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Sahaj Marg's "Mecca"??

Translation of an article by Elodie:  "La Mecque du Sahaj Marg", on her blog in Europe: Pour Que Vive Le Sahaj Marg.

May 3, 2015.

Sahaj Marg's Mecca?

Will Kamlesh Patel change Sahaj Marg? Is he very different from Chari? His recent speeches and recent events show us that unfortunately this is not the case.

Friday, Avril 17th, 2015, Fatehgarh, Kamlesh bhai said, “The Hierarchy wants to convey that the time has come for the Mission to grow rapidly.”

Saturday, Avril 18th, 2015, Lucknow, he recalled Master Chariji’s advice for growing the Mission “Every abhyasi brings one new abhyasi every year.”

In his first public speaking, Kamlesh Patel called for unity. He then strongly emphasized discipline. Today, he re-launches the proselyte project of the Mission.

If one believes the Whispers (From the Brighter World), these psychic messages from the "hierarchy" of the (alleged) previous masters of Sahaj Marg, SRCM is growing and needs to accelerate the movement. Hence the increase in the powers of the preceptors by Patel, hence the creation of this new website to lure people on a spiritual search, and hence the relaunching of proselytizing.

Kanha project - in pursuit of extravagant projects

In 1999, Chari inaugurated the Babuji Memorial Ashram at Manapakkam, the first "jewel" of Sahaj Marg, the first major sumptuous project of the Mission.

April 26, 2015, on the eve of the celebration of Babuji's anniversary in Lucknow, Patel attended the erection of a statue of Babuji at the building under construction at Kanha Shanti Vanam. A statue of 13 tons and almost 10 meters high, a hundred sheets of metal cast in a mold from a gold alloy of five metals.

The statue of Babuji will from now on sit above a bright star-shaped building, which will itself be the focus of a future building in the shape of a heart, to portray the aerial view of the esoteric symbol published in  whispers (From the Brighter World) .

This project Patel called the "Mecca of Sahaj Marg" (April 10, 2015) was born "with a handful of extremely dedicated abhyasis, thirty kilometers south of the new international airport in Hyderabad," because the "Mission's growth has also signified that we were financially able to tackle larger (more important?) projects. "

Nothing is Too Beautiful to Celebrate the Greatness of This Spiritual Path 

"The Masters of the past united cast their gaze on this grand work which is being built at Hyderabad.  There will be the "high place" of Sahaj Marg, where great things will be accomplished under the impulse of the current Master, Kamlesh Patel." 

"(...) Nothing is to beautiful to celebrate the greatness of this spiritual path as it will be perceived in the future. Precedents have thus marked this world; why could Sahaj Marg not accomplish this also, in the framework that is its own! (...) Large buildings around the world tell of this humanity, and this in its various forms (...). Yes, this site will be visited and appreciated, it will be highly charged, and that by God's grace (...)." (Whisper of  March 31, 2015)

Thus, "our masters have created a future for us; a future where we will be safe, free to practice and grow in these beautiful places, spiritually charged." Says Patel. As if the followers of Sahaj Marg were neither safe nor free to practice today. 

Codenamed "Kanha Shanti Vanam"

Remember what we learned from Alexis last November, that this project matured by Chari since 2008 from a living place with an ashram and living space for the abhyasis, a colony based on 4 charities created in 2010 with the acquisition of 200 to 300 ha (hectares) by this handful of a dozen (or so?) extremely dedicated abhyasis, most of which are large investors and entrepreneurs.

Let us not forget that the mission's foreign capital comes by over 50% from three people: two computer designer and pharmaceutical Indian American start-up, and (a Russian?) oligarch from Transnistria. 
Settlement (colonial?)  Projects Sahaj Marg 

By pursuing Chari's draft, Patel subscribes definitely to the continuity of his predecessor.  His program can be summarized as: Unity, Discipline and proselytism, more than ever inspired by the mediums.


Bulletin No: 2015.42 – Tuesday April 28, 2015 :  

(…) Our beloved Chariji Maharaj had a special project close to his heart. Not many people knew about it, except towards the end. Actually, at its inception, probably only he and Mr Varma, the engineer, knew. The initial idea was to create a special grand memorial to his dear Master, Babuji Maharaj. He had already created a gem, the Babuji Memorial Ashram in Manapakkam, and at the time he was like a child, confiding he was not able to believe that this had been possible. Then time flew and new developments emerged. The idea of a beautiful samadhi for Babuji in Shahjahanpur developed along its own lines. The limiting factor there was space. The Mission grew in leaps and bounds and there was a greater need to have larger spaces for abhyasis to gather and also to live. 

