Monday, December 15, 2014

Chari's Children - Searching for the Re-Assuring Image of the Father!

Translation of an article by Élodie: "Les Enfants de Chari - À la Recherche de l'Image Rassurante du Père", on her blog in Europe: Pour Que Vive Le Sahaj Marg.

Dec. 15, 2014

Chari's Children - Searching For the Reassuring Image of the Father

August 15, 2012, an aged Chari, sick and tired appears to abhyasis worldwide via a video-conference on the Internet to announce his resignation live in a gigantic bhandara (party) organized especially for this occasion. His departure is organized, his successor is now ready to take over.
The immediate amazement gave way to bewilderment and then despondency. Almost immediately, the response of Abhyasis fuse in the room: they refuse his resignation. The consequence of this refusal: the abhyasis condemn Chari to die at work.

Just over two years later, Chari is always in control. In the shadows, his successor waits for his hour. Yet the abhyasis have never been as worried about the future of the Mission. In their imagination, Chari is irreplaceable.

But, let us sweep outside our own door. Myself, in 2005, I criticized the Mission but defended "tooth and nail" the figure of the master, hence the original title of this blog.  I attributed the excesses of Sahaj Marg to internal problems in the organization and to "the Men", I was still unable to accept the idea that Chari bears a share of the responsibility for this failure. And even after having left it all, it took me a while to admit it; at least two years were needed before I began to rebuke him.

What is the dream of all abhyasis?  To approach, meet, touch Chari. We are far from the so-called spiritual quest which theoretically leads all abhyasis to Sahaj Marg.

The charisma of Chari can explain as expected, his ascension in the seventies, the eighties or the nineties, but certainly more his undeniable current success. But the (real?) reasons are neither charismatic nor spiritual; they are psychological.

There are not 36 possible explanations. The abhyasis need this living master which is Chari. They need a leader, the figure of the leader, the reassuring image of an authoritarian father.

Men killed religions (God is symbolically dead). Orphaned, Men (abhyasis?)  are searching for another master to replace him. Spiritual seekers are obsessed with the need for a teacher, a supreme and indisputable leader. They need the power of the infallible leader, the one who knows better than any others and who is guiding them. The abhyasis have found him, it is Chari, the most gifted imposter to pose as God.

Adherence to SRCM and Sahaj Marg is based on a misunderstanding, a mistake, a misdirection, a sham: the abhyasis are not really looking for the divine light that is inside of themselves, unconsciously they are like children looking for a paternal protection.

And as the child endangers his family if he does not submit to parental authority, the abhyasi who doubts endangers the Mission because he/she no longer blindly obeys Chari.

The Mission is not a spiritual movement, it is Chari's family, the reassuring figure which is both authoritative and paternal. Tomorrow, when the children of Chari are grieving again, orphans of their Father, what reception  will they reserve for Kamlesh Patel?




Anonymous said...

I heard the old man passed away yesterday 12-20-2014.

Anonymous said...

Hi Don,
Hope you are well.
I heard PR passed away.
The world seems lighter!
- Free Bitch Baby

Anonymous said...

Dear Don,

FYI - Chari died on Saturday, 20-Dec-2014.

Gopi Krishna