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Sahaj Marg(tm), SRCM and "Catalyst for Change"??

This is a speech by Chari which could be about the "stinking lie" which has become Sahaj Marg(tm) and his own Shri Ram Chandra Mission, registered in California in 1997 by Chari, Santosh et al.

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A Catalyst for Change
Address to the Alumni of Lalaji Memorial Omega International School, 3 June 2013, Chennai, India

My dear young ladies and gentlemen,

To say that I am pleased to see you all would be an understatement. When we started the Omega School, eight years back I think, apart from the aspirations of others involved in the process who wanted to turn out top level students and so on and so forth, my aspiration, which I did not voice, was to produce excellent human beings with aspiration not ambition as their guiding light, who would be future citizens of India well-equipped with the strength of the heart, with the courage of the heart, to participate in what is mundanely called ‘A New India’, in the making of a new India which would be free – morally free, intellectually free – where you would all be able to voice, without concern for safety, the need for truth, honesty, openness in either public or private administration – in fact, to create a society of which our people have been talking for centuries – the so-called Ram Rajya – but which has never been achieved over 3000 years, 4000 years.

When you watch serials like the Ramayana or the Mahabharata, you find out how much dishonesty, untruth, lies – what in Hindi you call chhal [deception] and kapat [duplicity] – have pervaded public life, whether under monarchies or under the different systems of political administration. ( ...and not even in religion or in "spiritualism" such as Sahaj Marg(tm)  ... see SRCM letters of succession.. the real and the forgery) In fact, I don’t see any India, if you look to the past, where there was honesty and truth, except for the rishis preaching it, for the Upanishads which enshrined it, and for the very few who were in jungles and in mountains practising austerity and tapas [penance] free of political and other influences to practise a true life in their own personal life and nothing more. They were unable to influence society because they were far away from society. In fact, they had renounced the society and became recluses in forests, in mountain caves, in isolation. And, of course, history does not record what they achieved except what we call personal emancipation.  (If an adherent to Sahaj Marg wants to be honest, they will also have to become "recluses" from the "spiritualism" which has become Sahaj Marg(tm) ...  Give back to Babuji's family, what was stolen (by lies and deceit) and through mis-use of the legal systems,  funded by "wealthy businessmen".   Money will not buy "Honesty" or Spirituality.)

So, in those days (as today at SRCM California-1997) , I mean in all the past centuries that we have seen, there were the few who preached the truth and practised it – and there were the many who perhaps knew the truth but did not practise it, where ambition was there, where anxiety to amass more and more was there, where dishonesty pervaded public life – whether it was in commercial industry or in government. So, though I hate to say it, I feel that Indian life has always been what I would like to call a stinking lie. Satyam vada [speak the truth] – never done. Dharmam chara [be righteous] – never done. Ideals! You see great rishis who were killed, murdered by kings. You have seen emperors fighting for more and more territory – chhal and kapat ruling their lives. (The more he points at others, the more Chari is un-wittingly exposing his own actions at SRCM (California-1997 ...  The divisive lure of  EGO, POWER and GREED!! )

So, if at all we see a new India emerging with you boys and girls (if they re-form the SRCM and make it more "honest" and not so "divided" and "divisive"...  Stop lying about Lalaji's fictitious role in Sahaj Marg.  And give back to Babuji's family what belongs to them!!  BE SPIRIT!!  It's only MONEY and POWER which has lured your MASTER, and which has been "taken" without permission... ie: usurped or stolen)   participating in that renaissance, as I would like to call it, it would be something in the history of India very new, never achieved before – not in the life of the great rishis, not in the life of the great emperors, not in the Vedic age, but in Kaliyuga, where brave hearts and minds will contribute to such a renaissance, and where history will record that after tens of thousands of years of a public life which was wanting in every aspect of truth, of culture, of openness, “Behold! There is a new India created by young men and women of this age which is supposed to be full of corruption, of misery in public life, private life, of fear.” I don’t see anybody today who is not afraid. 

