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Sahaj Marg: Patel/Peyret, A Two-Headed Mission

Translation of an article by Elodie: "Sahaj Marg: Patel/Peyret, Une Mission Bicéphale", on her blog in Europe: Pour Que Vive Le Sahaj Marg.

September 27, 2015

Sahaj Marg: Patel / Peyret, a Two-Headed Mission

Kamlesh Patel took the reins of power nine months ago, first starting by criticizing the patronage system of his predecessor Chari, and then upsetting the role of preceptors and transforming thoroughly the approach of Sahaj Marg with Heartfulness Meditation. A Revolution in the operation of the Shri Ram Chandra Mission, which does not awaken any great waves of protests, apparently.

The key to its success hinges on the seamless approval and support of the Masters Heirarchy from the Brighter 

World, namely the recurring messages from "Whispers" written by the medium and disseminated daily by the Mission.

What would happen if the AFLM (Anonymous French Lady Medium) lost the inspiration or suddenly disavowed the Patel method?

The last living Master of Sahaj Marg is not an imbecil, he immediately recognized his Achilles heel and he now assiduously courts the one of whom he revealed the anonymity:
“our most cherished medium Mother Helene Peyret“.

 The first action of the new guru / President of SRCM was to go to the bedside of the medium in France, in Montpellier. It was January 3, only two weeks after the death of Chari. In May 2015, Patel returned to see her again,  just prior to launching with great fanfare the meditation program Heartfulness Meditation in Lyon, (in the South of France).  

And on September 2nd, he was again at  Helen Peyret's place who, a few days later, wrote this message (a whisper written by the medium and (allegedly?) signed by Babuji, dated September 9th, 2015):

"Sahaj Marg has become a vast movement whose importance will be confirmed over time; it evolves into different aspects of practice to better adapt to various needs. The current Master at the helm of this very large ship is not only guided, but he has some very remarkable personal resources that allow him to deal (with issues?) as he should. He is supported by the entire Hierarchy, which approves all those necessary changes. (...) It is not always easy to gather together, and to convince all the elements of a large family on the need for such a transformation, and yet it is only necessary to adapt so as to better progress and then act in the direction of  what is good for this Sahaj Marg Mission which is so dear to us. (...) "

Alexis wrote on January 13th: Sahaj Marg; When a Woman Takes Power

"Who really leads the Mission today? Patel or Babuji and Chari from Beyond? The medium or Patel? To ask the question is to reply ... (...) Like a "gray eminence" (power behind the throne?), the medium directs Patel. Sahaj Marg and SRCM are controlled from behind the scene, by a woman. For now, Patel and the medium seem to agree. The medium approves the decisions made by Chari in his lifetime, she seems to have chosen to give her support to Patel. But until when? Tomorrow things could change ... and who would win? Does Patel control the medium? Nothing is less certain! Unless he (Patel) himself writes the so-called messages (Whispers?) of Babuji and Chari, Patel is totally subjected to  her influence. (...) "

 Every four months, Patel goes to the home of his favorite medium for this pampering. The main promoter of unity within the Mission, Patel dearly bought his legitimacy by begging the support of Helen Peyret, who for the moment grants it to him.

Chari died December 20, 2014. Seven days later, Helen Peyret writes: 

"(...) Changes will occur in the Mission: New rules will be established (...)". And the next day: "(...) While decisions will be taken; he [Patel] will be constantly guided and better informed about what to do. (...)"  

In their time, Babuji and Chari said that the Master of Sahaj Marg could never be a woman. The dependency relationship is reciprocal, but remains fragile. 

Hélène Peyret (apparently?  Because she is a woman?) cannot become a master of Sahaj Marg, but nothing prevents her from disavowing Patel with an "assassin whisper". What would happen then? 

And in this duet in which each holds the other up, which of the two is responsible for the current transformations?




4d-Don said...

Translation from comments on Elodie's blog in Europe:

Anonymous said ...

In the same spirit, here are two excerpts from the Babuji / Hélène Peyret Whispers:

"(...) Our dear son Kamlesh is a fighter, an innovator; and he had to be thus because of the expansion of this spiritual path, suited to the present time (...). "(06.07.2015)

"(...) The heart of Sahaj Marg is in India, but it is projected around the world. (...) The Masters of the Hierarchy are carefully following its expansion on Earth. Change will happen at the organizational level to meet the needs of all, at all places, and other requirements corresponding to the present time. Everything will be done for the good of this Mission, to promote a desired and expected expansion as it should. (...) The action force of Sahaj Marg is real, you can believe it, the Masters of the Hierarchy can gauge their importance, and there will no stopping its expansion worldwide. (...) "(08.15.2015)

Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Anonymous said...

You stupid ass, just mind your own business.

4d-Don said...

Hi you!!

This world is MY business ... even the spiritualist fantasies you and your "ilk" create and falsely spread as "spirituality"

As long as the "religious" and "spiritualists" of this world are so angry, and are using words and acts of "hatred" and "division", we, the GOOD PEOPLE of this world, will continue to use words of REASON, and try and reach the rational people ... At some point, you too will want to make sense and will crave "logic" and REASON...

Freedom is our gift from Nature ... Information will set all free!!

Do not believe blindly... question everything that the so-called: "believers" spew as fact ... The religious and spiritualists are so "materialist"... Go to SPIRIT, not to idols and their "dogmas"...


DeepL said...

Who is Helen Peyret?

4d-Don said...

Hi Deepl...

Helen Peyret is allegedly (according to some - wink, wink!! ....) the "French Anonymous Lady Medium" who was allegedly (she apparently claims to receive the messages from the Brighter World, anyway)...

Some seem to think that she just makes the "whispers" up herself ... and that no one is really channeling all the messages from Babuji, Lalaji, etc... etc... et al ... and all the "elevated" souls or "entities" from the Brighter world ... One has to make an effort to not laugh out loud...

Now this only alleged, remember ... and it is according to some few only ...

There are other names who allegedly claim to be the "Medium" but don't believe all you read, and much less of what you hear from a third party ... I don't give it much credence.

When I say: "I'm from Missouri", it means that I don't get fooled by such flakey claims about "ghosts" from the "other realms"..

Don ...