Tuesday, April 24, 2012

A Booklet, The Testament of Sister Kasturi

Taken and Translated from an article: "Un Livret Testament de Soeur Kasturi", on her blog: "Pour Que Vive Le Sahaj Marg". 

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April 24, 2012

A Booklet, The Testament of Sister Kasturi

Before passing away, Sister Kasturi celebrated the birthday of Lalaji. On this occasion, she wrote a booklet entitled "Divya Prasad".

Primarily drawn from the autobiography of Babuji, there are excerpts of the interconnections (from beyond the grave)  with Lalaji, Swami Vivekananda or Lord Krishna, but also other citations.

The powers of Babuji are (allegedly) limitless, he is the only master of the universe until the end of time. His powers are not transferable, even to any spiritual representative. Babuji only will lead the abhyasis to ultimate reality. For this, abhyasis have no other effort to do than to stay connected to Babuji, it is he who will provide the spiritual work. He is the servant of humanity, he treats the abhyasis like his brothers. A guru who considers himself the master, and considers the abhyasis as his disciples is the worst kind of guru that can exist.

Was it an ultimate message of wisdom aimed at the self-proclaimed successors of Babuji, such as Chari?


From the Booklet:

“Once St. Sister Kasturi told (…) An Abhyasi has simply to do the efforts to remain connected with Babuji while discharging all duties of life and all spiritual work will be done by Pujya Babuji Maharaj.”

Reality At Dawn (the book by Babuji)  – “God is the real Guru or Master and we get light from Him alone. But as it is extremely difficult for a man of ordinary talent to draw inspiration from GOD direct, we seek one of our fellow beings who has established his connection with Almighty. He must, therefore, treat himself as the humblest servant of God serving humanity in the name of the Great Master. All through his (Lalaji) life, he treated his associates as brethren. The idea that they were his disciple never once crossed his mind. I think and feel it as an essential thing for a Guru to give up his masterly position and feel himself an ordinary servant of humanity. If he feels himself as a Master and hence far above his associates, it will be Ahankar of the worst type in a Guru”.

The intercommunications (visions, dreams, etc...) are taken from "The Autobiography of Ram Chandra".  They are from Babuji's journals.  Babuji is allegedly, (in his dreams),  the "Master of the UNIVERSE" ??

27-7-44 Rev. Lalaji Saheb : “You have been made the sole Master of the Universe.”

8-2-45 Rev. Lalaji Saheb : “These powers can’t be given to anybody not even to the spiritual successors.”

19-2-47 Rev. Swami Vivekanandji : “Utilisation of the final destructive power (Kshaya Shakti) will be the last part of your programme at the end of the world. Resurrection will be brought by you. I mean the last finishing touch of destruction or total extinction of life will be dealt by you.”

Sister Kasturi also declared in a speech dated 22-1-87: “The Divine Master of the Universe Shri Babuji Maharaj will have thousands of Spiritual Representatives until the fulfilment of His SANKALPA (viz; Spiritual Upliftment of Mankind) in Shri Ram Chandra Mission, but none of them will be His substitute as He Himself, according to Lalaji Saheb, cannot produce his Substitute. Shri Lalaji Saheb once said to Pujya Babuji Saheb, “You cannot make your Substitute because you yourself are not aware of the limits of your power. Moreover, Spirituality is also not a subject of inheritance like another Material object.” He is the master of Divine Power and has descended on Earth to take the abhyasis upto Ultimate Reality.”

OH, MY GOD!!!  Anyone can claim to be anything!! That does not make it so.

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Anonymous said...

Now that the story is out, I can't wait for the cartoon series: "Babu-Ji, Master Of the Universe!" - available soon on DVD. See your Preceptor or Spiritual Representative for details.


4d-Don said...

Hi MonkeyMan ... (or MoneyMan??)

It seems that laughing about such fantasies (or idiocies) is a way of protecting one's self (and/or one's "loved ones"), and not being "snared" into this Spiritualist Cult of Personality ...

It is a "cartoon", as you say.

As they say "down home" in Acadia:

"You gotta laugh, b'cause, its not funny!"

SPIRITUALISM (Mediums, egregores, messages from the dead, the "special personality", and now, the Master of the Universe, lol lol)

... versus Spirituality!! This ain't Raja Yoga ... at least, not the Raja Yoga of Patanjali!!


Anonymous said...

I would far prefer being a Soul Master than being the sole Master of the Universe!

Monkey Man

4d-Don said...

Hi Monkey Man ...

It seems that there is more knowledge and wisdom in the "monkey" clan than in this "spiritualist", nationalist (tribal), motley crew ...

Give me Superman ... At least we all know it's a fantasy about an "alien" from Krypton!! REALLY!!

My dear old dad (deceased) would always begin his "tall tales" with: "Now, this is the Gospel truth!!" We all knew by that pre-determinant, that what followed was a "good one"!! lol lol

But no one really believed the "tall tales", just the "lesson". Or, we shared the entertainment value around the "wood stove" ... (ie... passed the time)

Sometimes, the "tall tales" were followed by music (a fiddle tune ... or a dirge, or a rant in song... more tall tales!! lol lol )

My children, when I spin my own "tall tales", now say to me: "Yeah, yeah, dad!! Before there was oxygen on earth and it was uphill to school, BOTH WAYS!! ;-))

We are getting "smarter" as a species!! Or is that "intelligent"?

Don ...