(Change yourself first.  Change your tribalism and your nationalism.  All students at LMOIS are not "Indian".  Even now as in the past, some are not only tribal or "Indian" (ie culturally, nationally or tribally divided by SRCM) but some of the next generations are now becoming "PLANETARY" citizens, not only citizens of India.   And India, as Chari points out,  is not the loftiest example of "honesty" or "corruption-free, among the countries (nations) on this planet.   There is a loftier spirituality  (not "spiritualism... with messages from the dead, egregores, etc...) than the Spiritualism of Sahaj Marg(tm).     

There are some other global citizens who also share their maybe-not-so corruptly or deceitfully acquired pools of  money as the businessmen of SRCM California-1997.  They who hide the donations (cash and real-estate) donated to them as Charity, in a "foundation" (SMSF) which is owned and controlled by a few wealthy corporate elite (the "board") chosen and appointed by Chari!  

I mean those other generous global citizens which Chari calls: "morally degraded" (such as Bill Gates of Microsoft, simply because he (and his foundation) helps those afflicted with AIDS... or the Pope, because he offers a prayer for AIDS sufferers and not for "diabetes" sufferers (at that time) ...  Chari's dis-ease!!   

And some of us (the normal ones who don't need "spiritualist cults")  are only "afraid" sometimes  ... We don't live in fear, specially not about an apocalyptic event foretold by an "anonymous French lady Medium" in "whispers" received from spirits who dwell in the central region of a mythic "Brighter World".   Some Natural and/or man-made calamities, catastrophies and/or  general problems (tragedies, accidents, social tensions and pressures) will come!!  Don't FEAR!!  BE Happy!! 

You go to register a piece of land, you have to pay bribes.  (How much did SRCM pay in bribes from the Charity money it has collected? Or is that an apocalyptic lie or an exageration also?)  You go for an application form, you have to give money to obtain it. You go for admission – you have to pay hefty bribes, whether it is engineering or medical or whatever. What happened? Where is the India that is great?  (A fantasy??  Just like the "great" Sahaj Marg(tm) and/or "Whispers from the Brighter World") I frequently refer to a book written by an Oxford Professor, A.L. Basham, which impressed me very much when I read it about sixty years ago. I think the title was The Wonder That Was India or something like that. He is full of praise for India and its culture, its background. But twenty years later he comes back to India and finds, under a superficial veneer of so-called culture and civilisation, there is nothing but corruption: mental corruption, moral corruption, every aspect of corruption.  (Even "spiritualist" groups such as Sahaj Marg(tm)  corruptly and fraudulently calling themselves  "SPIRITUALITY" )  And, in fact, in the preface to his book, the second time he wrote, he said he was sorely disappointed with what he saw, and he was almost recanting what he had written about India in that book. I would like you all to read that book, if you ever have access to it in libraries. The Wonder That Was India, Professor A.L. Basham – B-A-S-H-A-M. Please note it down and try to get a copy of it and read it when you have leisure.  (Then compare the past corruption in India and look at SRCM and see that Chari and the "Businessmen" are simply continuing the same "corruption"... but now it is SPIRITUALIST corruption... (messages from the dead, channeled by an anonymous French lady Medium ... a LIE, and a SCAM!)

So, you see, great men from western countries have admired us, (have admired the myths, but sought out those "misfits" who rejected your society and other societies also)   have admired our culture, the way of life, simplicity.  (Not So ... just exotic!!)  But then, when you penetrate a little deeper, it is all muck, and many were disappointed, and many wrote about it, much to my regret. People like me sorrowed that this is the way things  are going  (ie: YOU have gone)  – that people who admired us are saying, “I was wrong. I have nothing to admire here. It is worse than any other place.” And of course, if you read the newspapers and you see the corruption index, and you find you are number three out of a list of seventy-eight – almost near the top – I don’t know, I mean, sometimes I wonder what we are doing, living here.  (And that means: SPIRITUALIST scams like SRCM and Sahaj Marg(tm)  also... even though it is registered in California in 1997, in the Land of the FREE.  Will you corrupt that land and that "SYSTEM" also??)

