Wednesday, August 07, 2013

The Apocapypse and Sahaj Marg(tm)

Translation of an article by Alexis, "Apocalypse et Sahaj Marg",  on his blog: "Projet Sahaj Marg" in Europe.

Aug. 7, 2013

Apocalypse and Sahaj Marg (tm)

Excerpts from the presentation of Roxana-Malina Chirilă during the conference of FECRIS "Apocalyptic Sects: Failed Utopias and the Consequence for Adherents" in Perpignan, (France), on October 13, 2012, in Bulles No. 118 (The Magazine of UNADFI).


"An Apocalypse is an emotional affair. I do not here use the word "Apocalypse" in its usual sense of catastrophe (disappearance of man, the destruction of civilization, the end of our world). I mean the phenomenon that occurs when a sect integrates the end of the world into its doctrine: one is preparing for a very specific Apocalypse, which is part of the mentality and the everyday life of a small group of people.  

The Apocalypse then presents itself as a specific response to some universal questions related to the fear of death, translated into death and destruction on a large scale, it may, paradoxically, give the individual the impression of having a better control over his own destiny.  

This Apocalypse is a judgment which will decide once and for all who are virtuous and who are sinners, who had the good faith and the bad. It gives one the opportunity to fight evil and to prove that one is a savior, a deserving person or a hero able to face any challenge.  

In sects, apocalypses are many and varied depending on the specific teaching of each. The heart of the various scenarios of doom, however, remains the same and generally forms a knot of emotion, of senses, concepts, desires and fears.  In my opinion, to begin to defuse the concept of the Apocalypse it is generally not sufficient to provide evidence against the theory of the Apocalypse cherished by the group. It is also necessary to understand how the members came to believe that Apocalypse then, and what it means for each of them."


On the eve of the year 2000, a French newspaper had mistakenly believed that SRCM was being monitored by the General Information,  because of its apocalyptic character. At the time, to confuse this meditation movement with an apocalyptic cult was a mistake. Today, things are much more confusing ...

"Apocalypse" does not only mean the end of the world.  The Apocalypse is also a prophetic narrative in which divine revelation is made to man.  Revelation of an invisible spiritual reality, inaccessible to the common experience, but critical (determinant?) to the human destiny. The Apocalypse will save the world, it announces the imminence of a new spiritual world while the old world comes to an end.  The Apocalypse is also marked by the last judgment and the wrath of God, a divine intervention that judge the wicked and the damned to better reward the elite (chosen?)  by offering them salvation. After the disaster comes the era of the survivors, the reconstruction and the rebirth ...

As the Christian religion has its Apocalypse of St. John, the SRCM has also had its Apocalypse for 8 years now, since the beginning of the publication in 2005 of  "Whispers from the Brighter World" reportedly by an anonymous French (lady) medium and supposedly dictated by Babuji.

If the abhyasis had been able to undertake the same spiritual journey as Kasturi Chaturvedi, the only saint of Sahaj Marg, Chari would never have needed to publish the whispers of the Apocalypse. But Chari and his preceptors are unable to provide sufficient experience to hold the abhyasis for long enough in the womb of the  Mission.  Hence the publication of these revelations, daily apocalyptic whispers from another more "brighter" world ...

Faced with so many problems and uncertainties in our societies, and faced with a deep dissatisfaction vis-à-vis the current world situation, apocalypticism responds to some basic human needs. To believe that one  knows the objective being pursued, and to imagine being part of an elite who can be the saved who will then re-build the world, has something to seduce even the most lost and to relegate their feelings of impotence into forgetfulness.  

Without failing to adhere to the system of meditation of the SRCM, the abhyasis want to believe they are involved in shaping the future and will be the (chosen?) elite of the future. But even this is far from being "a given",  as their Chari on July 22nd, in his speech said: "It all depends on You" (Guru Purnima Day). When the Mission had 4 to 5,000 abhyasis, Babuji would allegedly have told him that only 2 or 3 abhyasis would accompany him into the Brighter World 

"(...) I said," Babuji, I know from my own little experience of Sahaj Marg that finally I think you will be the only person to go to the brighter world "- from the four or five thousand at that time who were abhyasis He said, "Yes, it looks like it. Maybe two or three more." You see, what he said? - Himself, plus maybe two or three more!  (...) "

 Must Chari be one of those 2 or 3 people?  Nothing is less certain ...