Saturday, February 08, 2014

Sahaj Marg and Prejudices

Translation of an article by Élodie: "Sahaj Marg et les Préjugés", on her blog in Europe: Pour Que Vive Le Sahaj Marg.

Feb. 07, 2014

Sahaj Marg and Prejudices

To rehash, Chari persists and writes (see speeches) : "Do not waste time" on January 1, and "Here and Now" on Feb. 2.

"(…) Babuji Maharaj has been emphasising repeatedly in his Whispers messages that human life is short; even if you live two hundred years it is still short. When are we going to realise that life will not go along as we expect it to do? Every day we hear of loved ones departing – even at birth and from then on at any age that you want to specify for yourself: six years, twelve years, fourteen years, eighteen years, twenty-five years, thirty years, forty years, people suddenly coming to an end, and people suffering for months or years and then passing away. 

(...) Nobody can predict when anybody's end will come

(.. ) I am not trying to be morbid. I am not trying to put the fear of God into you or anything like that. I am only telling you the reality of human life, what it holds for us in terms of longevity, and what we have to do within the time available to us in this life. This is a very serious matter. 

(...) When we are born we begin to die; tick, tick, tick, tick, tick, tick, we are going towards death. Every second that passes is ticking off a second in our lives. 

(...) So remember, time is short, the way is long – towards infinity. That is where; that is the length of the voyage we have to undertake; and the time given to us varies according to each one's lifetime, of which we know nothing, of which we can never know anything."


Chari is obsessed with the passing of time. Worried, he counts the seconds ticking away and approaches him inevitably to his death.  And he adds in the speech for the celebration of Lalaji's birthday:

“(...) It is not enough to make resolutions, resolutions must be carried out. Is the spirit of brotherhood growing amongst us? Is there love between all of us? Have we been able to cast away all prejudice and judgemental attitudes, at least between the brotherhood? These are important questions to be asked, and for each one of you to ask of yourself, because I find there are still unfortunately instances of hatred, mudslinging."


Life is short and no one knows when it will endWe must abandon our prejudices, and not slander or hate, here and now, without procrastinating.

Will Chari lead by example and abandon his own prejudices and stop slandering and hating homosexuals, hating those from other religions, but also despising women or AIDS sufferers,  being jealous of the richetc.. etc..?
This pretentious senior should start by doing himself what he advises others to do, stop procrastinating and lead by example, but this does not seems to be registered in his personal agenda.

Fortunately, everyone is not so full of prejudices as Chari. Certain moral and religious authorities have more humanity than this pseudo-spiritual guru.  Pope Francis is able to recognize the human being behind a "sexual orientation" whereas Chari argues for equality between ethnic groups.




Anonymous said...

Yeah, life is short. Don't waste your time with this group!
--"the oracle"

4d-Don said...

Hi Oracle...

Remember: Birds of a feather, flock together!!

If the abhyasis are not corrupt now, they will be when they start hanging around with the "spiritualists" and their "Scam" of Mediums and messages from the spirit of the dead...

Where are the "Ghost Busters"??

But they, as good businessmen, know how to make money so they must be "preferred" of ONE-ness ...
and they will self-title themselves Gurus, Masters and then saints (no doubt)...

One has to shake one's head and say: "Ah! Ah! Ah! What a mess!! What a mess!!"

... and people believe that?? Not anyone with an ounce of grey matter. How lost some must be if that looks "saved" from the snares of the Material world...