We say it is wonderful to be born in this country which has so much hope for us. But hopes remain hopes; aspirations are shattered. People are disillusioned by the time they come to their thirties, and the rest of life is just spent in a misery of – what should I call – not guilt, but sorrow that things are as they are, and nothing is ever going to change. Nobody thinks that India will change. I always tell them that India is not responsible. It is Indians who are responsible. “Bharat Mera Mahaan” [My India is great] – when we sing it in our every Independence Day, I say, what is mahaan [great] about Bharat?  (You sound like other IMPERIALISTS:  "Germans", Americans, Japanese, Romans, Greeks, Egyptians, etc...  all the "invaders" the "predators" of the world... who manipulate the "PEOPLE" and prey on them so as to lead them into "corruption" and then to feed on them and their meager possessions.) The very people who are singing it, holding up flags – the epitome of corruption, of lies!

So when I say that I have great expectations from our Omega (the "end"??)   and its product, the first of them – you are here.   (Born in corruption, bred by the corrupt, educated by the corrupt, but who will now become "SPIRITUAL" by stealing some other's "society" and thus create PEACE?? ... It is a fantasy which will corrupt the rest of the WORLD unless we, those not driven by EGO, POWER and GREED oppose it and expose the lies to the true seekers.  Sahaj Marg(tm) has become in only a few years, just another corrupt RELIGION!!)   I hope you will all understand that you have a great responsibility to not only your own future, for which of course obviously everybody is responsible, but for the future of this country (speak of the PLANET for once at  least ... the "world" is not only a tribal and divisive "culture" who wants to conquer and control (through RELIGION and SPIRITUALISM) the world ... YET AGAIN! ) : to bring it back to its pristine glory (What a corrupt concept of the past: "pristine GLORY"??   RE-Read your own "REALITY AT DAWN"  It does not say: GLORY  but reality !!  And "dawn" is before the glory of the "sunrise".   BE Spiritual for the love of God!!  God (or ONE) is not "LIGHT and IT is not only temporal GLORY"  Those are the corruptions which are burning and are luring  the corrupt with their shiny (glorious?) trinkets... those who thinks LIGHT  and GLORY to BE the same as: GOD!!  A fantasy, a fiction... a corruption of  RELIGION ), if ever it was like that; to realise what the rishis have always said must be there – it is perhaps buried deep in our roots, but has not come up into the foliage, it is not out in the open in the sunshine.  (and it is still not there in Sahaj Marg(tm)) So, you must always remember that there is this responsibility which must be in your hearts that, “I am doing things of course for myself, (first?  ego?)  for my family, but very importantly, if not most importantly, for my country.”  (NO... Not for the "country", a "man-made" invention, but for the PLANET, a GOD-made CREATIVE-ness.  A Process!!)))

So that is what I have to say to all of you today. I remember when I was in school seventy years back, I was an idealist (now you have become just like the corrupt and addicted businessmen of the past)  like most young people are.  I used to attend Congress meetings.  It was before partition, before India became independent, and there was a great deal of fervour.  (Chari and the Indian Nationalist who now want to conquer the world with their RELIGION... just like the Europeans and the other RELIGIOUS fanatics and egotists... the Predators)  We used to march miles holding the Congress flag. We used to spend hours waiting to see Gandhi or Nehru. We used to go to our college gate, university gate in Banaras, for the unfurling of the flag and then singing Jana Gana Mana [Indian national anthem] almost with tears in our eyes.  (So much for the Planet eh??)

That was how children are brought up when they’re young – aspiration full in the heart. And there was no distinction between self and our country, or self and society. “I am a part of that. I may have an independent existence but without the whole, I am nothing.”  (The whole is the PLANET and the Galaxy and the UNIVERSE... not INDIA)  This was the sort of spirit (not spirit but Politics or tribalism) we had.

My first adventure with truth was a disaster. My chemistry teacher took an English class because the English teacher was absent. And there was a particular word, ‘unanimous’. He was spelling it as ‘anonymous’. I made the mistake of standing up and saying, “Sir, your spelling is wrong.” He glared at me and said, “Don’t teach me English.” I was a fool. Next day I took a copy of my pocket Oxford dictionary and showed him that there are two words, ‘anonymous’ and ‘unanimous’ – and I made an enemy for life!  ( Chari makes enemies of teachers??  NOT true ... not an enemy!!   Made up (invented) fiction without knowing the truth ... seek out your teacher and ask him if he is your enemy NOW!! And stop lying about others!!)

