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Does Everything Not Have Its "Raison d'Être"

Translation of an article by Élodie: "Tout n'a-t-til pas sa raison d'être", on her blog in Europe: Pour Que Vive Le Sahaj Marg.

May 31, 2015

Does Everything Not Have Its "Raison d'Être" 

Below are excerpts from Patel and from the so-called: "Babuji's medium" between late April and early May, 2015, where it resurfaces once again that:

The changes undertaken since Chari's death do not please everyone
Harmony is far from perfect at the center of the Mission.  Egoism and jealousy are still the current currency.
The growth of the Mission becomes a key objective once again
* Its expansion must tilt the world towards spirituality through the use of a gigantic egregore
For now this expansion is measured in terms of the building under construction in Hyderabad
Critics are inadmissible because everything is wanted by Chari and by the hierarchy of masters, namely Patel and the so-called "medium" 


“Kamlesh bhai stated that he was disturbed that abhyasis are in the habit of criticising. He said that we are a family and we should be able to speak to each other and find a solution as we all do within any family. He spoke of criticism that he hears on the many changes that have occurred since the mahasamadhi of beloved Chariji and boldly stated that each and every action is in accordance with the wish of the Hierarchy of Masters.” (Echoes of India, special edition of  May, 2015)

"Babuji's medium" said:  "Even if harmony does not necessarily exists within the Sahaj Marg, as in every other path, an effort is made; here, some important work is accomplished, he prepares this promising future for the advancement of mankind. " (Whisper April 28, 2015)

  "Babuji's medium" said:  "This sumptuous building that is being built in Hyderabad will be the architectural masterpiece of the Sahaj Marg Mission, but above all (it will be) a center of spirituality that will remain in time and especially in the hearts by its unprecedented vibratory action. We can only rejoice in it and fully adhere to this huge project whose bases are already well established. The history of our beautiful Mission is being inscribed in time; happy are those who invest in the service of the Masters, to its development and its expansion in the world. " (Whisper April 29, 2015)

 “Later in the evening, he [Patel] was mentioning that criticising arises out of an attitude that “My point of view is better.” It is also a manifestation of ego.” (April 30, 2015)

"Babuji's medium" said: "No effort is in vain; does everything not have a "raison d'être" (Whisper May 2, 2015)

Patel said:
“Don’t belittle yourself by criticising others. You will be hurting and poisoning yourself.”  (May 3, 2015, between Lucknow and Sitapur)
"Babuji's medium" said: "Nothing is ever simple, yet grandiose achievements exist on earth. Men, through hard work, have built sacred buildings whose glory defies time. This lofty site so admired in India [Taj Mahal] is also the result also of an unusual love.  You compare what is being built in Hyderabad to this building whose beauty has always fascinated. This place is very busy indeed and will meet the expectations of all, we will do that. Our Mission has not finished astonishing; it unfolds over time and will eventually over time,  reach the highest point of its action. "(Whisper May 3, 2015)

“He [Patel] said that everyone is working very hard, but the moment someone else gets more importance they become insecure and then they start fighting.” (May 11, 2015, at the Barcelona airport) 

“The second idea Kamlesh bhai developed was the importance of the collective (...) : without ‘us’ egregore is not possible. And as Babuji puts it, so nicely, ‘I need help from you all.’ Imagine the great Master asking us for help, and what sort of help is he asking for? (...) Because with such an attitude, practising, I am able to create a certain vibratory level, and when so many individuals come up together like that it creates an egregore. According to him, when a certain vibratory level will be reached on this planet, when that tipping point is reached, the mutation will happen automatically.” (May 15, 2015, Heartfulness Seminar, Lyon, France)

How to rave about a Mission which is (allegedly?) meant to promote the elevation of mankind, while reigns in its bosom:  arrogance and contempt, egotism and jealousy, just as everywhere else?

How is one to believe in its expansion in the world when all you have is a building under construction to argue its value?

How can one trust a "hierarchy of masters," when it is swallowed (in biology,  consumed as by a phagocyte cell which consumes other bodily tissue)  up by Kamlesh Patel and the so-called medium of this alleged hierarchy?

What right do they have to unilaterally transform the world? What right do they take to decide what is good for us?

 Much as today's world, so imperfect be it, has perhaps nothing to envy from a world ruled by a pseudo-spiritualist spiritist.

To this, the so-called medium has only one answer and that is a phrase that kills, "Does Everything not have its "raison d'être," without a question mark ... obviously.






Anonymous said...

OMG - I am sure there's lots of BS going on within the mission. Tons. I can smell the fear. Which explains their need to gather in June with their new "master" . I am certain they continue to exaggerate the numbers of participants. Everything remains the same except now they try to go by a different name. "The fish stinks from the head down."
Sad to say, Nothing has changed.

--- Free Bitch Baby

Monkey Man said...

Criticizing the criticism of others?
So confusing for a monkey to grasp!
I simply do not understand humans.
So many words clutter the silence of the heart.
This path is very noisy garden path indeed.
It leads to somewhere I do not know - Nowhere.
The path of the spirit winds its way through the Spirit Forest.
It is infinite and doesn't make a sound.

Monkey Man

4d-Don said...

Things have not changed. The creation called the "Natural path" still confounds nature and its many natural "creatures"

Thanks for the comment ... and the verse