Sahaj Marg

Frodon said on:  Sahaj Marg From the Age of Twelve Years Old 

Good evening,

In response to Elodie, I do not have evidence of what I say, but I'm sure the preceptors taking future followers in therapy (false therapy, since a person performing a para-medical profession has no competence in practicing as a psychotherapist) seek both to increase their self-value and to "hook" (their target)  by suggesting that they have a gift of healing, and that they will in turn be able to establish themselves as as a (pseudo-?) therapist (psycho-genealogist, kinesiologist, etc ...).  

Some people consult them without asking them what their course of study is. I can give you, beside the blogs, links that can lead to followers (this time with supporting evidence) on the Net stating their claim to heal. I can also testify about abhyasis who before me state that they hoped to enrich themselves, exercising their false? therapy or that it is what they long wanted, to be in the "care" of people.  

If you look carefully around you, there are in all villages and neighborhoods of some people with no serious study or training, with just a few internships in a year practicing as kinesiologist, pranatherapist, psychogenealogist, etc ... There is no need to be a abhyasi, but abhyasis are more open to these magical healing practices as the rest of the population, for sure. In the 1000-1500 abhyasis in France, they are legion, as it is a way to approach and to financially abusing the sick, the elderly or those in psychological distress, and thus to allow the group to grow and to collect the money without much promotion.

@ Elodie, I answer your second question. RYE the association was founded by teacher to promote Yoga in school. Most of the current literature on the sects mentions yoga classes as one of the modes of hooking  for the most common and often dangerous, psycho-spiritual groups with magical healing practices. SRCM recruits either from these false therapies performed by the abhyasis or the preceptors who guide their victims to the meetings at the ashram. I have testimonials that young families have been recruited in this way.  

The second factor for input to a sectarian group is youth. It is easier to "shape" a brain young! I can send you documents proving that abhyasi joined the RYE association,recently approved by the Ministry of Education, and offers yoga classes to families, and children in schools!  

Whereas the Peillon reform in primary schools and whose aim is entirely laudable, sports courses have been deleted because municipalities can not fund them; we will offer yoga to children with "facilitators" to more than vague formations and dangerous acquaintances with a guru !!! I can send copies of web pages in a number of schools involved in the partnership. Everyone can find them, just type "Yoga in Schools" in your area, then it's a long-term work for links with groups reported by the associations.



Anonymous said...

Hey Don and all,

Though I am a practicing abhyasi, I would have to agree that one should be circumspect of alternative healing, and of ensuring that they have the correct qualifications when offering a service.

In Ireland there is one psychotherapist who will offer Sahaj Marg at the end of his treatments (although even Babuji discouraged this in a Whisper, but I know what you think of them!). However, he is also an excellent world renowned psychotherapist who played a huge role in transforming the Irish mental health system for the better.

I agree with you. There should definitely be a separation of your spiritual and professional practices in this way, as Sahaj Marg was never designed to be a treatment for those who have mental difficulties.

I guess if someone is offering you some sort of alternative healing, as always, you have to use your intellect and judgement and proceed as you best see fit.


4d-Don said...

Blogger Alexis said ...

HeartFulness, a relaxation technique to reduce stress, increase concentration, business success ... and lose weight!

Sahaj marg, a spiritualist system that aims to transform the world ... like Maharishi Transcendental Meditation had the ambition in the past.

These are the two faces of SRCM today. Is the HeartFulness generation aware of the hidden side of the system?

Kamlesh Patel, is Hyde ... of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. ...

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4d-Don said...

Hi all...

The above is a translation of a comment by Alexis on Elodie's blog in Europe: Pour Que Vive Le Sahaj Marg...