The growth of the Mission also meant that we were financially able to tackle larger projects. Then came the acquisition and development of a huge area by a small band of extremely dedicated abhyasis, thirty kilometres to the south of the new international airport in Hyderabad. Chariji Maharaj chose this place for an unparalleled memorial.

His path had some years back crossed that of a very talented sculptor, Mr Prajapati, who resided in Jaipur, and he started commissioning statues from him to embellish the ashram in Manapakkam. Then came the plan for a huge statue at Kanha, to sit on top of the building dedicated to the new culture created by Babuji. This building is in the form of the heart-shaped esoteric symbol and it can be seen from aircraft flying in and out of Hyderabad. The total height is limited by the Airport Authority regulations at fifty-two feet. Over time it has become clearer that people from all over will flock to this memorial and it will become a well-known centre of light; it is so spectacular. 
On Sunday the 26th of April the statue of Babuji Maharaj was finally installed, under the supervision of beloved Kamlesh bhai. On its own, it stands at thirty feet, and it is a true work of art.

The face is so expressive and serene, and the fine hand-beaten work is lifelike in its detail. It is made of an alloy of five metals, and approximately one hundred sheets of metal cast from moulds made from the clay original were welded seamlessly together. The statue weighs thirteen tons. 

As we waited the night before, the extremely fine atmosphere of this place nurtured us. It is amazingly light. We were all left speechless at the grandeur of the design of the whole thing, and the dedication of the band of workers who are making the dream of the Masters come true. It feels as if Chariji Maharaj is overjoyed to see this.

We can only be grateful at the manner in which our Masters have created a future for us; a future where we can be safe, free to practice and to grow in such beautiful, spiritually-charged places.  


4d-Don said...

On Friday (May 1, 2015), I received this comment on my blog: The Sahaj Marg Project:

anant said...

My Dear Friend Don

I pray for you that you soon rejoin Sahaj Marg in this lifespan its like upset child leaving parents home and returning before sunset.Brother I pray that you return home before its too late.



May 2, 2015 at 7:13 AM

I replied:

4d-Don said...

Hi Anant...

I am already home... my home is not in the realm of "SPIRITISM" or "SPIRITUALISM"... but in true SPIRITUALITY

I commune with ONE in all TIMES... I do not waste my time with spirits of the dead and mediums, specially not anonymous ladies (and un-professional) mediums from France.

My communions with ONE are not whispers...

They are not "light" which we now know is simply the equivalent of MATTER... according to Einstein.

So find yourself and your ONE-ness and you will see that I am there also ... That is my home and it is also yours and all the "spiritual" adherents of this world, past present and future..

Don't become so arrogant that you think that your cult of a person is the "ONLY" path to ONE-ness...


May 2, 2015 at 8:39 AM

Addemdum by Don...

These "serfs" are very obedient are they not?? So much for "FREEDOM" eh??

Saturday, May 02, 2015 3:09:00 p.m.

4d-Don said...

To all...

The "spirits" of spiritism and/or spiritualism (lower case) - is plural (s) which is meant to indicate many "spirits")... NOT ONE!

SPIRIT of "spirituality" (with UPPER case letters) means or indicates that SPIRIT (not "the" spirit or "a" spirit), is ONE... hence SPIRIT of SPIRITUALITY is ONE

Be Spiritual, not spiritist (in Europe??) or spiritualist ... with mediums, channeling and messages from the dead, etc... ... that is a SCAM!!

Saturday, May 02, 2015 3:21:00 p.m

Anonymous said...

I am so tired of the phrase 'raison d'etre' in the Whispers coming out!! Dear God

4d-Don said...

Hi all..

A bit of levity won't hurt...

Like I always said: God is French.

All the Sahaj Marg Masters, as they enter the "Brighter World" (or the Sahaj Marg CENTRAL REGION), have to learn french or have a lowly medium translate for them ...

Raison d'être = Reason for being

You may notice that the "Brahmans", the priestly upper caste in India always use hindi words as if there was no translation in English (ie: Abhyasi)... lol lol

I guess god (the ONE) is showing them who is the REAL BOSS... These Masters still need a lowly MEDIUM from France ... and an un-professional one at that... Even the Catholics don't use "Mediums" any more...