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Founder of Sahaj Marg Dismantles his Creation!!

Taken for education and discussion from Society for Babuji's Mission web site, managed by Sharad Chandra Saxena, grandson of Babuji and K.C. Kishore.

4d-Don's comments are in "red italics"

Please note that Babuji passed away in 1983 and these are communications with the "spirit" of Babuji who allegedly is in the "Brighter World"... 

Both Sharad (Babuji's grandson) and the "anonymous French lady Medium" of Chari's clan, claim to receive messages from the alleged "spirit" of Babuji from  the "central region' of his  Brighter World, although the messages at times appear contradictory.  Also, the other factions created from the many schisms which have divided the Shri Ram Chandra Mission, have made no claims (to my knowledge) of "communication" with the spirits of the dead .  (i.e. "spiritualism")

Addendum: It has come to my attention that Prof. Satyanarayana Chillapa, president of IUSCM, headquartered in Hyderabad, India also receives what he calls: Astral Transmissions  from Babuji.  These are presented as "Messages from the Master" in the IUSCM's monthly newsletters.   (Theres is also some communication in this newsletter with Sharad's "Society for Babuji's Mission")

See many more such posts on Society for Babuji's Mission (Spotlight).

Posted On 18/6/2013 at 8:28
Observing the pain of Rev. Babuji Maharaj caused by His appointed preceptors,  I enquired of  Him as to why He appointed them?  

Sharad Chandra
30th  May 2013
Reply of Rev. Babuji Maharaj;

1.      When house is big, we need many servants for cleaning.

2.      Appointer is always the owner and appointee is a servant. (He is appointer and preceptor is appointee)

3.      Practically, it was not possible for me alone to move around the world physically and introduce the Sahaj Marg System. So I appointed them.

When I realised that they were acting as masters or authority, I decided to discontinue appointing them and also removed the system of introducing Sahaj Marg to deserving persons. 

4.      My object of birth has been to provide benefit to human beings through Power,  so at last I decided to transmit all my Power to places like Temples, Mosques and Churches worldwide so that those visiting there could be benefitted.  

Q.     Sharad :  Can  Preceptors transmit without your support? 
A. Rev. Babuji. Impossible - (Servants can only discharge the duty as
allotted to them, but cannot transfer power which can only be by the

[ Note: 

1.  I said to Rev. Babuji Maharaj that preceptors will not like the word ‘servant’ for  them. He immediately said designation is fixed as per the allotted duty not as per the liking.  Be sure they can never be master ]. 

Rev. Babuji :  “I too said about myself as one of the best
servant of God because He Allotted me the duty for Special
work. The same applies to the preceptors as well. When they 
are allotted the duty to clean, they are servants.  Those who
do not like this word, are free to stop discharging duties, and
be free from it.  

     “Preceptors should keep in mind that they will be 100% 
       punished by  The Nature for mistake”. 



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