Sunday, August 17, 2014

Patel Does Not Mobilize the Crowds

From an article by Alexis: "Patel ne mobilise pas les foules" on his blog: Projet Sahaj Marg.  Translation of an article by Elodie: "SRCM Mourra avec Chari" on her blog in Europe: Pour Que Vive Le Sahaj Marg.

August 16, 2014 

SRCM Will Die With Chari

From Alexis' Article: Patel Does Not Mobilize the Masses

“Abhyasis from all over the world were invited to attend this important event. Under Master’s guidance, the initial planning for the celebration was made for around 20,000 abhyasis with a budget prepared accordingly. Until shortly before the event, registrations had reached a little over this number. However, when Master fell ill just before the celebrations, a Sahaj Sandesh message was sent out encouraging all abhyasis to go to Tiruppur to attend the bhandara. This led to an unexpected last minute increase in arrivals at the venue. (…) The final count, including children, reached the impressive total of 33,000 participants.” (Echoes of SRCM, Special Issue Global and July 2014)

Unable to fill the hall, Patel can not manage to mobilize the masses in his name only. The numbers for the celebrations are in free fall: whereas Chari filled Tiruppur from 45,000 to 50,000 people, Patel hardly reached the number of 20,000 Abhyasis! It took a re-mobilization of  the adepts at the last minute, around Chari's health problems so as  to try to equal the numbers in attendance earlier this year for  Babuji's anniversary ...


Chari presented his resignation in 2012.  The abhyasis refused to accept it. Chari then named his successor: Kamlesh D. Patel. But what do we know about him? Almost nothing.  His biography is missing from their (new) website, his speeches are not transcribedSRCM has locked itself in the worship of a single personality, Chari. And in this model, there is no room for two people.

The Spirituality (spiritualism?)  taught by Sahaj Marg is insufficient to retain the followers.  The abhyasis have a need to admire a living master and Chari has transformed the teachings of Sahaj Marg into the cult of his image.

Love for the Master. Under the dual influence of Chari and of the abhyasis, SRCM has evolved into the cult of a personality. Chari the living master, and Babuji as the alleged mythical personality who speaks (channels) through Whispers (via the anonymous French Lady Medium).

The Egregore works thanks to Chari. There are no other places for any new ones. Patel mobilizes no one. SRCM will die with Chari and Sahaj Marg will gradually wither away.


4-d Don says: 

Patel has his US (pharmaceuticals)  businesses to run.  He wants the materialist American Dream too.  So do all the other directors of the SRCM...  Who is "full-time" Sahaj Marg?  Who is "full-time" spirituality?  

The Material realm is taking it's toll, and now, thanks to the "technology" (the material?), the "sheep" are aware of it...  They realize that they can go to "Spirit" (ONE or ONE-ness) directly, and on their own.  Beside, thanks again to the "technology", they now realize that Sahaj Marg has changed and has now become "spiritualism" (a scam with Mediums and messages from the "other side"), and not SPIRITUALITY at all. 

They are probably  becoming a joke, and a source of derision to their friends and families. That makes it hard to recruit more "suckers".  And they now know the TRUTH... That is causing more than one "cognitive dissonance".  They are probably looking more seriously at "televangelists" like Peter Popoff and his "miracle wonder-working water" from "Chernobyl"... 

If the guru is materialist, then why not the disciple?? 





M V V RAO said...

The Light burns on! Babuji is living in the hearts of all the Abhyasees lovingly and we ,the Abhyasees , are to live in our loving Master!

4d-Don said...

With due respect ...

The "light" which is allegedly transmitted from Babuji's abode in the "un-reach-able", Central Region of the "Brighter world" (all "inventions" according to Babuji's own books), is now allegedly channeled (received or reached?) by an "anonymous French Lady Medium" ... and not even by the "so-called" Masters of Sahaj Marg(tm).

When Chari dies, the "medium" (or her "successor") will probably claim to channel him (Chari) also (along with her many other contacts in the "other realm": Lalaji, Chari's wife, Chari's mother, Babuji, and other "elevated souls", and some un-named "beings of light" (with no name? Really?) ...

Those who believe that, will believe anything ... They are caught "hook, line and sinker". So, we'll address this comment to those who can still think critically and who can still face reality.

Let us hope (and the numbers seem to show, according to Alexis) that some of the other "disciples" of Sahaj Marg(tm) are more "critical" in their thinking. Let us hope that they are not so easily scammed by the salesmen of the "Spiritualism", which the leadership of SRCM and Sahaj Margtm claim to be "spirituality", or a form of Raja Yoga, (beginning at step #7 of Patanjali's eightfold method).

They are probably the ones who are "dropping off", and not attending the "sales" functions (bandaras?) anymore.

"A fool and his money are soon parted" ... and the rich will get richer and the poor will get poorer. All in the name of "Religion", spirituality/spiritualism and/or salvation by a self-titled "ELITE CEO" and his scamming elitist businessmen.

One lives, not in anyone else but in one's own self (in one's own body) ... Just like the Christians don't really live in Jesus, but in their own "body", the disciples of Sahaj Marg(tm) don't live in Babuji, any more than the fir tree does not live in the "cedar" tree, but each lives in its/your own body ... The rest is "metaphor".

True SPIRITUALITY includes facing REALITY ... that is true SPIRITUALITY.

This Sahaj Marg(tm) Spiritualism is a fantasy or an invention of a few power-seeking "elite" (businessmen) which is used to control and milk (scam?) the "many" sheep ...

Time for all to give their head a shake and live in, or FACE REALITY ...

Don ...