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Eastern Spirituality and Sahaj Marg

Translation of an article by Élodie: "La Spiritualités Orientales et le Sahaj Marg", on her blog in Europe: Pour Que Vive Le Sahaj Marg.

December 7, 2014

Eastern Spirituality and Sahaj Marg

 Most of all, do not misunderstand me, I do not reject all Eastern spiritual teachings, quite the contrary.

I left the mission and the teachings of Sahaj Marg, but I believe more than ever in the inner presence of divine light. The search for inner harmony, the unity of soul and body are for me essential teachings that guides me every day. I try with the means at hand, to make my whole life a spiritual quest that I know will never end. And I do not reject the benefits of yoga or meditation, whatever you may think.

While we Westerners discovered Eastern spiritualities, the Orientals were being caught by Western values, because of globalization. Chari had adopted the values ​​of profit and of time passing, even before the beginning of his career in industry.  On the Western side, the New Age was significantly nourished by the Eastern experience.  But it (the New Age) was also an open door for many pseudo-gurus to profit greatly from it to deceive the ordinary people who were on a spiritual quest.

This will shock many of you, but Sahaj Marg is a very good example. It is a marketing product developed by Chari and his team for their exclusive benefit, under the guise of an Eastern philosophical varnish of Western New Age techniques.

They hijacked the traditional sense of the spiritual quest or journey by assigning it a specific purpose and emphasizing the need to reach it as soon as possible. They have diverted us from the inner quest for the divine by imposing an intermediary (the Master) who would concentrate (focus) it all, while leaving us only a few crumbs. They are ready for any and all sacrifice to convince and to win the adherence of the greatest number. They talk about experience, but they take the opportunity to sell us a dogma and its associated myths without one becoming aware.

Sahaj Marg is based solely on the experiences of meditation and the egregore. Its living guru distracts us from the divine within us to impose itself in its place, to put an end to all spiritual quest and to replace the quest with the approval of a Master who manipulates us.

When, while on a spiritual quest, one approaches Sahaj Marg, it is with a promise of an interrupted  spiritual journey.  Sahaj Marg imposes a living master instead of our inner journey to the divine light.  Sahaj Marg is not spirituality, it distracts the spiritual seeker of spirituality in favor of a man and an organization. To return to the path of true spirituality, there is only one solution: forget Chari, the Mission and Sahaj Marg.

Sahaj Marg, for spirituality, it is like the path inside a garage, a path with no way out (except backwards).




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4d-Don said...

Hi all...

I presume that Elodie by her phrase: "the inner presence of divine light", she means "light" in the figurative sense of "the light of consciousness" or "the light of awareness" or a light composed of an "as yet", unproven higher form of matter such as "SPIRIT" ... and not simply an "electromagnetic light".

My preceptor, when I was in Sahaj Marg would claim that Babuji meant: "light as opposed to heavy". Hmmm!

This "SPIRIT matter" in REALITY would be another higher (hotter?) "phase transition" of REAL matter along with (from the coldest to the hottest):

*Solids: (crystals, ie ice),
*Liquids: (mercury, water),
*Gases: (ie: steam, oxides, etc..),
*Plasma: (ie the broken or ionized atomic structure inside the stars),
*Sea of quarks: (inside the nucleons (protons, neutrons)
*Energy and/or the Forces: Electromagnetism, the Strong force (gluons), The Weak force,

...etc., etc., ... up to SPIRIT matter, which would then develop or have some form of "consciousness" or "awareness".

This "conscious SPIRIT" (not "spirits", not plural) matter has yet to be discovered and defined by the "scientific" community before it can be taken as "fact". It remains in the realm of "possibility", but not quite a "probability" as yet.

There are no "lights" inside our bodies (except for the faint light of 98.6 degrees of heat distributed over most of the body) ... there are no "masters" or "gods" inside the heart ... it's all "imagination" and/or religious fantasy, the realm of "magicians, fakirs, witch doctors or charlatans ... and certainly not "dogma"!!

And, we humans love with our whole body, and with the abstractions of the mind, not solely with the "heart". The heart is not the seat of some (imaginary) soul or of "emotions". And, our hunches don't come from the "gut" (a "gut feeling?).

One can pray to the forces of Nature or attempt to empower the matter inside (or outside) the Universe or Multi-verse, but the response of nature still always follows the laws of Nature ...

The allegations of a "consciousness" residing in the forces or the Laws of Nature are anecdotal and Nature does not seem to be affected by religious rituals or incantations. Not really...

It's a "Believe it or not!"

I'm from Missouri... Show ME!