That is the sort of leadership we have in our schools! (and in our RELIGIONS)  Teachers who do not want to be corrected, (lol lol lol   Gotcha!)  teachers with whom you cannot have a fair exchange, (lol lol lol  we are Canadians... we can be FREE) )  unlike the USA, where you can sit with your feet up on the desk and talk to your professor who is standing! Full freedom. Here – no!  ( Wrong... THERE YES!!  Very SOON!!)

Therefore we (YOU create) lead a stifled existence in our schools, where from kindergarten “Miss says” means it is the law.  (Sounds like Sahaj Marg (tm) and SRCM.  And where you claim that all other religions are corrupt... all except Sahaj Marg(tm))  And in that situation, in that environment of teaching which is bounded by the corruption of teachers, by their lack of knowledge… (Point at your self and your School eh?  Do you teach how to STEAL other's societies??  From your (their) Master's family??)   in fact, I would go to the extent of saying that very few of them are really prepared for their jobs except to earn money.  (What else are you teaching beside "divisions"?  It was like that; I don’t know what it is today. I hope at least in Omega things are different. Therefore, unless you have freedom there, you cannot have freedom here. When you plant a sapling and put a tight thing around it, how can it grow except in the way it is put?  (But now we, the PEOPLE,  have the INTERNET and we can add some new seeds...  And we are not corrupted by POWER and GREED (money)!   May the good seeds grow and may the corrupt seeds rot!!  May he who has less money and power have the best (the most simple and most powerful) seeds!! ) 

So we grow up thinking, “My teacher did not tell me the truth. My family did not tell me the truth. (and the young will rebel when they start reading the truth and "THINKING"... which religion, such as Sahaj Marg(tm)  wants to prevent. But IT will happen anyway!!  The thinkers will think!! The People will be FREE!! ) Always they were covering up lies, deceits.   (Like Sahaj Marg(tm), their religion and their "spiritualist" scam!!  It's a LIE!!)  Wherever you went there was a hush of silence, there is a smile of knowingness, then a new subject” – I am sure you have seen all this. If not, you will. The first problem is not to allow yourselves to be changed by this sort of environment. We are there to change others, not to be changed ourselves.  (lol lol lol...  What a crock!!   Change will take place ... Change or MOTION is a REALITY (not only at "dawn" but all the TIME)  specially in those who think that SPIRITUALISM is the truth!!)  Like a catalyst. A catalyst changes, but it never changes [itself]; it is always there.  (NOT TRUE ... There is nothing of the material world which is not TEMPORAL and hence an illusion... NOTHING will be "forever there"!! That is a lie and a fantasy. 

So, I hope you will all be catalysts of the future: unafraid, (of MOTION, or change) not proud (not in "glory"??) but happy to be there, to have been given an opportunity to stand up and speak, thankful to whatever it is – the spirit of India or the spirit of culture (Nationalism and cultures will change...what about the Planet??)– which gives you this opportunity to be what you are and not what you are meant to be.  (Hmmm... not what you are meant to be??  by WHOM??)  Remember that you have to be what you are and not what you are meant to be by society.  Society may expect you to be so many things: obedient, defiant, lying, colluding in bribery and corruption and all sorts of things.  (Society is made up of PEOPLE... and in a group, all can be FREE... their is no "conspiracy" stopping anyone from achieving their "destiny"... That is an apocalyptic fantasy invented by religions and pressure groups to frighten and influence others.  WE, the PEOPLE are FREE, and we are not going back to being influenced by "THEM"... Society or the GROUP!!...  Let us hope that some of us, the PEOPLE will look to addressing the concerns of the PLANET and not all become "nationalists", cultists, culturalists, tribalists, etc... )  There you are safe, and you get your chunk of the profit, (always money, power, glory, etc... HOW RELIGIOUS !!)  but you will spend sleepless nights worried over what to do if something happens, Whereas if you are truthful,  (BE truthful eh) you will live a solid, happy, pleasant, life, content with what you are, knowing that it is contentment that is happiness, not the other way round.  (Now they want a pleasant, and happy life??  Not like Sahaj Marg(tm) and the Nationalist dreams of  insulting other nations, cultures and conquering the world for "OUR TRIBE"!! 

