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Patel's Sahaj Marg (more...)

Translation of an article by Alexis: "Le Sahaj Marg de Patel (la suite)", on Élodie's blog in Europe: Pour Que Vive Le Sahaj Marg

March 16, 2015
Patel's Sahaj Marg (more ...)

News: The Patel Inflection
Sahaj Marg - Between Change and Continuity

“The visit to France and the gatherings in New Jersey have already brought about many changes in the functioning of the Mission.(…)
He later met with around 150 prefects from North America, where he mentioned some of the new changes the Hierarchy of Masters have permitted in the Mission, as have also been indicated in recent messages from the Brighter World.(…)”

After his travels in France and the USA, Kamlesh Patel made his first trip to India. Where?  To Hyderabad, from March 6th to 9th, he went to the "Thumkunta ashram, ashram BHEL, Kanha website of the project".

What did he say or do special?

A new call for unity: 

“(…) our beloved Masters want to see unity among us. We should do everything to maintain unity, harmony and peace.”

The confirmation of a changing role for preceptors authorized by the "Hierarchy from the Brighter World" to do more work with a new method:

“(…) Later in the day, there was a very lively interaction with a group of eighty-five preceptors. It was largely focused on preceptors’ work. Master emphasised that the Hierarchy has given us the permission to do more work. All need to use it wisely. The new methods are in addition to the regular work all preceptors have been doing. The whole session was informal and focused on the practical aspects of when and how to use the new methods. There was a great deal of enthusiasm among preceptors about the new possibilities for growth.(…)” 

All this is told in the "Abhyasi Bulletin", a new formulation of the old "Sahaj Sandesh", which ends with these three words: "Accept, Cooperate and obey." 

Is this the formula to replace Chari's  "Serve and Obey"?


To complete the article above, this was added as a comment by Claude on Elodie's blog.  This is taken from the "Abhyasi Bulletin" Mar. 16, 2015.

The addition of Claude (Abhyasis bulletin 2015.22 du 16 mars 2015):

In February of 2015, respected Kamlesh bhai announced that the Hierarchy of Masters of Sahaj Marg has enabled preceptors worldwide with new responsibilities, in order to better facilitate the growth of the Mission.

These new permissions do not replace the existing practices of face-to-face individual, group and introductory sittings. Instead, they are an additional way of working, required for the increasing expansion of the Mission worldwide.

The following changes are a result:

1. New seekers are welcome to join a group meditation, without first having to take separate introductory sittings.

2. Seekers can be introduced to the practice of Sahaj Marg in groups on consecutive days if individual introductions are not possible.

3. Preceptors can give individual sittings to groups of abhyasis at one time.

4. Preceptors can give individual sittings remotely when required. Remote sittings can be given only if the preceptor confirms just beforehand that the abhyasi is available and both sit at the same time.

5. Preceptors can conduct group sittings remotely in cases where no local preceptor is available, or where conditions are really too difficult to attend, e.g. bad weather. They can also include those abhyasis who are unable to attend in person for genuine reasons in the satsang.

Care and wisdom are needed with our newfound freedom. For example, respected Kamlesh bhai said recently, "It should not become a scenario of, 'Oh, brother, I would like to have a long distance individual sitting now,' even though that person is less than a kilometre away. No. That is what I call abusing the system. So be careful. The greater the freedom that has been given to us, the greater the responsibilities are on our shoulders.”

Preceptors have been permitted to give remote sittings when there are genuine requests, and not in instances where it would defy the spiritual culture, e.g. when an abhyasi wishes to avoid taking a sitting from a local preceptor they do not like, as this would lead to disharmony. Unity and brotherhood remain the culture of Sahaj Marg.

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4d-Don said...

This comment was left to the translation of an article: "My Ex-Partner Meditates with Sahaj Marg", by Élodie (in Europe), and also posted on her blog in Europe titled: Pour Que Vive Le Sahaj Marg

Find the article (and the comments) at this link (on this blog):

or the comments are here:

Anonymous said ...

Thanks for your story. I had been practice Sahaj Marg for 6 months. I did not get anything new in terms of spiritual growth. I mean they continued to inform you that the good things will grow inside you; it's just a claim that was very weak. If you look at some other spiritual teachings, it's so funny to look back at Sahaj Marg style that the "mind cleaning routine" can be done with the master. Now I do not believe this shit.

eNote: I was used to practice this cult when I was studying in Ann Arbor, Michigan, U.S.A. where they recruited new members at the University of Michigan.

Monday, March 23, 2015 9:51:00 pm

4d-Don said...

Alex added this on Élodie's Blog in Europe.

As indicated in one Whisper (From the Brighter World?) (March 16, 2015), it seems that the changes concerning the preceptors, announced by Patel and allegedly desired by the Hierarchy (the mediums?) were challenged internally:

"(...) Human failings can not drastically be concealed (occulted?); to reconcile the differences remains the challenge, perfection does not yet exist on Earth and this (perfection?) is not for tomorrow either. To challenge the decisions taken at the highest level is not a sign of wisdom.

May all attain one day, the modification of adverse egotistical reactions for the whole of this path of the heart and especially for themselves. (...) "

Note again that issuing a criticism of SRCM is akin to "human failing" and "adverse egotistical reactions" ...

One must not tickle (rub?) the mediums, it is apparently better (for the "Mission"?) to serve and to obey them!

Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Anonymous said...

I think they are gonna have to come up with more than these changes to attract anyone.

In response to 6 months in the practice at University of Michigan. They prey on people who are away from home at college.

I hope you are happy to have moved on! Also hope they didn't do much damage.

-- Free Bitch Baby

Monkey Man said...

When humans succumb to the believing that they exist in a lowly place, they look to a person in a medium place to communicate with dead people who they believe exist in a brighter, higher place.

In my home, the Spirit Forest, there are no mediums. The sun shines equally bright on all its inhabitants - No need for a brighter place. The wisdom of those who came before, shines in all living things and Love is the universal language.

Monkey Man