Monday, October 14, 2013

Divine Personality... From Sahaj Marg's Babuji and "Whispers", to Sister Kasturi and Her Disciples

Taken from an article by Élodie: "Personalité Divine", on her blog in Europe: Pour Que Vive Le Sahaj Marg.

October 14, 2013

Divine Personality

From: Whispers from The Brighter World of Chari, to the "Astral Transmission" of Chillapa from "Institute of Universal Self-Consciousness Movement (IUSCM)", or the "Divine Administration" by the followers of Sister Kasturi, one swims in delirium.

Whatever the personality who speaks, whatever the organization, Sahaj Marg reveals an apocalyptic and frightening vision of the world of the future.

Ultimate reality, control of the universe and its total destruction are elements of the Divine Plan developed in the Frankensteinian laboratories of Sahaj Marg.

Here's a final example given on 09/10/2013 by "Ek abhyasi", disciple of Sister KasturiThese are Excerpts of the words of Babuji as reported by him in "Divine Administration":

“Infinite or Ultimate Reality is the only Power. The creation and destruction are automatic following one another after a required interval of time as decided by the Ultimate Reality. God does not have mind otherwise He too will have to undergo the process of Bhoga of Sanskaras. God is pure power. As per plan of Nature there has always been a Divine Personality in human form to control the entire Universe. He possesses the Divine power as required in the circumstances. He comes in front only when there is a Divine necessity, otherwise He passes away unnoticed from this world. Though God always keeps a watch on the entire Universe, yet there is a freedom of action to all human beings. Divine intervention comes only when man crosses the limits in any field. In such cases Nature starts repairing work. A situation comes when even the limit of repairing work exhausts and in that case Nature adopts the process of destruction. At the time of total destruction, nothing remains and even the identities merge in the Ultimate Reality. Then again re-construction of the Universe starts. The cyclic process of Birth, Growth and Decay goes on.”


“ Normally a Divine personality controls the universe. Incarnations come down rarely. Special Divine personality descends on earth once only at the time of close of chapter of the Universe with maximum powers possible in human form. He is nearest to the Centre/Absolute Reality. He may remain in human form or not but his control and regime extends upto Mahapralaya. The other Personality or Incarnation in human form works under the guidance of Special Personality. All are to help in the execution of His Divine Plan.”

I thought Sister Kasturi more sane than Chari, I thought Sahaj Marg could be an interesting form of spirituality.  In reality, there is nothing to save, no one to trust and focus on. All the disciples of Babuji agree on the Apocalypse and destruction to regenerate humanity.
The Sahaj Marg of Babuji and his disciples, whoever they are, is a pseudo-spiritual system, terribly far from any personal fulfillment, except for dreaming about the end of the world.

Better go back to a simple individual spiritual quest.



4d-Don said...

This Comment was left on: News From SRCM(California-1997) Sahaj Marg(tm)

Telltruthagain said...


I have been in this Mission for more than 20 years ands was closely associated with Chariji. I think the system had started off verywell but midway it lost its direction under Chariji's direction. More and more emphasis is being given to money. The root cause seems to be Chariji's blind trust in those so called Whispers from Brighter World.It is a very sorry state. I remember Chariji saying in 1995 that it was more tham 12 years since Babuji passed away yet there has been no communication from Him. He was desperate to have such Intercommunication from his Master. He was sincere to the core in his love for his Master. I could see that. In his desperation to have such communication, he believed in the so called whispers. Thereafter the Mission began to lose its spirituality and direction rapidly.

Now the present state of affairs in the Mission is very sad. There is no spirituality in the Mission. All of us who have seen wonderful spiritual atmosphere and special Grace that used to descend during Bhandaras conducted in pre 1995 observed the same disappear slowly. Still Chariji is not realising his mistakes. Now all those who want God may have to pray to the Ultimate directly for Guidance and Help.

Tuesday, October 15, 2013 7:26:00 PM

Anonymous said...

Hi Don!

Hope you are having a nice evening.

Hello Telltruthagain,

I just have a few things that i would like to say in response to your post.

