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This Stinking Pool Of Humanity and Sahaj Marg(tm)

Taken and translated from an article by Élodie: "Cette Mare Puante de L'Humanité", on her blog in Europe: Pour Que Vive Le Sahaj Marg.

Comments by 4d-don: 

If Chari, the Master of SRCM(California-1997) (or his entourage) is smelling something foul around himself, the probability is most strong that this foul smell comes from himself or from his slavish and obedient fans, who follow their "idol" to the point of not taking care of their own families, friends and/or society.   They seem to gravitate towards the smell, not away from it.  And that is because of Chari's gift to them of this cultish fear for the future, this apocalyptic "spiritualism" which Sahaj Marg has become.  The foul smell of Fear attracts some and repels some.    

Smell, like sound and light (including many chemical toxins, poisons, pesticides, herbicides, fungicides,  etc) ... reduce in intensity with distance.  So practice "prudent avoidance".  And my suggestion to all "spiritual" seekers, if your Master smells something foul around himself, it could be YOU!! Or it could be HIM and/or his corrupt organization, or it could be his fantasies (lies)!!  It is not US or the rest of the REAL world,  we are too distant from all of YOU!  And we smell LIFE's nectar as sweet!! 

But to blame this beautiful ONE-Created world for that very unspiritual manifestation expressed in Sahaj Marg(tm) is very ostrich-like.  Sahaj Marg is in reality: Spiritualism.  Take your heads out of the sand and read your Masters' negative complaint,  then get up and go outside (out of the ashrams)  and walk in the sunshine, in Nature, and away from the source of the corruption and the SMELL (prudently avoiding?)  ...  SRCM and Sahaj Marg(tm)...  Now SIMPLY BE (spirit).  Then, BEING inside the perfection, the nectar of CREATION which has all smells, don't blame the corruption displayed by yourself or by the "creatures" around you, on the CREATOR or on its NATURE or on the "distant" US.   ... and the taste (and/or smell)  of Life can be sweet again, "as rain upon your tongue".  But you must have faith and believe!  REALLY!

Is Sahaj Marg(tm), so deceived and deluded by its self-created spiritualist dictatorship?  Does it constantly need a mirror?  Or do the "adepts", the self-appointed "elite", simply want to negatively "point at others" and foolishly claim that to be "Spirituality"??  OK... who farted?

October 7, 2013

This Stinking Pool of Humanity 

Excerpt from a speech by Chari entitled "Everything Depends on You," given in Chennai July 22, 2013 for Guru Purnima :

"(...) I told him," Babuji , I know from my personal experience of Sahaj Marg that in the end I think you'll be the only person to enter the Brighter World "- of the four or five thousand abhyasis at this time.  He said : "Yes, this seems to be the case . Maybe there there will be two or three more." You know what he said? Himself and perhaps two or three more! (...) And then nothing happens.  Gurus can come and go, India remains as it has remained, more and more corrupt, year after year.  Just see the Indian scene today, what it is, it stinks [it stinks]. So what do we do about it? Do we at least see Sahaj Marg as a small group which would, if only a little, be encouraging, comforting, and which would allow one to say, "Well, there is this small nucleus of people who try seriously to get out of this mess, this stinking pool of humanity [this stinking pool of humanity], who want to evolve and come out.  Again, as Babuji said , 'One, two, or three.'  " (...) " 

India stinks, the world is a stinking pool of humanity, but fortunately there is Sahaj Marg and if you make an effort, perhaps you have the chance to be part of two or three who will join the privileged Babuji in their Brighter World.

In the absence of the Brighter World, the Christians have the promise of Heaven, but they do not have the audacity to spit on this "stinking pool" which is humanity as does Chari.  No prejudice, he said; after having denigrated women, homosexuals and AIDS sufferers, Chari goes after the whole of humanity. What does that mean? 

It was the subject of Chari's speech "Prejudice and Self- Judgement" for the New Year, 2013:

“(…) Even this morning I received a message from my beloved Master, where he gives advice against prejudice, which means prejudging, which we have no right to do. No human being has a right to judge another human being. Even in the English language it is said, “Judge not that ye be not judged.” There is this great warning to us: If you judge, you will be judged. (…)” 

Babuji said on January 1st, that a human being should not judge another human being. Is that why Chari goes after the entirety of mankind six months later?  What contradictory messages!

It is characteristic of sects, when they fail to become attractive enough, there is nothing like trampling on others and denigrating the outside world. 

All of Chari's speeches and messages from "Whispers" boil down to a rough and simplistic idea that everything around you is Hell, it's better, much better in the mission, and if you obey and serve Chari and the SRCM well, then maybe you can enter (their Brighter World) Heaven. 

It is also characteristic of cults to offer a simplistic vision of the future world and alienate more and more the adepts.


Alexis added (in the comments):

This is what I wrote this summer:

Without failing to adhere to the SRCM system of meditation (Sahaj Marg(tm), the abhyasis want to believe that they are involved in shaping the future and will be the elite in that future.  But even this is far from being a given, as Chari advises them July 22nd,  in his speech titled:  "It all depends on You" (on Guru Purnima Day). When the Mission had 4 to 5,000 abhyasis Babuji would (allegedly) have told him that only 2 or 3 abhyasis would accompany him into the Brighter World.

Must Chari be one of those 2 or 3 peopleNothing is less certain  ...


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