Tuesday, June 09, 2015

Heartfulness Meditation or Sahaj Marg?

Translation of an article by Alexis: "Heartfulness Meditation ou Sahaj Marg?", on Élodie's blog in Europe: Pour Que Vive Le Sahaj Marg.

June 8, 2015   

Heartfulness Meditation or Sahaj Marg?
A new message from Alexis: Heartfulness Meditation, the New Face of Sahaj Marg

Six months since Chari's death, and the Patel / Medium duo has placed an indelible mark on the Mission. The roadmap of their project is widely implemented:

The General Aim in view: 

To make (the abhyasis) dream and win the support of the adherents so as to tilt the world towards spirituality.  Its operational implementation is to develop the membership of the SRCM.

Practical means

"Be contagious" each abhyasi must recruit a new follower per year, to allow for exponential growth.

Multiplication of the preceptors' duties especially vis-à-vis the new arrivals.  

Development of Heartfulness Meditation, a hidden Sahaj Marg which moves forward without mentioning its name.

Result  Indicators:
We are already seeing an increase in membership. Hyderabad ashram is the scene of an ever-stronger egregore. The effects of the announcements allows one to ignore reality and be self-satisfied.

The example of Lyon (France) Seminar (May 15 to 17):  

To gather 2,000 European abhyasis and to open the invitation to all during the  "Heartfulness" seminar sessions. Icing on the cake: an egregore with sensitive effects is reported by the abhyasis.

"The number of our abhyasis is growing, a very special egregore is also developing dramatically; it has just begun and we are happy. "(Whisper 4/03/2015)

 “The second idea Kamlesh bhai developed was the importance of the collective (...) : without ‘us’ egregore is not possible. And as Babuji puts it, so nicely, ‘I need help from you all.’ Imagine the great Master asking us for help, and what sort of help is he asking for? (...) Because with such an attitude, practising, I am able to create a certain vibratory level, and when so many individuals come up together like that it creates an egregore. According to him, when a certain vibratory level will be reached on this planet, when that tipping point is reached, the mutation will happen automatically.” (May 15, 2015, Heartfulness Seminar, Lyon, France)

"Abhyasis from Lyon have reported that the atmosphere of the entire city seems to have changed, including the behaviour of people. There was a new warmth and openness that hadn't been seen before in the city, and that has instilled joy in the hearts of all." (Bulletin No: 2015.55)


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4d-Don said...

I received this "comment"

See here for my reply...


Anonymous said...

Dear sir ,

I understand you did not feel anything while practising under the sahaj marg system . As I know this is not a system where immediate results can be expected unless you are more sensitive and able to realize the changes within . And also when the cleaning is done all the grossness from us comes up to the surface and disturbs us and if one is not capable of handling them , YOU ARE THE RESULT.

I see many people who talk like this, those are just failures who cannot handle themselves and trying to blame the system and the guru. Any way all the best to your group of EX sahaj margians who tried and couldn't succeed. People are not idiots to follow it , they follow it because they feel the change and they like the change .

Sorry if I am rude or anything.


Thursday, June 18, 2015 7:36:00 a.m.

Anonymous said...

Hi Don!

Hope you are well!

I was unable to click on your link, forgive if this reiterates your comments

I find this Funny, because you have to laugh!

The cult achieved their goal to enlarge the adherent's ego and trick them into believing that only the "successful" remain.

So they Stay trapped in their deceiving web. "Pay no attention to the man behind the curtain."

I like having my eyes open to the truth. God is much bigger than this tiny, tiny group, that lies about its numbers and has to change their name to trick people to join.

It's good to be away from this stale group of oppressors!
Love to all,

Free Bitch Baby

4d-Don said...

Hi Free Bitch Baby...

Here is that link where my reply is posted...Just grab it and put it in the "address" box of your browser and "that's it"...


Thanks for the comment...


Anonymous said...

Looks like you have run out of content to post. Long time no see. It's more than a month now

Anonymous said...

Dear brother Don,

A judgment was made in favour of Shri Ram Chandra Mission by the High Court of Allahabad. Since you've been following up on all the cases against SRCM so very diligently, I suggest you kindly publish a post around this new development as well.

Anonymous said...

I think he has joined Sahaj Marg now, no blog for the past 2 months!

4d-Don said...

Hi you...

Just taking a holiday during this hot, hot weather in our parts of the world ...

The material world needs our attention too, so as to "fly with both wings" ... Is that not what you do also?

Beside, there is nothing of interest going on at Sahaj Marg recently, which can't wait until the cooler weather .. and when the "sheep" try to influence our output, I am suspicious ... So meditate and be patient ... use this time to get more money from your disciples... or commune with the spirits of the dead, you who call yourselves "spiritual", but who are really "spiritualists" ...

As the TERMINATOR (aka: Arnold Swartzenhager, (movie actor and ex-governor of California) would say:

"I'LL BE BACK" ... but when I decide!!

Don ...

Anonymous said...

What is your opinion of the work done by Ram Chandra of Fatehgarh. I heard something about him from SRCM.

Anonymous said...

Hi Don,

It's been a while since your last post. Are you okay?


4d-Don said...

Hi Patrick...

I'm O.K. Just very busy upgrading my computer (Windows 10, Norton 10), and work clearing my acreage so I can access the communication satellites (trees)...

Elodie has not been writing any new articles either and Alexis sends his articles to Elodie... so they are also occupied during the summer. (holidays?, family?) etc...

Thanks for you enquiry...

Got to go and deal with my loggers ...

Bye for now...


Anonymous said...

Hey Don,

Glad to hear you're keeping well, good to hear you haven't lost your fighting spirit, just taking a break.

London is pretty grey, but I like it, it suits my cynical temperament in a strange way.

Best of luck with the trees, and upgrading the tech.

All the best,