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Sahaj Marg: When Babuji Played Frankenstein

Taken and translated from an article by Élodie: "Sahaj Marg: Quand Babuji Jouait à Frankenstein", on her blog in Europe: Pour Que Vive Le Sahaj Marg

Comments and additions by 4d-don are in "red italics"

Also Read:  A testimonial by Patricia, 5yr a disciple of Sahaj Marg(tm),  and married in India by the Guru ...  See in the "comments".

June 29, 2013
Sahaj Marg: When Babuji played Frankenstein

Given its importance, I re-publish the comments of Alexis to be sure that everyone has read it.

The Abhyasis (disciples) are mutants.

Alexis said ...

On the occasion of the anniversary of Babuji, Kamlesh Patel has issued some new messages from  Babuji  (Echoes of North America, June 2013):

Page 1 : News of master : “(…) He [Kamlesh Patel] read aloud two of Babuji’s messages from Whispers and explained the role of the abhyasi in the grand plan of regeneration of humanity.(…)”

Page 2 : Report from Tiruppur : “(…) Brother Kamlesh told us that in 1981 Babuji said he was changing the genetic evolution of the human race. The mutation is already taking place, so Kamlesh said, please meditate, bring joy in the heart. (…)”

The second quote is therefore not a "Whisper", it's Patel saying Babuji said that in 1981, so when he was still alive ...

The regeneration of mankind, genetic tampering of the human race ... The SRCM has tumbled into science fiction, joining Ron Hubbard, the founder of Scientology or the (alleged) genetic manipulation of Claude Vorilhon aka Rael!   It is now understandable: the abhyasis are GMOs (genetically Modified Organisms) ...  

At SRCM (California-1997) we have a wealthy Spiritualist Pharmacist (and Indian pharmaceuticals distributor) who admittedly creates GMO's among his disciples with the help of a "spirit"??  Are we really surprised?   Should we call them willing "Zombies" or "mutated" organisms (entities?) created by a "special" person ??  Babuji is turning in his grave!!

According to Patel, Babuji was therefore saying that in 1981 he was changing human genetic evolution.

This is not from "Whispers", this was in 1981, when Babuji was still alive, sick and sometimes paranoid, but alive and well.  If he is not lying, Patel therefore reports a sentence actually spoken by Babuji to which he adds faith.  He does not doubt the sanity of Babuji, he really believes it.

The other alternative is that there is lying or manipulation in the statements of Patel.  This refers to the use of Whispers
by the SRCM and its masters Chari and Patel, to intoxicate the abhyasis and to indoctrinate them.

In one case as in the other, if one accepts the idea that Babuji had made some genetic manipulation to  the human race, if he has so much power over men (and Nature), one wonders why he did not prevent them from continuing to run towards disaster as it is regularly reminded by "Whispers".  He (apparently) has all the means to save humanity.

In one case as in the other case, it accredits at the heart of the SRCM the idea developed by "Whispers" of a plan for the regeneration of humanity through the abhyasis (arranged marriages, indigo children, etc...).

A somewhat disturbing idea because it is in stark contrast to that taken by Chari of the equality of human beings with each other without the prejudice of race, color or religion.  With the exception of sex and sexuality: women and homosexuals do not receive the same tolerance from Chari.

It is now inequality and genetic differentiation thanks to Babuji: ordinary (Natural) human genetics or the spiritualist genetics, in the SRCM fashion.

In these times of the re-issuing of the annual essay contest, presented jointly by the SRCM and the UNDPI Centre for India and Bhutan,  this should leave a stain.


(The UNDPI and "spiritualist genetic manipulation"??   REALLY??   Give your collective spiritualist heads a shake!!)

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Babuji said: 

(...) ...  So I appointed them.
When I realised that they were acting as masters or authority, I decided to discontinue appointing them and also removed the system of introducing Sahaj Marg to deserving persons.

(...) ... so at last I decided to transmit all my Power to places like Temples, Mosques and Churches worldwide so that those visiting there could be benefitted.     



4d-Don said...

Elodie said ... (translated from her blog in Europe: Pour Que Vive Le Sahaj Marg

Hello 4d-Don,

If Babuji has gone into the emples, churches and mosques, it is that he hardly believed in Sahaj Marg any more.

Note that this happened after he has ceased to appoint preceptors (serfs, servants) because it was found that they diverted the power he had given them for their personal benefit, according to Sharad.

Babuji was neither omnipotent nor omniscient. This is surprising in relation to the assertion that he was changing human genetic evolution.

It would be interesting if Sharad Chandra gave us his opinion on the so-called genetic manipulation taken by his grandfather.



Sunday, June 30, 2013

4d-Don said...

Taken from an e-mail from Alexis's blog, posted on Elodie's blog (Sahaj Marg: Babuji Plays Frankenstein) (from Patricia):

Alexis said ...

Patricia HAS left a new comment on my post "Sahaj Marg and its essential components":


It has been several years since I left Sahaj Marg after 5 years of practice, more and less devoted (travel to India, marriage ... by the Master).

Today I am happy and free, but I fell a duty to post this small testimonial. What saved me was my 'self control'. I had trouble abandoning myself as a general rule. I could not be 'absorbed' in
the sittings and I saw what was happening around.

I saw these people (most of the time women) who seemed to be completely lost, and that, after many years of practice! The motto of the meditation is still to open the conscience. I saw just the opposite! And it scared me, I did not want to later become like them! I saw around me some real zombies ...

Second thing that scared me: meditation on the heart. The heart is a fragile organ, and it is not good to 'work' directly on it. (In general, the pericardium is used to act on the heart). After a few months of diligent practice I started having chest pains. We were told: those are the samskaras (dirt) coming out, one must continue. But the pain persisted. Long after the final ending of the meditation on the heart, the pain remained as a bad memory.

For me, Sahaj Marg is dangerous for those who are frail, not very stable and alone! It creates a Utopia of a life in a large loving family with the benevolence of the guru, a safe and carefree life.

The Master demands sacrifice for 'the Mission' but in counter-part but this is nothing compared to what he gives us ... I wonder how I could have been blind for a good 5 years. With some luck, I came out of it(!) Without much impact.

P.S. I just add that my marriage by the Master was a complete fiasco much as many couples, married in euphoric crowds in India but who have no future outside of this Utopia.

Sunday, June 30, 2013

Anonymous said...

Oh my,
I completely agree.
I know that some people get really sucked into this, and if they need any help please post comments here.

Ugh, i dont miss this group at all.
I mean there are some good people or whatever, but seriously.... it's like brainwashing. I feel so much better being OUT of it. I guess that means my soul is going to be eternally damned, huh? I really doubt it.