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Sahaj Marg and Chari's Hypocrisy

Translation of an article by Élodie: "Le Sahaj Marg et l'hypocrisie de Chari", on her blog in Europe: Pour Que Vive Le Sahaj Marg.

January 31, 2014
Sahaj Marg and Chari's Hypocrisy

The meditation method of Sahaj Marg is not reserved for monks or hermits, it is adapted to the lifestyle of the modern world, tell us the masters of SRCM, in the family sphere as well as in the social sphere.

This is what Chari has restated in his New Year's message of 2014, a great and very improved method compared to those used by the sages of ancient times:

 “(…) I used to wonder when I heard or read of rishis [sages] in the past meditating for 20,000 years – some from one yuga [eon] to another. (...) That was how long it took in those excellent yugas full of peace, tranquillity, virtues, character, morality.

In those days it took so long – millennia, I repeat. And now in our life, in Kali Yuga, full of its corruption, immorality, lack of peace, violence, avarice, with all these negative qualities, our Masters have made it so easy that Babuji Maharaj could say with conviction that if we practise Sahaj Marg properly, every day systematically as prescribed, it is possible to achieve a goal even higher than what the rishis achieved, in this lifetime. 

You see how the practice of meditation has been modified age after age, even from Lalaji Maharaj's time to Babuji's time. Because, if you have all read the literature of the Mission properly, Lalaji Maharaj gave practice according to the person who sat before him. To some he prescribed mantras, to some he prescribed puja, things like that. But Babuji Maharaj refined it, until today we have just to sit like this for an hour (…) So is this not a wonder – a wonderful transformation in the yogic practice, which is one of the things for which India is famous, which is our birthright? From millennia of meditation to a mere twenty, thirty, forty, fifty years of meditation if properly done, we go to the goal. (…)”

This is the statement of a man who knows no other words than efficiency, profitability and productivity; an irrepressible will to accelerate the process of meditation, and to give an easily accessible spirituality goal.

The easily attainable goal of Sahaj Marg is the Central Region, the Brighter WorldHypocrisy, contradictions and lies.On 22 July 2013, six months ago, he recalled the words of Babuji stating that very few people would access the Brighter World: only Babuji beside perhaps two or three other people.

"(...) I told him, "Babuji, I know from my little personal experience of Sahaj Marg ultimately I think you'll be the only person to enter the Brighter World "- of the four or five thousand abhyasis at that time.  He said : "Yes, this seems to be the case . Maybe there he will be two or three more." You know what he said? Himself and perhaps two or three more! 

 (...) And then nothing happens. Thus, gurus can come and go, India remains what it has remained, more and more corrupt every year. Just see the Indian scene of today, what it is, it stinks [it stinks].  So what do we do about it?  Let us at least see Sahaj Marg as a small society (of people) that would be, if only a little, encouraging, comforting, and which would allow one to say: "Well, there is this small group of humans trying seriously to get out of this mess, this stinking pool of humanity [this stinking pool of humanity], who want to move out.  Again , as Babuji said , 'One, or two, or three'. (...)" 

What is this fantastic improved method of meditation if only two or three people are accessing the Brighter World?  Hypocrisy, contradictions and lies.

The method of Sahaj Marg is neither faster nor more efficient than the proven methods of the ancient sages.

Why deny it? Why do we believe that the method has significantly improved since the olden days when so few people are likely to reach the goal that Babuji and Chari have set?  Why such lies? Why does no one notice the incessant contradictions?

It's all about the business of communication. While failing to be better than others, one attempts to have it (the lie)  believed.  It is claimed that Sahaj Marg is superior so as to convince the gullible, those who absolutely want to believe whatever happens, even if nothing happens. 

HYPOCRISY = a defect which comprises of disguising one's true nature; to pretend opinions, feelings and virtues one has not. 


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