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Chari's Sahaj Marg

Translation of an article: "Le Sahaj Marg de Chari", by Élodie on her blog in Europe: Pour Que Vive Le Sahaj Marg.

Feb. 8, 2015.

Chari's Sahaj Marg

A Regressive and Protective System

"Nothing will ever replace the experience and the inner feelings" reply Fabrice and other abhyasis to our criticism.

Honor to the sensations, then, at the expense of true spiritual evolution.

Babuji claimed nothing less than offering his disciples a method for realizing a fusion with the Divine (access to the central region) during their short earthly life.

With Chari, one has forgotten all that.  One is pleased to have sensations, and that is enough.

One feels something "(during the) time of a moment, a meditation, a seminar" and everything is for the best. A moment shared with Chari, a fleeting ecstatic time around the meditative experience or of the egregore (Groupthink?) of a seminar; that is (allegedly?) enough to raise Sahaj Marg on a spiritual pedestal, something with which to believe one's self superior to others, (who are alleged to be) too materialistic to feel anything.

The Whispers of the (anonymous) medium, and thousands of distilled daily messages, have replaced the central region and
the too-inaccessible Divine fusion access for the Brighter World and the great masters when we die: "When our abhyasis leave this world, they can then measure the journey traveled and to rejoice." (Whispers)

Chari and the abhyasis have built a system in which the Divine is gone, replaced by the incarnate and living Master, the promises of Whispers for the future and in the beyond.

Competition and ecstatic one upmanship, fleeting sensations, field of ego and magical thinking
"the problem US !! US with our immaturity, US with our naivety, US with our eager requests for a perfect PAPA (Chari?) and for a protective and loving MOMMA (SRCM?), WE with this childish fear of being disliked if we starts criticizing (does this sound familiar?), WE with this visceral fear of entering into this life, WE with our little ego, increasingly subtle and more and more solid, WE with all these defense mechanisms (see Anna Freud...)  

WE with this very human temptation to turn our backs on ourselves (See the excellent film of an Indian director "The Village" available in most video clubs ...) WE with this almost obsessive quest for the Holy Grail, WE with this very egotistical tendency to want to stand apart from the masses  (I HAVE a spiritual path, I HAVE a Master in India, I feel a lot of things, in short I am different from you (= the working and materialistic masses), WE with this transfer of responsibility (we are supposed to know nothing, understand nothing, and live this pseudo-abandonment as a spiritual quality) when in fact it is simply laxity and irresponsibility.

Hence, we cultivate feelings ... which allows us to easily get away with things. For true spirituality demands a considerable effort, outstanding ethics, unusual self-giving and perhaps a few of us are able to consider spirituality in this light (we would call that into question too ). And thanks to all these feelings, we have the feeling of getting out of our torpor ... for a time, for a moment, for a meditation, for a seminar ...

But at the very beginning (of SRCM?) ... remember? ... there was no question of searching for sensations ... but to evolve!! To feel more human, more loving ... in short,  to GROW !! Instead of this, WE have participated in this regressive system."

Patel says the same thing, see:  "Jealousy, discord and competition" (Speech 12/27/2014  Serve our Master by Serving Humanity)



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