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The Summer in Sahaj Marg (2015)

Translation of an article by Elodie: "Un Été au Sahaj Marg", on her blog in Europe: Pour Que Vive Le Sahaj Marg.

4d-Don said:  Welcome Back ... For background on these summer topics, see the original documents on this blog; see links below.

Sept. 5, 2015

The Summer at Sahaj Marg

(According to Alexis' summer messages.  Alexis ensured the guard for the summer)

Kamlesh Patel re-launches his proselytizing with his "Heartfuness Meditation" program; the reunification of the abhyasis around a vast project of workforce (membership?) growth, in order to strengthen the egregore and tilt the world towards spirituality.

Link: Patel's Proselytizing Offensive (in French)

Patel also claims that the trial, which opposed Chari's SRCM tm (and thus his own) to the SRCM of the grandchildren of Babuji (SRCM of Shajahanpur) for thirty years, has finally ended by ruling in his (Chari's) favor and rejecting the claims of the descendants of Babuji. We expect other sources (more objective) to validate or invalidate this claim.

Link: The Descendants of Babuji Rejected? (in French)

Also, since its inception, the meditation method of Sahaj Marg was forbidden to young people under 18 years of age. The medium of Babuji has unilaterally lowered the limit to 15 years, says the SRCM.

Link: The Age of Spiritual Majority Reduced to 15 years (in French)

Finally, the SRCM is about to inaugurate a new annual observance by celebrating Kamlesh Patel's anniversary on September 28th, in Tiruppur. This brings the total (birthday parties) to four, one per quarter: February 2nd for Lalaji, April 30th for Babuji, July 24th for Chari and now also Sept. 28th for Patel.



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4d-Don said...

Comment from Alexis on Elodie's blog in Europe: Pour Que Vive Le Sahaj Marg.

Alexis said ...

Heartfulness, or les premises of the uber-isation (The pseudo-taxi application) of Sahaj Marg...

Where Patel dreams of a "Professional" service of meditation, accessible to abhyasis 24/7; such is the vision of the professionalization of Sahaj Marg.

“For such a person, who is able to maintain the connection with the inner Self, there is no need for meditation. On a spiritual path like Sahaj Marg, there must come a time when we really become professionals in meditation. Our meditative state is then for 24/7.” (...) “With this Heartfulness approach, if you do feel stuck and you cannot go to a preceptor for a sitting, call them and request a remote sitting instead.” (...) [Patel] also said that we are about to take Sahaj Marg to the next level. “I know in France you don't like this application Uber, but I like it so much. Say you are in Tokyo, and in the middle of the night you want a sitting, you can go online and someone awake in Los Angeles can give you a sitting. I think a day will come when our Masters will give us permission to work masterfully. Our job is to dream of such things so that they become possible.”

(In Bulletin No: 2015.107 – Thursday September 10, 2015)

The uber-isation of Sahaj Marg coming to your "religion", tomorrow!! or ...

Monday, septembre 14, 2015

4d-Don said...

Translation of comment by Alexis on Elodie's blog in Europe "Pour Que Vive Le Sahaj Marg.

Alexis Said @ Anonymous,

An invention of Patel, Heartfullness is the first step in the ubérisation of Sahaj Marg in order to grab the maximum market share of Meditation 2.0.

This will transform the SRCM into a professional company and is actually a revolution for the preceptors and Mission officials, it is perhaps their swan song ...

The net economy, it is claimed, is to better meet the consumers' (ie. Abhyasis?) needs, but you can (as you do in your comment) wonder about the interest of responding in the moment to a spiritual request that could not wait until the end of the night!

The vision of the spiritual market is highly consumerist Patel ...
Since he sold his pharmaceutical products on the web, he wants to impose a spiritual coaching 24/7, thus enslaving his followers to ephemeral and versatile needs of the general public.

Unfortunately for him, he is still lagging behind: the Meditation 2.0 (From Google?) has not waited to exist ...

Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Michael said...

The 10+ years of experience I had as a prefect and abhyasi in SRCM pales in comparison to the Journey I embarked upon when I departed SRCM over 25 years ago. It is no wonder to me that this organization struggles to continually re-invent itself to maintain their disciples attention and interest. Re-branding and re-writing history only puts a new face on the same organization.

SRCM leadership lusts for being a major world spiritual organization yet remains insignificant in the larger scheme of things.

Like all hierarchical organizations, SRCM draws spiritual power from its disciples. It reinforces the myth of spiritual inadequacy and dependence on a hierarchy and mission to achieve some elusive goal. Like all religions it promises a brighter world upon death in exchange for enduring misery and sacrifice in this life. In its wake is the carnage of damaged lives and families.

This is the opposite of spirituality. There is no spiritual goal. There is only the Journey which is infinite! In effect, disciples willingly sacrifice their Spirit Journey to serve a mission.

I pray for the awakening of all sincere souls. May they take that simple step to resume their Spirit Journey that Creator has lovingly placed before them.

Love and Blessings,