Sunday, March 29, 2015

Messianic Sahaj Marg

Translation of an article: "Le Sahaj Marg Messianique", by Élodie on her blog in Europe: Pour Que Vive Le Sahaj Marg.

March 29, 2015

Messianic Sahaj Marg

Is Sahaj Marg a messianic movement waving an impending doomsday?

Messianism is the belief in the coming of a savior messiah, a liberator savior or a redeemer who will end the present order which is considered "bad" and establish a new order in justice and happiness, hence the advent of an ideal world on earth.

Many religions have a messiah concept, such as the Jewish Messiah, the Christ of Christianity, the Mahdi in Islam, the Hindu Kalki Avatar and the Buddhist Maitreya.

The Messianic (religions) with utopian nature carry a fundamental hope, that of a renewal of the world in the sense of human happiness, justice and peace.  Yet, they have led to all kinds of violence in the name of a new order to be built - willingly or by force.

Messianic violence feeds on the matched certainty of the demands of an absolute, which is known with certainty. But what is this absolute? And what certainty? Absolute is that which escapes the limits and relativity, and which can not be identified with any particular cause (or reason?) whatsoever. Any power that self-legitimates on the basis of an absolute - whether good, truth, nation, religion or prosperity - exploits to its circumstantial advantage what belongs by definition to beyond the provisional. This is the root of totalitarianism.

There is here a travesty of the absolute which religions call "God", idolatry leads to limit freedom and undermine community life.   Religions themselves have often yielded to this tendency by claiming (and demanding) a blind submission, on behalf of a divine right to authority.

With Whispers from the Brighter World, Sahaj Marg is clearly positioned on the messianic and totalitarian path. According to (them?) Medium (s), Babuji and the Hierarchy of the great saints advocate seeking for a divine absolute order. This absolute is conditioned by the arrival of a kind of Apocalypse that will sweep the world of today, with no other discernment than membership to Sahaj Marg or not.

"Here is the real goal to reach, everything else is ephemeral, with no real reason. One day, the real purpose of life is emerging and binding in all logic. Suffice then to stick to it and to appreciate it so. So many people in this world wander aimlessly, unaware even that there may be another place where the most important exist. Darkness persist on this Earth, we act in order to bring humans to this collective awareness, leading them to understand that to do is to truly change the world. "(Whisper of 18 March 2015)


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Anonymous said...

hi Don, when i took sitting from a preceptor long ago, he told i need more cleaning, on what basis he must have told this? does they know abhyasis internal impurities? really what they do while giving sitting?


4d-Don said...

Hi Saket...

In the "Christian" Roman Catholic Church, they claim from their "Vatican", that every person is not only a sinner in his/her daily life, but that all are sinners and are born with the "original" sin, which they claim is the sin of Adam and Eve, who allegedly ate the "fruit of the tree of the knowledge of good and evil", thus dis-obeying their "Jewish" God ... who forbade it!! Humans were not supposed to have "knowledge of good and evil", according to them.

That way, they (the Christians) have people (who believe this "tall tale) for life ... and they can milk them daily and have thus become the wealthiest corporation in the world.

With Sahaj Marg, which now gets their daily messages (whispers?) from the "spirits" of the dead, it is quite similar. If anyone believes their "story" (Chari claimed that their Whispers from the Brighter World,is their "bible"), then these gullible "serfs" will believe anything... They (the preceptors) don't have to have any special knowledge, and they can make up any story as they go along ... and that is what they do.

To find out what a preceptor knows, ask and they will always have an answer to every question you ask them ... I suggest that for knowledge, you commune (talk?) to your own "ONE-ness" (the Creative) directly and don't believe any of the inventions of "spiritualists".

Spiritualism, is a SCAM ... it has been exposed for centuries. For spirituality, don't go to "spiritualist" groups such as Sahaj Marg or be ready to ask many questions and have no complete answer coming from the "preceptor", who are not any "holier" or knowledge-able than you (or thou??)

While they are giving you a "sitting" they are also "sitting" in from of you, but now, thanks to Patel's new orders, they don't even have to be in your presence any longer, and they can now give sittings at "a distance" just like what physicists sarcastically call: "Spooky action at a distance" ... It's a SCAM!! Sahaj Marg is a SCAM and their meditation just gives you what any meditation (or contemplation) will give you... a time to relax and "nod out" ... (fall asleep??)...

Chari warns not to drive after meditation because the Sahaj Marg Meditation causes a lack of oxygen ... He claims to have gotten that information from Lalaji ... (in his dreams, no doubt)

Ask your preceptor if you want the Sahaj Marg "tall tale" version. (In true Sahaj Marg SPIRITUALIST style, the preceptors all try and convince everyone that they need Sahaj Marg and that Sahaj Marg is "unique". They claim that you all have "impurities" and hence need them to "clean" yourself ... Just like the Catholics need a priest to "forgive their sins", so they can reach the "Brighter World" which they call "HEAVEN".

If you believe that, then you will believe anything ... Clean yourself!! and forgive your own sins!! And if you sin against your neighbour, then get your forgiveness from the one you have hurt or sinned against, and then try to atone. (or become "at one" with your neighbours ... all of them!! )

Don ...

Anonymous said...

Thank you verymuch :)