Monday, September 09, 2013

Sahaj Marg(tm) and Life Beyond the Earth

Taken from an article by Alexis: "La Vie au delà de la Terre", on Élodie's blog in Europe: Pour Que Vive Le Sahaj Marg.

Comment by 4d-Don: This is an example of the "contradictory" and cryptic messages which generally come from  such Spiritualist Groups!! (not Spirituality as in Raja Yoga,  but spiritualism, as in Messages from the "spirits", channeled by a Medium   ...  Don't blindly believe this SCAM  ... Ask for "Proof" from the Anonymous French Lady Medium (AFLM)!!   Is this "really" from Babuji??  At Sahaj Marg(tm), you follow a  MEDIUM and Mediums claim to act as "channels" for many "SPIRITS" ( spirits or "beings of light", egregores, etc...,  so as to make more money or gain more power over others) !!

September 9, 2013  

Life beyond Earth

Chari had demanded the release of this message of 6 December 2012, from Babuji's Brighter World.

« What are we – a breath, a nothing, and nothing more. This quote is very true; it summarizes the situation perfectly. Compared to eternity, man is a mere element of very low importance and yet he exists for reasons which cannot be explained herein. This whole whirlwind of life characterizes this world. Life on Earth is unique ; each planet has its own form of life, which be revealed in the future. Man is not currently ready to receive this teaching. Beings who are much more evolved live elsewhere and carefully observe this world, concerned by the turbulence induced by humans with regard to the general equilibrium. 

It will take a long time for this truth to be accepted. Man is not unique and certainly not the most advanced. As the saying goes, some things are better left unsaid; we are venturing herein into an unusual area. The writing process we are using here with these messages is not accepted by all, and yet all the spiritual Masters of the past have used it, which is still little known today. Regardless, to not advance in the understanding of phenomena is harmful to humans. We have no magic wand ; time does its work, they say. 

May all our abhyasis open up to a reality that some still reject. That does not matter; we are moving and acting for the good of all, for the awakening of understanding in our Mission. This Mission is the way of the future, wherein its expansion will be very important. We must move forward and not stagnate in erroneous beliefs that do not prepare human beings to face what lies ahead.”

("ERRONEOUS beliefs", like Spiritualism??)

This speaks for itself!

A bad book of science fiction, with no revelation ...  Life could also exist elsewhere and could be more advanced.  YepIs this possible? Nobody had ever thought, so go tell ...

Man threatens the overall balance. Same old refrain from the "Whispers"! Except that one wonders how, since man is far from being the most advanced form of life.  It's one or the other, one must choose ...

This is serious, says Babuji, but "whatever" (it does not matter?)  he says a little further ...



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4d-Don said...

Public service announcement (PSA)...

For the readers who are wondering about some abhyasis and preceptors being depressed, please read these two articles and check out the information therein (see links), including statements in a speech by Chari ...

Don't remain depressed... Do something about it!! Get your daily "oxygen" requirements!!
Do not compromise your brain's health for the fantasy sensational rewards claimed by spiritualist scammers and amateurs ... as if it comes from what they call: G-O-D. Don't be divided from your family and friends, culture, in the name of a phoney RELIGION and/or the SPIRITUALISM of Mediums and messages from beyond the grave ... That is very depressing!!

Spirituality should unite the world, not divide it!!

Sahaj Marg(tm)- Meditation, Hallucination, Depression, Suicide!!


Lack of Oxygen-the Cause of the Spiritual experience at SRCM (California-1997) or Sahaj Marg(tm)

Don ...