I have not seen contentment in people who have twenty thousand crores, hundred thousand crores, two hundred thousand crores – because they want more and more.  (preach at yourselves and not at WE the common and un-wealthy people... You can finally catch up to us and be "SIMPLE" for a change, rather than thinking that you KNOW what the rest of us don't know)  On one side, they are terribly afraid: “If this happens?” “If that happens?” Where is their money? Something here, something there!

I had an industry friend, who made in his time, fifty years ago, a few hundred crores in starting up a new industry, and entrusted everything to his nephew – benaami transactions, false documents, (Sahaj Marg(tm) all sorts of funny things. He entrusted it to the nephew who controlled this hundred crores of black money that the uncle had earned. And the uncle had given it to the nephew so that he is free from even [tax] (Sahaj Marg(tm) (look at your receipts which show that you "DONATED"... hence tax-free)  raids and things like that. And one day the nephew said, “Ta-ta” and walked out. The uncle said, “Where is my money?” The nephew said, “What money?” This is what happens to most people who cannot keep it but they have to entrust it to others who enjoy it merrily, whether it is in a Swiss bank or wherever.  (Let's hope that is what happens to SRCM (California-1997) and Sahaj Marg(tm)...  Who will set things right at Sahaj Marg(tm) and SRCM California-1997).

So, contentment – that is what we have to learn. I must be content with what I am, (stop taking from others, the poor and give to the poor)  with what I have, and then I am fearless. Because otherwise, if I am always avaricious and thinking of more and more, I am a servant – not even a master of myself.

So I hope the school has done its duty properly by you all and taught you well, and that Sahaj Marg will polish up your character, your freedom, give you the strength to be what you are, to be independent of all influences and to contribute, as I said, to an emerging India which shall be free, which shall be honest, which shall be in public and private life as it was never before.  (In other words, not like the couurpt leadership and the Gur0us of Sahaj Marg(tm) and SRCM (California-1997.  May you start taking care of the planet, not just of your tribe, nation, culture, and RELIGION!!  GOD IS NOT RELIGIOUS!! 

So I pray for you all, and thank you for being here.

Thank you.


Anonymous said...

At the beginning of this speech he is talking about isolation. I think the real reason anyone joins such an organization is to relieve themselves from isolation and become part of a friendship group. It is extremely concerning they are now being coerced back into what made them very unhappy at the beginning. I watched a disturbing video on you tube. A seminar. Everyone comes across very child like. And dare I say it glassy eyed and trance like. I hope the defectors do not become leaders of splinter groups. After all you need a good cv. Qualifications. And authentic recommendations before you can help anyone out of a crisis.

4d-Don said...

Hi Anonymous...

Good one...

Some "children" grow up later than others and believe into adulthood, in Magic where they believe they will be Saved or Redeemed by some "special" person; and some become adults eventually and believe in reason, where one carves one's destiny from the randomness of Nature ...

God keep us all from those who seek to control others with Magic without any real qualifications and/or with "spirits" from the "other world" be it "Brighter" or located in some "Central" region, existing in some "nebulous" locale "out there", in some higher dimension (more that the four of SPACETIME (three of Space: length, width, height, and one of Time) where a Center has no REAL meaning ... and where what they call REALITY is really a myth invented in the dreams (visions?) of some anonymous "Medium" (Anonymous, French Lady) ...

Some will grow up later than others... But most of humanity will grow up eventually, and become adults and most will experience some degree of REALITY ... most, like many of us today, will leave Myths behind ... eventually!!

That is my hope, and my prayer ...

Don ...

Anonymous said...

I left the myth behind!!
Thanks Don.

4d-Don said...

Hi Anonymous...

Have a good, safe and rewarding life, and a safe JOURNEY as we (ALL of this consciousness) cross the "great divide" ... (between this Life we experience (with various levels of consciousness) and other Life (with more various levels of consciousness).

If you have the occasion and the desire, you can instruct others (or point the direction to the "in-formation") about the many differences between Myth (the cons, the scams, the lies, the falsehoods) and Reality!!

Reality IS, WAS, and WILL BE more or less conscious ...

Thank you ... and Bless you!!

Don ...