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Sahaj Marg: Chari's Message for the New Year

Translation of an article by Élodie: Sahaj Marg; Le Message de Chari Pour la Nouvelle Année, on her blog in Europe: Pour Que Vive Le Sahaj Marg.

Comments and insertions by 4d-Don are in "red italics".

Chari says: 

"I hope really meditating, because if we sit for an hour and not meditate, it's of no use. You have to meditate, which means, imagine divine light in the heart and stay fixed on it for the duration of that meditation."

If one becomes what one meditates on, then if one meditates successfully on "light" which is the equivalent of matter, according to Einstein, then one should  achieve or BECOME "light" or its equivalence: matter, and certainly not Divinity ... How arrogant!!  Meditate on light, and become God??   lol lol   The Divine is not light nor is IT matter, but most religious traditions call IT SPIRIT or IT is at least a NEW or different  state of energy/matter ... not LIGHT (not electromagnetism)!!   See the matter surrounding Chari!! There is not more "light" or even "elevated" thoughts around Sahaj Marg  than around any other "corporation"  ...  There is a fixation on the rush to acquire more MATERIAL ...  That is what Sahaj Marg now is, what it has become: Materialism, Spiritualism, and Idolatry!  Sahaj Marg is not Spirituality!! Follow the Materialists, the Corporatists, the Spiritualists to get to denser matter  ... not to more subtlety!!  

Chari falsely claims that Lalaji (the first Hindu Master of the NaqshBandiya Sufi Brotherhood, who's lineage reaches to Mohamed, the Prophet of Islam, and still exists today) is the founder of Sahaj Marg and Babuji even claimed that the "Mohamadan systems have all breathe their last" (Lalaji's "systems"??).   Read Lalaji and his still-breathing method  "Santmat" and see for yourself.   They lie, they lie, they lie!  All in the name of a "spirituality" which is in truthful reality: "spiritualism".  Their prayed-for "favourable egregore" is not telling the truth!!  They have not prayed hard enough?      

January 19, 2014

Sahaj Marg : Chari's  Message for the New Year  

One line is enough : 'Don't waste time' - three words. What more is necessary? 

Chari's New Year's message grabbed me from the very first words, and continuing my reading, all my thoughts were confirmed.  It hit me like a slap, a sudden slap, abrupt, violent. 

Do I therefore have a heightened sensitivity?

How to express the feelings that assailed me, the emotions that have driven me?

Like a flash, it is an image that came to me, a clear image, becoming more clear and more obvious throughout my reading, the portrait of a man, an image stripped of all artifact; without makeup, naked.

Sahaj Marg will soon be seventy years old and it's been fifty years since Chari first arrived on the scene in 1964, and now remains there full-time. Some sages of ancient times sat meditating for thousands of years, in a context  which was much more favorable than our own, without ever achieving the goal.  Today, despite the corruption, the immorality, the violence and the greed, the masters of Sahaj Marg have allegedly made the practice of meditation so simple and easy that anyone can achieve a higher goal than that reached by the ancient sages.  The technique has even been improved between the time of Lalaji and Babuji, Chari adds.

The sages of ancient times were really gentle, they meditate all the time, without achieving the goal or worrying about the passing of time.  Fortunately for us, according to Chari, Lalaji and Babuji have now intervened, they have greatly improved the efficiency of the process of meditation - efficiency, profitability and productivity. So much so that today anyone can now achieve the goal before one's death, despite a much more unfavorable environment.

Babuji has (allegedly?) improved the method already improved by Lalaji (the method of the Naqshbandiya Sufi Brotherhood?)One can only wonder about the improvements made by Chari.  After the industrialization of the Indian textile sector at the time of Gandhi, now is the the time of the spiritual industrialization by Chari.

This image, this so clear image that caught my eye portrays a captain of industry, the entrepreneur he was at the TTK Group.  This image is that of a driven man with an irrepressible desire to expedite the meditative process, a man who knows no other words than efficiency, profitability and productivity. 

There is no need anymore to change this world which he claims to abhor, the society of which he so perfectly integrated the most negative of values, although the "method" is allegedly still effective enough to achieve the goal. 

This image which has imposed itself as a sudden, abrupt and violent slap, is that of a man perfectly suited to our contemporary world, an archetype of the uniquely Western thought, liberal, capitalistic and materialistic. 

Do I have a "thin-skinned" sensitivity when it comes to Chari? 

This speech draws not the portrait of an Eastern spiritual master who speaks to his disciples, but to that of a captain of industry pressed for time to achieve his ends.

Maybe I should show a little more compassion and benevolence towards the old man at the edge of his life? So let us be indulgent, his current situation can excuse his need to use wisely every passing minute and not put anything off until tomorrow.  But one more time, this is a more materialistic attitude, in total opposition to Eastern philosophies and their conception of time.  As far as imposing it on us, that's another story.

'Don't waste time' - three words. 

Efficiency, profitability and productivity: 3 words.   

Am I alone in experiencing such feelings? 

So, do the opposite of what he asks for a moment. Give a little time to Time. Take this time for yourself and read the message.  There, now: and take your time.

It's here

That's it ? Have you reread it?

Am I really biased?  I'm not asking you to answer ME, answer it FOR YOURSELF,  in good conscience and live with the consequences.  For yourself, only for yourself. 



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