"Now all those who want God may have to pray to the ultimate directly for Guidance and Help." What is wrong with that? One never needed a middleman in the first place. That is so much BS that you would need someone to connect you to anything higher. There is so much BS in the "story" of this group.

Are you kidding me? You sound like you feel sorry for the old man. You gotta be kidding me. PALLLLLEASE. No way, Really?

Since as you say there's no Spirituality in this group, hopefully you have seen the truth and gone on your way.

Yeah, maybe it's that easy? Just walk away, like it's nothing. For your sake, hope that's how it just get up and decide eh - this sucks...i'm movin on. Done.
No problem. But, 20 years...i feel sorry for you. I would NEVER feel sorry for the old man. He has gotten tremendous amounts of money, and all kinds of other things from playing this game that he has perpetuated. Lots of people are profiting from this business. Come on - A cult, is a cult, is a cult. Read up on the topic...all the groups are the same.

Look at your own self and see where you were, when you were derailed from your life. Heal that part of YOU.

Get on with your life while there is still time. Reclaim your life.

That's my prayer for anyone ensnared by this group.

The old man doesn't give a $*%* about you or any of the other followers. If he does, it's only temporary and it's for a reason that will serve him.


The Oracle
Formerly Triple Gem

4d-Don said...

Hi "The Oracle" (formerly Triple Gem)

Your "Direct Theology" (pray directly to God), I agree!

(Don't forget this article is by Élodie (in Europe) and this is a translation from French by 4d-don) ... I will presume you are addressing your comment to Élodie who "is going on her way" and writing a blog as she does, so as to help others.)

She will certainly read your comments here. (She posted your last comment on her French blog Pour Que Vive Le Sahaj Marg:

Thanks for the Comment ... I agree with you and share your exasperation!!


Michael said...

I have to agree with Oracle.

The root cause of the demise of SRCM is not desire to communicate with a long since dead Babuji. That's a symptom of the problem.

The root cause is the shameless promotion of the belief that a single living Master or his single living representative is the sole source of the ultimate divine experience for humanity and achievement of an ultimate spiritual "goal".

This creates spiritual materialism, spiritual egotism, cultism and naturally attracts a hierarchy hungry for power and self validation.

Babuji is squarely to blame for this!

Humility and sincerity are easily faked by people in positions of spiritual authority and power. TRUE humility and sincerity are exhibited by actions not words. No such actions are evident in SRCM.

All behavior and actions revolve around creating a power base of adoring and submissive disciples and establishing a privileged inner circle to promote and grow the organization - which feeds the egos of the hierarchy in charge.


Shashwat said...

After a long time i decided to travel by train only to get some time for myself, and i was reading "life beyond death" by Swami Abhedananda, it was really interesting to know about medium-ship who use to communicate with spirits of departed souls. in the same chapter it was also mentioned how harmful it is for the person involved and how receptive and negative these people become.

After understanding the scientific basis of activities of sahaj marg it is easy to understand the harm it has caused to society and its members, abhyasis (zombies) of sahaj marg display characteristics which is very much in-line with description of people who are totally negative and have no free will, they are as good as those departed souls i.e dead, only difference they still have physical bodies. Patrice of sahaj marg has never been a spiritual practice and has always been a negative work of people who wanted to explore existence at different vibration levels.

This book is a must read for all zombies of sahaj marg:-


4d-Don said...

Hi Shashwat...

Nice hearing from you again ...

Thanks for that link ...(Life Beyond Death)


Elodie said...

Hello everybody,

J’ai longtemps été une adepte du Sahaj Marg. Après l’avoir quitté au début je croyais qu’il n’y avait que des dérives mais que le fond de cette méthode était bon. Petit à petit, mon point de vue a évolué et j’ai fini par comprendre que c’est l’ensemble du système qui est pourri. Aujourd’hui, je rejoins totalement l’analyse de Michael. Désolée si je vous ai entrainés dans la confusion.

I've long been a fan of Sahaj Marg. After leaving early I thought there was only drifts but the background of this method was good. Gradually, my perspective has changed and I have come to understand that it is the whole system that is rotten. Today, I totally agree with the analysis of Michael. Sorry if I put you in confusion.